Early Week Open Thread

Time to start a new week, and the way things are going lately I'm sure it will be interesting.

Have at it!

hi. wanted to make sure

hi. wanted to make sure y'all saw my freeway blog i did last december.

not sure if images can be posted on here, the link is

Residents fight to include

Residents fight to include WTC steel in 9/11 memorial


Looks like some people just want to forget about 9/11 now.

Al... that's great!

Al... that's great!

That's a good freeway sign,

That's a good freeway sign, alright.

Can someone please explain to me how a "Boeing 767" impacting a WTC tower wall could ever make such a phenomenally brief (no more than 15 milliseconds and probably less, maybe much less) brilliant burst of light??? And while you're at it, I'd also like to know why the 9-11 Commission wouldn't address it, and why the 'leaders' of the "911 truth" movement won't address it (or its omission from the 9-11 Commission Report). And why a careful frame-by-frame of the only known video of the opening salvo of 9/11 has also been so assiduously avoided by all commercial television networks and stations? And why NASA, whose cutting-edge video technology has been used to help solve lesser crimes, was never called upon to give us a better look at this evidence?

The burst of light in that so-called "flash frame" (the super-flash of light came and went in one video frame; actually, half-a-frame according to the Naudet DVD) appeared in its first airing (Univision seems to have aired it before any other network in the U.S., at around 12:41 a.m. EDT 9/12) and the DVD on which the videographer relased it. People who saw it before going to bed that night knew that 9/11 was a hoax. Now, the existence of the evidence is not denied, it is just not considered.

It takes a special kind of group of disinformationists to not only get people to ignore the obvious but to get them to help the government suppress it!

When a "911 truth" movement's 'leaders' don't and won't call upon the government to answer the questions that the government obviously does not want asked, that is a recipe for one constipated movement.