'Virtual Cockpit Alibis' for a Liberal 9/11?


By: David Hawkins, Forensic Economist

At the May 2001 Bilderberg meeting, a NATO union boss, the U.S. Senator John Kerry, and Liberal bagmen from the UN Oil-for-Food program, were one war game shy of developing 'Virtual Cockpit Alibis' for leaders of an attempted coup d'etat on the Republican administration of U.S. President George Bush.

By May, 2001, Lansdowne Technologies, the Liberal war-game planner in Ottawa, was supposed to have trained some 'virtual-cockpit' pilots to hack into the electronic-hijacking technologies supplied by Lansdowne sub-contractors for the U.S. Air Force, the FAA and the NATO flight training schools in Canada.

Unfortunately, Lansdowne's earlier proposal to test virtual cockpits during a 'Positive Force' war game with “a terrorist group hijack[ing] a commercial airliner and fly[ing] it into the Pentagon”, had been rejected.

April 2001 'Positive Force' was sponsored by U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff to test military mobilization and contingency plans for an attempted coup d'etat with over a dozen government agencies, including NORAD's Canadian and American virtual war room commanders, participating in exercises such as non-combat evacuation and cyber attacks [from virtual war rooms?].

Apparently, Lansdowne's electronic-hijacking scenarios were rejected because Joint staff and Bush White House officials decided - fatally - they were too disconnected to the original intent of the 'Positive Force' exercise.

Lansdowne obviously found a way to bypass the White House sceptics.

The Bilderbergers returned home late May 2001 and some joined 'Amalgam Virgo 01' - an "Everybody Participates" planning exercise - apparently sponsored by Canada's Paul Martin and 50+ Liberal co-investors in Lansdowne Technologies.

Lansdowne's Amalgam Virgo proposal document had Osama Bin Laden - an al-Qaeda fall guy - pictured on the cover and an amazing hijack scenario on Page 34.

June 1-2, 2001, Amalgam Virgo war gamers simulated a hijacked passenger plane in Alaska overflying Canada and targeting Capitol Hill - that iconic building in Washington, D.C., where U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee member, John Kerry, divides his loyalties between his country and the Bilderberg Liberals.

After Amalgam Virgo, Lansdowne's 'Lessons Learned' services would teach (NATO?) pilots in virtual cockpits how to hack into the flight deck of a hijacked plane, execute maneuvers, avoid interceptors, and place the plane within a few meters and/or seconds on its target.

Can you guess the rest of the story?

On 9/11, the 'Global Guardian' war gamers used virtual cockpit technology to guide a failed novice pilot in a large jet - Flight 77 - through a side door of the Pentagon just as though he was a crack fighter pilot of a small jet.

So, did the 'Global Guardian' participants in the war games of September 2001, provide 'Virtual Cockpit Alibis' for a Liberal 9/11?.

NATO is really a weaponized network of union paramilitaries and labour activists directed by the U.N.'s International Labour Organization in Geneva. The French call these labour activists, "Les Militants Syndicalistes".

The militants are deeply-embedded in the French American Foundation in New York, whose alumni include Bill and Hillary Clinton and General 'Waco' Wes Clark and various klepto-fascist Frenchmen, including one of Paul Desmarais' buddies at Groupe Axa, the Bilderberger, Henri de Castries.


Bilderberg and the French American Foundation is significantly bankrolled by Groupe Axa and the [Teresa] Heinz [Kerry] Corporation, so Kerry is a puppet.

I think that mobbed-up, HAZMAT-qualified members of International Union of Operating Engineers, with thrice-yearly access to WTC elevator shafts for maintenance, rigged box columns with thermite incendiaries camouflaged as insulation.

The thermite reaction, where iron oxide and aluminum produce aluminum oxide and molten iron, runs at 5,000 degrees Farenheit.

Thermite is very difficult to ignite though and the jet fuel burning in WTC 1 and 2 and the diesel-fueled arson fires, set in WTC 7 were not hot enough.

The plan was for three - yes three - hijacked jets out of Boston to hit the towers more or less simultaneously so the incendiaries would be ignited more or less simultaneously and the towers would collapse more or less simultaneously.

In the panic and the confusion, no-one would have been expected to notice that the hijacking events had triggered the incendiary events. Two planes were late in departure, one was grounded and their timing went to hell so they had to 'pull' the rigged buildings to destroy the evidence.

Is this your writing,

Is this your writing, claiming that labor unions have paramilitary wings waiting to take over the world? I wish! I am a union activist and I have never heard anything about any of this. I would totally be in favor of labor unions taking over, because that would mean that democratic organizations would be in charge, instead of this phony Christian Corporate oligarchy we got going now.

Where DID this come from?

Where DID this come from? I'm with tahomaactivist on this one. This has the look and feel of one of those planted conspiracies that is intended to muddy the waters on the real conspiracy.

Email him here:

Email him here: David@EAZEway.org

I agree. countries with the

I agree.

countries with the strongest unions
have the best living standards.

But.. some bad Labour unions are complicit:

exhibit one:

the printers union was in favour
when the USA mass-murdered filipinos
in 189x ... because it meant jobs
because more english words printed:

source: ZINN - peoples history
(this book is a MUST.. and its
on the web full text, and also
as audio book)

exhibit two:


You know, the label

You know, the label "COINTELPRO agent" get's thrown around pretty frequently in the 9/11 movement, but I gotta say...

David Hawkins sounds like a real deal COINTELPRO agent.

If it was planned for THREE

If it was planned for THREE planes to hit WTC (as the article states), that could explain the bungling of Bldg.7.