Know Thine Enemy--A Primer for President Bush et al.

"Know Thine Enemy"

Isn't it time Kristen Breitweiser and the rest of the Jersey Girls admitted who the enemy really is? Seems to me a viewing of 911 Eyewitness ought to set them straight.

Something tells me these girls are victims of that propaganda tool known as "conspiracy theory". Well, hard evidence trumps propaganda. Come on girls, take that last step...

Bin Laden is alive and able to release an audiotape that threatens to attack our homeland.

President Bush and his Administration continue to carryout their illegal NSA surveillance program telling us that it is necessary because the threat is real. The Bush Administration offers the bin Laden audiotape as further justification for why they need the NSA surveillance program.

Two quick thoughts:


Before 9/11 (and contrary to certain Bush Administration officials' public statements), we were carrying out similar surveillance on at least some of the 19 hijackers who were living inside our country as al Qaeda sleeper cells. However, the hijackers were neither detained nor deported prior to committing the 9/11 attacks. Result: 3000 people were killed.

Now we find the Bush Administration carrying out illegal surveillance on U.S. citizens who are allegedly receiving phone calls from al Qaeda. We are told that these individuals are so dangerous and so in the midst of plotting attacks against us, there is simply no time for the Bush Administration to adhere to the law and secure judicial approval (even 72 hours after the fact) for their surveillance.
So, why is President Bush letting these sleeper cells stay here? Why is President Bush giving them any opportunity to carryout their plans of attack? Doesn't he understand how dire the situation is? Surely, he must.

First, if the NSA program is so top-dog then why did the President learn about bin Laden's audiotape at the very same time as the rest of America? I would have hoped that the NSA program might have discovered it and briefed the President about it well before CNN.

Second, why is bin Laden still alive and able to produce an audiotape wherein he pontificates about U.S. foreign policies in Iraq, U.S. poll numbers, and offers a truce in Iraq and Afghanistan? He doesn't sound like a man desperate and on the run. He sounds more in command and control of his terrorist troops now than he did immediately after 9/11.

Third, why does the Bush Administration downplay the importance of bin Laden? He murdered my husband and 3000 others. I don't care whether he is the number one guy for al Qaeda or the 50th guy, he killed 3000 people on our homeland soil. He is a criminal. He is a terrorist. And, he needs to be brought to justice. Why doesn't President Bush get that?

I posted a comment.

I posted a comment.

Lecturing the Jersey Girls

Lecturing the Jersey Girls is a little bit like lecturing Michael Jordan on how to play basketball.

Hey Jon, did your comment

Hey Jon, did your comment ever show up? I posted one hours ago and it never appeared.

I see lots of rude posts on that site, so I don't know why mine would have been "pulled"...

By "pulled" I meant my

By "pulled" I meant my comment was lost due to some communications failure on my machine, not by the more obvious and logical explanation meaning censorship.



My comments finally showed

My comments finally showed up, but I don't see yours yet Jon. Unless you're using a different handle...

(if you guys are talking

(if you guys are talking about incisive posts to, don't hold your breath -- Arianna and Michael Moore and Greg Palast and Amy Goodman and their ilk are not at all the muckrakers they hold themselves out to be...)

One of the constants for more than 4 years is that those who were most directly touched most deeply by the big mass mindrape tend to have the greatest difficulty overcoming it.

I recently spoke with David Brown, Fox News producer (212-301-3223). Apparently since he lost ten friends on 9/11 and I lost none, I cannot tell him anything (including the laws of physics). (So those of you who lost 11 or more friends on 9/11, please feel free to call David and tell him that he knows absolutely nothing about 9/11.)

It's not easy to come down too hard on The Jersey Girls. They've undoubtedly been "handled" by professionals. But it sure would be nice if they could click their heels together and wake the hell up already. (Their support of Kerry 'over' Bush should tell you all you need to know about their shattered grasp on reality.)

does Huff post censor its

does Huff post censor its comments. I have posted a couple of 911 truth comments in the past and none were placed on the site. Are they using human censors or computer filters. I think Huff post is a great place to post 911 truth comments if they aren't censored.

I still think the biggest story beyond the truth behind the "kickoff event" is how the so called media watch dogs are ignoring the story. Wazzup with that?