Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories

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-David Ray Griffin

“There was just an explosion [in the south tower]. It seemed like on television [when] they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”--Firefighter Richard Banaciski

“I saw a flash flash flash [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building?”--Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory

“[I]t was [like a] professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear 'Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop'."--Paramedic Daniel Rivera

The above quotations come from a collection of 9/11 oral histories that, although recorded by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at the end of 2001, were publicly released only on August 12, 2005. Prior to that date, very few Americans knew the content of these accounts or even the fact that they existed.

Why have we not known about them until recently? Part of the answer is that the city of New York would not release them until it was forced to do so. Early in 2002, the New York Times requested copies under the freedom of information act, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration refused. So the Times, joined by several families of 9/11 victims, filed suit. After a long process, the city was finally ordered by the New York Court of Appeals to release the records (with some exceptions and redactions allowed). Included were oral histories, in interview form, provided by 503 firefighters and medical workers.1 (Emergency Medical Services had become a division within the Fire Department.2) The Times then made these oral histories publicly available.3

Once the content of these testimonies is examined, it is easy to see why persons concerned to protect the official story about 9/11 would try to keep them hidden. By suggesting that explosions were occurring in the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, they pose a challenge to the official account of 9/11, according to which the towers were caused to collapse solely by the impact of the airplanes and the resulting fires.

In any case, now that the oral histories have finally been released, it is time for Americans and the world in general to see what these brave men and women reported about that fateful day. If this information forces a reevaluation of the official story about 9/11, better now than later.

That said, it must be added that although these oral histories are of great significance, they do not contain the first reports of explosions in the Twin Towers. Such reports---from firefighters, reporters, and people who had worked in the towers---started becoming available right after 9/11.
But why did we have to wait for this court-ordered release to learn about these testimonies? Should not they have been discussed in The 9/11 Commission Report, which was issued over a year earlier? This Report, we are told in the preface, sought “to provide the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11.” Why does it not include any of the testimony in the 9/11 oral histories suggestive of controlled demolition?

The answer cannot be that the Commission did not know about these oral histories. Although “[t]he city also initially refused access to the records to investigators from . . . the 9/11 Commission,” Jim Dwyer of the New York Times tells us, it “relented when legal action was threatened.”56 So the Commission could have discussed the testimonies about explosions in the oral histories. It also, in order to help educate the public, could have called some of the firefighters and medical workers to repeat their testimony during one of the Commission’s public hearings. But it did not.

Why, we may wonder, have the firefighters and medical workers not been speaking out? At least part of the reason may be suggested by a statement made by Auxiliary Lieutenant Fireman Paul Isaac. Having said that “there were definitely bombs in those buildings,” Isaac added that “many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they’re afraid for their jobs to admit it because the ‘higher-ups’ forbid discussion of this fact.”57

I think it's amazing that

I think it's amazing that people think 911Truth.org is "COINTELPRO" when in fact Dr. Griffin gives us first crack at everything he writes regarding 9/11. You think Dr. Griffin would give first crack at anything he writes to a "COINTELPRO" group? Please. Unless of course you're part of the SMALL minority who think Dr. Griffin is himself part of the "COINTELPRO" organization. Such games we play.

If DRG is an agent, I'll

If DRG is an agent, I'll take him!!

He's done far more for this movement than any anyone else as far as I can tell. If we waited for those that are busy "policing" this movement, ridding it of the "gatekeepers", we'd have nothing to report.

I have a feeling that those

I have a feeling that those who are policing the movement, are in fact, the COINTELPRO... boy, could I name names.

However, I'm above that now.

However, I'm above that now.

who said Griffin was

who said Griffin was COINTELPRO anyway?

Someone a few threads down

Someone a few threads down accused him of being for the "New World Order"...

I had heard someone call Dr.

I had heard someone call Dr. Griffin while he was on Alex Jones' show, and they mentioned the same thing... supposedly the guy who wrote the foreward for A New Pearl Harbor, (Richard Falk?), has affiliations with some people, and those people have affiliations with those people, and so on... Playing 6 ways to Dr. Griffin.

All I can say about that...

All I can say about that... my uncle worked for the NSA for 30 years. The NSA is currently wiretapping Americans illegally. Therefore, I am responsible for the illegal wiretapping.


well, you have admitted that

well, you have admitted that you are agent gold haven't you?

DRG is forthcoming, ask him

DRG is forthcoming, ask him for his official stance on the subject. Jon, you have his email address right?

Yep... I'm an agent. G-20.

Yep... I'm an agent. G-20. People around the office call me Gold 2.0...


I'm not going to bother DRG with anything like that. I have no doubt he is a good man.

Griffin didn't mention the

Griffin didn't mention the explosions preceding the towers' collapses that are audible in the "9-11 Eyewitness" documentary.

Those of you who have his email address: it might be a good idea to mention this film to him, in case he hasn't seen it.

you ever get any good info

you ever get any good info from your uncle about the inner workings of NSA? i bet he has some shit to say.....

That's the joke about about

That's the joke about about of the more exciteable elements of the "9/11 truth" movement. If you don't believe the government orchestrated remote control planes and missles, you're a disinfo illuminati agent. No wonder mainstream anti war and democratic groups don't get behind the 9/11 truth movement...its too fractionalized and holds onto "truths" that refute not the 9/11 commission, but the other theories. My persona l belief is that 9/11 is most likely more similair to the Reichstag fire...where a lone nut or two thought they were truly acting
alone, but in fact were being welcomed and facilitated by those that needed it the most. Half the 9/11 truthers think there was no muslims, the other half think there was Atta and some muslims, but they were stooges. Well, which is it?

there is very good info to

there is very good info to suggest that remote controls were indeed used. the technology exists, and the way those planes moved suggest it.

pockybot... the answer is...

pockybot... the answer is... we DON'T know. We certainly have a GOOD idea of how the events took place. The real question is, what are we fighting for?

Are we fighting to make sure this country doesn't destroy the world? Are we fighting for the truth of 9/11 to make sure those bastards who perpetrated the acts are held to account for their crimes? Are we fighting for our Constitution? Are we fighting to bring the troops home? Are we fighting to make sure this country gets on the right track?

I say we're fighting for all of the above.

What I don't understand is why we fight amongst ourselves...

My uncle is one of the most

My uncle is one of the most tight lipped individuals I've ever met. He'll talk to me about EVERYTHING that's publicly sourced, but WILL NOT talk about the "inner workings" of the NSA.

Ray McGovern once said 80% of everything you want to know is in the public domain.

I once asked my uncle if the U.S. Government was involved in drug trafficking before, during, and after the Iran Contra Affair.

He said yes...

eh, my uncle works for the

eh, my uncle works for the NSA, but I hardly know him at all.

Well... I know mine very

Well... I know mine very well... I guess he's my favorite uncle.

Great article by DR

Great article by DR Griffin...and further proof amasses that it was indeed controlled demolition that brought down WTC.

Whats all this COINTELPRO blather? More right wing tomfoolery?

> If DRG is an agent, I'll

> If DRG is an agent, I'll take him!!
> He's done far more for this movement
>than any anyone else as far as I can tell.

Anyone? What about Paul Thompson then?
Hey, in his "9/11: A Christian Theologian's Response" publication
Griffin even admits that Thompson's timeline made him change his mind!
Not that there's anything wrong with DRG, ofcourse :)

Now wait... wasn't Paul Thompson initially inspired by Ruppert's "Oh Lucy"?

Yes zuco.

Yes zuco.