Our Finest Hour


If you follow the news, you'll see that the United States is currently involved in two wars. One in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. Both American soldiers, and civilians from that region are being killed. 1000's of people on both sides are being wounded, and maimed. Adults and children are being raped, tortured, and killed. On all corners of the planet.
Let's talk about what's happening on the homefront. We've established that the war in Iraq is being fought because several people in Government thought it was necessary to do so. Iraq was on the verge of switching over to the Euro. Iraq holds the second largest deposits of oil on the planet, next to Saudi Arabia. If "Peak Oil" is happening, it would make sense to some in Government to secure that oil. Israel needed to be protected. Placing bases in that region would give us the ability to do just that. Money needed to be made for the corporations. Dubya wanted to get Saddam because he took a shot at his daddy.

Of course as we all know, none of these reasons were given to us as to why we needed to go to war in Iraq. We were told that Iraq had something to do with Al-Qaeda and 9/11, and we were told that Saddam Hussein was going to nuke us. This just wasn't the case.

If you think this is the first time something like this has happened, you are sadly mistaken.

Throughout our history, America has partaken in several wars under questionable circumstances.

The Spanish-American war took place because a ship called the Maine was sunk in an explosion that killed 260 men. The newspapers of the day held the Spanish government responsible for the disaster. During a U.S. Naval inquiry, W.T. Sampson said that the Maine had been sunk by a submarine mine. A Spanish Naval inquiry said that the accident happened because of an explosion in the forward magazine. However it took place, the slogan, " Remember the Maine” was used as propaganda for the Spanish-American war.

America was drawn into WWI because of the sinking of the Lusitania. Supposedly, a German U-Boat torpedoed the Lusitania, which caused a second explosion, which caused her to sink. Right after the submarine sunk her, Germany accused Britain of deliberately conspiring to have the Lusitania sunk to draw the United States into WWI.
Pearl Harbor was the reason for the United States involvement in WWII. Some make the argument that the "McCollum Memo" is proof that the United States was pressuring Japan into attacking them. Others say that Franklin D. Roosevelt himself knew of the impending attack, and did nothing to warn Pearl Harbor. The American people didn't want to enter into the European conflict. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the tide, and America entered into WWII.
We now know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never took place. We went to war for a lie, and 55,000 American soldiers paid the price.

The Gulf War also took place under questionable circumstances. We were told that the Iraqis were taking babies out of incubators that didn't exist, and were throwing them onto hospital floors. The Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter was professionally trained to cry on TV, and tell us about them. These non-existent incubators, and her testimony, were the talking points that sold the Gulf War.

There is an old saying, "The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes, and expecting different results".
I can say, however, that I have a solution to the problem. One that I believe is sound in mind, and pure at heart.

We are incessantly being told that the reason for all of our problems is 9/11.

I can say with great confidence that what we were told about 9/11 was not the truth. I can say with great confidence that people in our Government went to great lengths to cover up the events of 9/11. I can say with great confidence that we were lied to about what happened on that horrible day. I can say with great confidence that it was, in fact, elements of our Government who were complicit in the events of 9/11.

My solution is simple. Expose that truth. If you expose the lies surrounding the reason for all of our problems, then the problems related to that reason correct themselves.
Let's take our country back. In what will be our finest hour as American Citizens, LET US TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK.

Let's make the "Pledge Of Allegiance" something to be proud of once again.

Before it's too late.

what about atheists?

what about atheists?

I am an athiest. They're

I am an athiest. They're just words. They used to mean something.

The point of the article was

The point of the article was to say that I wouldn't pledge allegiance to this country under its' current leadership no matter how the words were written. Things need to change...

Thanks for posting it SBG...

Thanks for posting it SBG...

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streaming cspan of democrat hearing on Fisa and surveillance of you a me - a must watch!!
with John COnyers moderating -


Please offer solution in

Please offer solution in future posts. I can complain on my own. What can I do? What can we do? And please don't talk about money...

Here you

I suggest to do talk about

I suggest to do talk about money- you have to change your money to neutral money. In fact money was the driving power behind greed and wars, money changes the mind of the people.

Interestingly this knowledge was even more hidden then the truth about reign and wars- maybe because money was always good at first sight, and maybe some think that we can use money useful. But thats not possible with an interest given fiat money. Think about it.

Consider Bernard Lietaer or Stephen Zarlenga or Sylvio Gesell.

Plucked from the database:

Plucked from the database: "Al-Qaeda" boogeymen all share a common past, hidden in plain sight

Powers that be think Americans can't remember arabic names - and they're right!

From the ICH link that

From the ICH link that someone posted yesterday.


So what are the real options that the United States of America has to protect its security and financial stability?

Option A is to believe the Big Five propaganda machine financed by the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel that prints our funny money, and take our chances with invading Iran to thwart the March 2006 launch of the Iran Oil Bourse. To some that might sound appealing, but such action will not change the fact that our federal government has been operating on a Federal Reserve credit card, which has no credit limit, for so long that We the People now have a $8 trillion dollar national debt. The Federal Reserve Banking Cartel loves this enormous debt because it represents interest payments from the U.S. taxpayer to its network of private corporations. The ability of the federal government to tax incomes, on behalf of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, before the wage earner ever receives his or her paycheck, makes hard-working men and women slaves to the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. The U.S. Congress supports using the citizenry as collateral for its wayward spending, for without the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel accepting as collateral, the birth certificates of American citizens and the potential, future taxable wages that they represent, the federal government could no longer finance its 1174 federal agencies and the payroll associated with 4.3 federal employees.

Option B is to abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 immediately, eliminate seventy-five percent of the 1174 federal agencies and the millions of federal mandates they represent, seize all gold held by the banking cartel, allow the cartel memberÂ’s financial institutions to collapse while forgiving all debt owed to the cartel, return the printing and coining of money to the U.S. Treasury, eliminate fractional and fiat money schemes, and return our currency to a commodity backed system such as gold and silver. Finally, there is need to amend the Constitution of the United States of America so as to abolish the 16th Amendment and add language that would prevent the federal government of the United States from deficit spending or operating with a national debt ever again.

There really are no other options, and March 2006 is fast approaching. This is not a doomsday scenario. It is fact. The fiat money scheme run by the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel is about to collapse. Meanwhile the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, and the Big Five media conglomeration are so fearful of the court of public opinion in the United States, that they will not even utter the words, Iran Oil Bourse.



Your right-on Sitting-Bull.

Your right-on Sitting-Bull. Option B would solve quite a few problems. I remember JFK issued silver certificates. I guess he saw the writing on the wall but we all know what happened to him.

Jon, A very good

A very good article,
I'll be sure to send it
out far and wide.
one correction..you said
south vietnam attcked, i'm sure you ment north vietnam....
but make no mistake, you nailed this
and i like your solution...
one other way we ca bring attention
to the 9-11 truth is to RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE, what the hell, get your name on a ballot and talk about 9-11, if you know the evidence...

Thanks pw! Now you know

Thanks pw! Now you know what it's like to write without an editor/proofreader/fact checker... :)

Seriously, thanks!

"Now you know what it's like

"Now you know what it's like to write without an editor/proofreader/fact checker..."

Or a decent grasp of the English language.

haha, just kidding.

Regarding running for public office, that is an awesome idea, but if you can't do that, then send letters to all members of all the political parties demanding they publicly question the 9/11 attacks. CC the media when you do this to ensure they pay attention to it.

SBG: "Drunk again??? no, I'm

SBG: "Drunk again??? no, I'm STILL drunk!!!"


Humor and satire is one of

Humor and satire is one of th emain ways to get the truth out in this cynical and jaded youth culture oriented world. We have to move 9/11 Truth away from the fringe conspiracy arena and into the legitamate activism arena. Who cares if people are of the 9/11 needs further investigation, 9/11 was allowed to happen, or 9/11 was an inside job camp. Very few people are truly "disinfo" agents, and alot of people just simply do not have all the facts. Not everything is a conspiracy, but clearly there is an overhwlming ocean of evidence to point toward 9/11 being decidedly anathema of what they told us.

my buddy is a sud-teacher

my buddy is a sud-teacher and he has showed lc2 to two classes now.. he said kids are eating it up!!! nice..