March For Truth N.Y.C. '06

What: March for Truth N.Y.C. 2006
When: February 20th 2006, 10:00am
Where: "Ground Zero" New York City

On February 20th 2006, 9/11 Truth activists will convene at "Ground Zero", former site of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan New York City to march against the U.S. Government's mass murder of 2,986 Americans on September 11th 2001.
Protesters will proceed to march to Attorney General Elliot Spitzer's office with a letter demanding his resignation for his failure to investigate this crime committed in his jurisdiction despite overwhelming evidence.

We will then confront the media organizations The Nation Magazine, Democracy Now, The New York Times, and A.N.S.W.E.R as symbolic targets of de facto complicity with their silence and neglect of journalistic duties in the face of the greatest crime of the 21st century on American soil -This despite an abundance of specific credible evidence for the Government's role as the source of the attacks.

The rally will conclude at the office of former N.Y.C. Mayor Giuliani in Times Square, where we will deliver citizen's warrant for his arrest for his role in the attacks at The World Trade Center and criminal complicity in removing evidence from a crime scene. Civil disobedience will then be encouraged by protesters in an effort to call on fellow Americans to speak out against the colossal crimes being committed in the name of a fraudulent 'War on Terror" and to demand the U.S. Government be arrested for treason and mass murder.
Please spread the word to any and all to come to Ground Zero on February 20th and make their voice heard that this frame-up on humanity in the name of 'The War on Terror" Ends now.

Contact Greg Nixon:

Attorney General Spitzer's office 120 Broadway
Democracy Now Productions Inc.- 87 Lafayette St,
Nation Magazine 33 Irving place
New York Times 229 W43rd
A.N.S.W.E.R.2295 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd
Giuliani Partners LLC 5 Times Square



it took long but finally there is a big protest happening.

At last my heart will feel

At last my heart will feel that these people may not get away with it after all!!

Hello "Our" President, You

Hello "Our" President,

You must think everyone else is stupid dont you? The truth is finally coming out. Having been a great advocate of this governement, I am finally opening my eyes to the truth, who isn't? The truth that 911 was planned and executed my the US Government in order to gain public support for war on Iraq AND to take away the freedoms of the American people so that you can go forward with your plans for the "New World Order".

The facts point that way. Buildings dont pancake at freefall speed, those buildings were demoliished by pre planned explosives. How do I know? Look at the videos and see for your self. Where are the steel columns strong enough to bear the weight of the towers, after the collapse? They can't dissapear, its not scientifically possible!!! The steel frames were blown up into convenient sizes to be shipped away... for evidence? no... to destroy evidence.

The planes that hit the towers were remote control cargo planes with missiles on board. Months of planning must have gone into this not by Bin Laden, but by the administration. How cowardly of you to blame it on him, you're trash.

Ha... don't forget the Pentagon plane. OMG, you guys are amatures, what were you thinking saying a comercial plane hit the Penatgon. Do you think we are robots like the Monarch children of the Illuminati that we accept your word as Gospel? A planned missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane, a plane's wings dont diappear and go straight though a hole smaller than the plane itself. God, who thought up that one?

I hope you DONT sleep at night cos America is waking up to your scam. Go ahead, do another Pearl Harbor to get people to rally behind you, next time it will be totally more transparent as the world is waiting for you to do it.

It sickens me to the stomach that you killed our own people to get them to rally behind you. It shows how cowardly you really can behave.

Bush, you have no dick and Dick you have no balls!! As for Rummy you dont have either!

All of you in the administration have gained personally, including the ex Major of NYC not forgeting the insurance scam of Larry S. Dont think that has gone un-noticed.

Oh, what happened to the gold under the WTC buildings? Did you think that you would write it off and secretly reissue this as reserve in order to print up some money to pay for the war. Are you crazy, do the math and any decent Financial Controller will spot the descrepency. Or are your FC's Monarch children too?

What also sicken me is the New World Order and the torture that you secretly do to create new generations of mind control Monarchs. Remember the Monarch children? Don't think for a moment that Americans are not waking up to this either.

We have caught you in your own game. You murdered so many innocent people, not just US civilians/cops/firefighters but the Iraqi people too. Ha!! Why would you worry about killing Iraqis when you killed your own people!!! All of you in the whitehouse (notice no capital W.. you dont deserve it) are guilty of murder and war crimes.

You WILL be caught, its a matter of time now. I just hope you're caught and indicted before your heart fails Dick!! I can't blame Bush too much for this as he just doesnt have the brains for it, DICK and RUMMY, you both are the main orchestrators. But all three of you along with Ashcroft and the others, must and WILL face war crimes. You all are nothing short of Hitler. In fact you're worse than Hitler, he at least was open about what he was doing.

So how do you live with yourselves? What do you say to yourselves and colleagues... What do you say to the war widows? ...maybe something like..." Sorry about your husband....but take a look at the stock value of Halliburton.. isnt it doing great!" You money conscious BASTARDS.

It's time you stood down from power, it will be better than you being forced out of power. When you base your strategy on LIES.... YOU DON'T HAVE THE POWER!! The people who voted you in DO!!!

The revolution is coming. It will be the people POWER!!


Thanks Susan, I love your

Thanks Susan, I love your comments. You woman are going to win this thing for us. Trust me on that one.

I wouldn't count george out

I wouldn't count george out because of his stupidity. Granted he isn't the brightest bulb on the tree but he probably isnt as much an idiot as he plays on TV. He has trained most his life for the media. It's part of the neo-con-job to make us think he is an average guy.

I agree time is running out for those murderous treasonous bastards that have stolen their way into our Whitehouse to either pack their bags and move or wait for the citizen posse to come and evict their asses either way time is running out.

The revolution is not coming

The revolution is not coming it has been happening for some time. click my homepage for inspiration.



I'm in CA. I just can't now. But I will be at the World Can't Wait demo in L.A. with a rather large sign and hand-outs.

I'm here in CA also. I will

I'm here in CA also. I will look for other 911 truth activists in the crowd. I only learned about this movement (and the truth) 3 weeks ago. I was at the huge Westwood ralley back in November and didn't see anyone doing 911 truth. Or maybe you were there and I was still glazed over thinking UBL + 19 were the culprit. I am so grateful to all the hard work and analysis and effort to get this on the web and out into the open!!

good luck with NYC ralley. I will be there in spirit.

Oh yes, I was in Westwood

Oh yes, I was in Westwood Nov. 2. I may have been one of the few with a 9/11 Truth sign. I met up with another Truther and gave him some Deception Dollars to hand out. I talked to a number of people who are aware that the official story is a lie, but that just isn't their main focus. However I, like just about all of us here, maintain that 9/11 is the key. I also stood near the stage for awhile in the floodlights. --- State of the Union, Hollywood & Highland. March to CNN. (a World Can't Wait sponsored event)

And nuggets: Congrats and

And nuggets: Congrats and welcome! It took me three years (Aug. 04). Although, right after 9/11, I remember scratching my head for a moment, wondering how they got the pictures and names of the 19 hijackers up on the tube so fast. Then, promptly spaced it, and didn't question it again for three years!

Actually, there are

Actually, there are scientific explanations which 9/11 conspiracists have avoided discussing or refuting.

To believe claims that the buildings were brought down by explosives or could not fall the way they did, those making the claims must demonstrate that there are no other alternate explanations.

But there are and they remain unrefuted.

The 911myths WTCREPORT fails

The 911myths WTCREPORT fails in it's assumption that 20% of the steel columns in the tower was damaged by the impact of the airplane(page 20). The airplane made of aluminum could not possibly damage the steel columns because aluminum is significantly softer than steel. Just imagine trying to knock down or damage a chair in your livingroom by throwing a room temperature stick of butter at it. Lots of damage to the butter but not anything happening to the chair! I'm not a physisist but I would bet one could find other problems with this paper. Steven Jones, professor of physics at BYU has stated that the free fall times of the towers is too short. Go to ST911.ORG for his paper about how the buildings could not have come down due to fire or airplane damage.