Author of 9/11 SYNTHETIC TERROR on TVNL Radio, Monday!

Webster Tarpley on TvNewsLIES Radio - Monday, January 23rd, 12-2pm Est.

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Webster Tarpley will be discussing his new book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA and will be taking your calls and answering your e-mails live on TvNewsLIES radio.

You can watch Mr. Tarpley speak about the myth of 9/11 by clicking HERE!

Some new Dr. David Ray

For the clarity of his

For the clarity of his thinking and the effectiveness of his presentations I nominate DRG as official spokesman - any seconds?

did i just prove that the

did i just prove that the pancake theory is scientifically impossible given the speed that the towers collapsed?

Hey Dantastic, you're

Hey Dantastic, you're definitely on the right track, the 911 Eyewitness video pretty much proves all of this.

DRG is the perfect

DRG is the perfect spokesman.

Tarpley lectured at the NYC

Tarpley lectured at the NYC meeting this past Sunday. Very detailed. Not the same as Griffin though.. Tarpley concentrated on war games and the structure of the hidden government, not much on the controlled demolition theory..

Can we HEAR (mp3) Tarpley

Can we HEAR (mp3) Tarpley from the NYC meeting?

u2r2h: unfortuantely we dont


unfortuantely we dont have an NYC contact up there recording these events for us.. but we could really use one.. :( is just piles of numbers, without any indication whatsoever where they came from or how they were arrived at. To call that suspicious would be a huge understatement, IMHO. contains some fake images of Osama that strike me as excessively tacky/silly/stupid at best and pure disinfo at worst (the two are not mutually exclusive). And if I'm wrong about that, then maybe someone can explain what such images have to do with seeking truth about 9/11...