Vanity Fair Discusses Upcoming 9/11 Movies

I went tonight to check out the article on 9/11 in this month's Vanity Fair (Lindsay Lohan on the cover). The article is primarily focused on two new 9/11 related movies entitled 'Why We Fight' and 'The Unrecovered', and how Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' opened the door for such controversial documentaries. While the majority of the article was rather tame in covering anything outside of the official story, there were a few snippets I thought I should share.

Title and sub-title:

By taking the gloves off the documentary, Michael Moore opened the door for such gut-punching movies and Why We Fight - which exposes the military-industrial complex's reign of fear and post-9/11 coup d'etat - and The Uncovered, a piercing of the veil that enshrouds the World Trade Center attack.

Snippets on Why We Fight:

With a chronological arc stretching from W.W. II to the present, Why We Fight may sound like an audio-visual survey course. It is, and it isn't. The historical backdrop provides the overture to its inflection point, its pivotal spike: September 11, 2001. It is a day that refuses to lie flat in the pages of history. Like Fahrenheit 9/11, Why We Fight attempts to part the billowing clouds of a waking nightmare to trace and fathom the jagged line that led from the Twin Towers to the toppled statue of Saddam Hussein. How the hell did we get from here to there? How did a campaign to avenge 9/11 and overthrow the Taliban detour into the way-Off-Broadway production of "Shock and Awe"? Why We Fight's answer is no Cracker Jack-box surprise: American foreign policy was commandeered by a scrum of neoconservative ideologues who had been biding their time under President Clinton and slid into positions of power at the behest of Cheney and Rumsfeld after Bush's election in 2000. It was a slow-motion coup d'etat. The neocon hawks were now able to implement what they had been propounding in print for years: transformational change to clear out the deadwood of despotic regimes and convert former adversaries into American franchises.
[..] Why We Fight tracks the journey of a retired New York City cop named Wilton Sekzer [..]. On that bright, pellucid September morning in 2001 [..] Sekzer looks out the window [..] and sees that one of the towers is pouring smoke. His son Jason works at the World Trade Center, and Sekzer realizes that if his son is still inside he's a goner. He was. [..]
Stewing with a desire for justice and payback, Sekzer - Why We Fight's Everyman figure - petitions the military to honor his son's memory by stenciling his name on one of the bombs earmarked for Iraq. When his wish is granted and a 2,000-pound guided munition bearing his son's name ("In loving memory of Jason Sekzer") is dropped hitting God knows what and killing God knows whom, Sekzer is grateful - only to be dumbfounded when Bush admits at a press conference that there was no evidence Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11. "I almost jumped out of the chair. 'I don't know where people got the idea that I connected Iraq to 9/11.' What, is he nuts, or what? What'd the hell we go in there for? We're getting back for 9/11. Well if he [Hussein] didn't have anything to do with 9/11 why're we going in there?" Why, indeed.

What's strange is that, after the initial orgy of endless replay, 9/11 footage has entered the realm of taboo. [..] so much of what happened that day [..] has been sanitized [..], filed away in the video vault, flushed down the memory hole. [..] When TV runs a library clip of the towers falling, it's usually a high-altitude telephoto shot that confers grandeur from afar. The collapse looks stately, self-contained, silently majestic - shrouded in inevitability. [..] The climactic fall appears self-actuating, as if the buildings had wearied of their own existence and detonated themselves. [..] The events of 9/11 inflicted the most visible trauma in mankind's history, and yet a veil has been dropped over it, as if Americans must hug the official findings of the 9/11 commission and keep their mitts off Pandora's box.

Snippets on The Unrecovered:

Roger Copeland's The Unrecovered peels off the protective lid to let out dark thoughts and speculations. [..] Copeland became obsessed by the conspiracy theories and counter-narratives that spidered out of 9/11 (emerging in documentaries such as The Great Deception) and got busy on a fictional treatment. [..] The title, The Unrecovered, refers to the bodies that were never recovered at Ground Zero, lives that were never recovered at Ground Zero, lives that were seemingly zapped out of existence in an apocalyptic flash and endure only as ghosts of memory. [..] The whole movie is a haunting, incorporating actual footage of bodies falling from the W.T.C. towers like stricken birds to spook us to a higher recognition of what true shock and awe looks like.


[..]still confounded at how the grief and fury of 9/11 propelled us into the jaws of Iraq with the job left unfinished in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's stealth disintegration is the subject of investigative reporter Michele Mitchell's in production documentary, The Good War, which stations itself at the bloody intersection where warlords, contractors, and mercenaries do business with death, and the trickle of similar documentaries about the War on Terror promises to grow torrential. When George Bush was re-elected, in 2004, some pundits gleefully interpreted it as a repudiation of Fahrenheit 911, proof that Michael Moore and everything he bulkily represents had been rejected by "real Americans." Now a majority of those polled agree with Moore's stance about the Iraq war and accept his accusation that we were deliberately misled. They've come around. In a time of deception, documentaries like Moore's and Jarecki's are dangerous weapons, packing the conviction and firepower of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War," a protest song that - sadly - never goes out of date.

Thanks C for the heads up about the article!

i wasn't going to pick this

i wasn't going to pick this up until I saw the reference to 'The Great Deception', and the shock and awe comment. I personally am convinced 9/11 was a shock and awe psychological attack that could facilitate the necessary changes of America's mentality to support PNAC's already written agenda.

Absolutely agree about

Damn, I was hoping there'd

Damn, I was hoping there'd be at least one 9/11 Truth related documentary coming to theatres this year. No theatrically released independent 9/11 or Bush/war/Iraq related documentary(and there's been plenty) has even addressed one of hundreds of 9/11 Truth questions raised.

Meanwhile I've pondered aloud recently why so much of the 9/11 Truth crowd insists no Arabs were on the planes. And in the last year I've thought about the possibility of a scenario in between the official government's and the Alex Jones version.

I think in all likelyhood, there was in fact a group of hijackers lead by Mohammed Atta who thought they were committing this big sneak attack on the US. They went to their deaths thinking that. I don't know if Osama or even "al Qaeda" was even involved at all. To me thats the US' conveinent made up term for all Islamic extremists. Anyways, to me its quite possible, almost likely; that intelligence got wind of this plot...and did everythign they could to ensure it went through, without the 'culprits' ever knowing. It is possible government liasons brought down the three towers, knowing the planes themselves would make people think that was the final cause. Again, just a theory. I'm convinced there was men of middle eastern decent on those four planes, and I think Flight 77 did hit the Pentagon(the reason they wont show the footage is a mystery, but clearly we see some sort of plane in frame 1) I wonder if 9/11 Truth researches are ever in actual contact WITH people on the inside of the government? Or recently dismissed/former millitary/government people?

atta existed in some

atta existed in some context.. his role however is very sketchy.. im of the opinion he was a patsy, and probably had no idea what was up when he got on the plane.. as for his suitcase that just happened to be left behind with airplane manuals and such, that is just planted evidence.. if someone knew they were going to kill themselves why would they bother packing a suitcase? let alone one with flight manuals and a koran? its all bogus..

I think yous are right about

I think yous are right about arabs. They were aboard Flight 11...

The first person to die on 911 was aboard AA11 and Israeli-connected anti-terror and an internet big-shot... he must have tried to prevent the cockpit take-over, so there was a real hijacking attempt taking place. The tear-gas .. was is meant to disable the pilots/cockpit (good for remote-control) or to keep the passengers out?

I think the hijackers were hijacked, and the original plan by the JCS went so wrong, because Mossad and others got wind of it and robbed them of the possibility to present evidence.. like testimony of arab-plotters, because they all would have said:
NOW THAT wasn't our plan.

The operation was piggy-backed by MANY ... the upper 10000 probably are laughing right now.

There's a Why We Fight

There's a Why We Fight realmedia here, 32 megs, 1 hr 39m:

Yeah beyond the original

Yeah beyond the original post Bojinka plot of Arab men on planes, I have no idea what happened next. We can clearly hear a guy with a middle eastern accent on the FAA tapes(sadly, werent they destroyed later?) calmly talking to flight responders. Atta's past in Hamburg seems to be cooaberated by people who wouldn't have anything to gain by saying he attended mosques with terrorist types. And wasn't there that Malaysian meeting in 2000 the CIA knew about? Could LIHOP become in some ways MIHOP on 9/11? Quite possibly. But I definately dismiss the notion that no Islamic terrorists were at some point involved. To me it's clear the towers were brought down, which rules out simple LIHOP.

Btw, in Martial Law 9/11 and with the poster above me, tear gas on the plane is mentioned. Any articles mentioning this?

Two releases could dispell some thing. And that is several full frame multi angle footage of whatever slammed into the Pentagon. AND, releasing the last part of the Flight 93 data recorder.
I think while cell phone calls made at the altitude it was out was rare, I think the notions of faked voices are pretty out there. In all likelihood Flight 93 was the fly in an otherwise perfect ointment.


New news-item?:


dz -- if atta was a patsy,

dz -- if atta was a patsy, who was driving?

Although "Why We Fight" is

Although "Why We Fight" is not valuable as a 9/11 skeptics film, it is very well done, and worth seeing.

Here's the website;

Dudes, this is unrelated but

Dudes, this is unrelated but does anyone know where I can download the discovery channel's "how the twin towers Collapsed" in a bit torrent high quality download, I've found in Real Media but the qualityÂ’s not that good, and I can't use Real Media for what I'm thinking about doing. There's a bit where a guy's inspecting a beam and he's saying it's been damaged by explosive, so he reasons that it must have been near the plane impacts etc. But in light of the evidence for demolition, this comment's quite interesting. So IÂ’m trying to grab this comment and put it in a video clip, so does anyone know?

"why would they bother

"why would they bother packing a suitcase? let alone one with flight manuals and a koran? its all bogus.."

Dz, yea and a "how to hijack a plane guide, by "Mohammad Atta" lol, and "Koran's in Van's", BULLSHIT is what I say.

Bin Laden offers Americans

Bin Laden offers Americans truce:

"The new operations of al-Qaida has not happened not because we could not penetrate the security measures. It is being prepared and you'll see it in your homeland very soon"

here we go again..

> here we go again..

> here we go again..

all of this shit about the

all of this shit about the arabs being here.. who fucking cares??? i dont care who was on the planes, what hit the pentagon or if its the real osama!!!!

we all know 19 arabs could not do pull off 911 with out the help of high up people in the US government!!!!!

my question is what is everyone going to do when the real shit hits the fan??? i mean what if there is a 311 or 211 or whatever, that is 5 times as big, will anyone even care about 911 anymore??? im just not sure if i think 911 will every see the light of day.. maybe im just a debbie downer.... i think we're running out of time...

no problem man, thank god i

no problem man, thank god i found your site,i come here more than any other 9/11 site now.did you catch the article about "V For Vendetta"? it has some interesting state sponsored terrorism snippets in it.

Hey Inside, can you stop

Hey Inside, can you stop being such a "Debbie Downer", sheesh.

I'd like to agree with the

I'd like to agree with the first comment, it is also exactly what caught my attention.

"I did feel "Shock" and "Awe" when I first learned of the attacks.

And then, where else did I hear that exact phrase.....ah, from Bush's Hunta, when threatening innocent Iraqis. Hmm, innocents killed on 911, innocents killed in Iraq....Iraq linked by MSM propaganda, if memory serves, it was begun on "Crosshair on Saddam", Blitzer and CNN's contribution to sacrificing over 2222 good, loyal Americans for a LIE they promoted. And KNEW it was a LIE. Ask yourself: WHO is the enemy?

MSM has hijacked our First Amendment, and through corporate "Big Business" direction, turned it into a weapon against us, instead of a Duty to Inform. Fitz should have thrown away the key to Miller's cell.

Indeed. M.O. The hubris blinds them to their peril.

But the signed confession, or the PNAC Manifesto? Ultimate hubris.

On 9/11/01, CNN's Aaron Brown:" It's like a New Pearl Harbor."

Bringing the Ultimate Vengeance.
Happens EVERY Time. Everytime.

I am very glad to have found

I am very glad to have found this website and to see people engaging into discussions about the issues that are affecting our world today.

Respect and peace to you all.