Quick Examples of Individual Activism

Seeing as how there was nothing major to post about today, here are some quick examples of individual activism - specifically freeway blogging.

Until we have some sort of activism specific section please feel free to send in any pictures, video, etc. of you (or others) being creatively active. That way we can share it with the community and hopefully encourage other individuals to be active for the cause as well.

Here are some pics from various visitors - some new, some old:


more from the same set of pictures as the 2nd image above:

Thanks to Al and Dem Bruce Lee Styles for these submissions. Sorry it took so long to post them.. they will be the first additions to the activism examples section - whenever that is done.

Off topic... Just discovered

Off topic... Just discovered "Loose Change, 2nd Edition" on Google videos for streaming:


Hopefully, Dylan has given them permission to show this.

anyone know what building

anyone know what building this is?


"Economic Hitman" author

"Economic Hitman" author John Perkins apparently got pretty bold at a CSPAN-2 Book TV Q&A recently. Got this in an email so sorry no link.

BookTV on CSpan2 1/21/06
Featuring John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Taped at Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington DC, 1/10/06
Excerpt from the Q & A session

Q: I'd like to commend you for the work you've done, really showing
the American public how deeply evil the people who run this country
have been willing to stoop. It's very hard for a lot of people to
really face how evil our leaders have chosen to become. I'm active on
the 9/11 issue and most of the respected people in the movement, in the
peace movement, won't even give proper respect to that. I'm going to
ask you what your knowledge is if you've looked at the issues involved,
with claiming that there is a coverup. I'll ask one very specific
question which is very concise. Did you know that the Kean
commission, an official goverment commission, did not even mention that
Number 7 World Trade Center, a 47-story building, collapsed at 5:20
p.m. on 9/11/01 without being hit by a plane? Taller than any building
in Maryland or Virginia. It wasn't mentioned, and the NY Times and the
Washington Post didn't mention that it wasn't mentioned.

John Perkins: Yeah, and there are some excellent books and some
excellent dvds and films on that whole subject including the one that
shows that there was never a plane shown crashing into the Pentagon
which haven't gotten around very much. I wish they would get around
more. You know, I don't really like to speculate on things I don't
know much about. And I don't know, you know a lot more about that
than I do, and I like to talk about things I really know about. I know
there are a lot of good films around but they're not getting wide

Q: Go to 911truth.org, that's a good place to start.

John Perkins: 911truth.org, yeah, go to it. And the other thing is
you know it has struck me that if someone were to rob the bank down the
street here tomorrow, probably the first thing the police would do
would be to look for an inside job, right?

But it's, you know, like, it ought to, I was in the Amazon
on 9/11 and shortly after that I went up to Ground Zero.
I was amazed when I came back from the Amazon, as I
was driving up--I flew into the Miami airport, and I was driving up to
my home in another part of Florida--and listening and I was expecting
to hear people talking about, well let's look at who really did this.

But even on NPR and on every radio station, I didn't hear any of that,
and as I said, I don't know anything about 9/11 really and what really
happened there, but I'm amazed by the lack of true investigation that
seems to have gone into that. It just appalls me because it really,
coming where I come from, it's extremely difficult for me to believe
that that whole thing was masterminded by a man living in a cave with a
walkie talkie. But I don't know.

Thank You, Citizenkit! I

Thank You, Citizenkit! I watched the video "LooseChange2." I have to say it was the most powerful thing I have ever seen. Every Amercian in this country should be made to watch this. It has changed me totally toward my government. After watching it, I am sick to my stomach and full of emotions of hate. I have sent the link to every person I know and I'm certain whoever watches it will forward to all their friends also. If this was ever made into a major motive picture and shown around the world, it would angry the entire world and change the way we alllow this government to do as it pleases in the name of "national security." I can't express the pain I feell right this minute, every person involved in this crime should be charged with treason and shot!

9/11-Scaffoldrider, good to

9/11-Scaffoldrider, good to hear you again!

Poopy, do you know if there's a video of that Perkins Q&A? I could try to snip that part and post it.

CitizenKit, I posted this rough list of video.google 9/11 films a few days ago; let's add to and refine!

911 Eyewitness

Loose Change 2d Edition

Confronting the Evidence (reopen911.org)

Painful Deceptions (reopen911 edition)

Truth & Lies of 9/11

The Great Conspiracy

search results for "Alex Jones" = 3 video.google pages

Poopy, who was the guy

Poopy, who was the guy asking the questions to John Perkins? what is his name? the guy should be given a medal just for having the balls to ask such a question.

shit,my fault, i just

shit,my fault, i just noticed it was a Q&A. still,the guy who asked that question should be commended.

Off topic... Just discovered

Off topic... Just discovered "Loose Change, 2nd Edition" on Google videos for streaming:

Hopefully, Dylan has given them permission to show this."
Dylan specific authorized anyone to post LC2 online and duplicate it as much as possible so long as you do not sell it because he is did not make the film to profit he made it to educate and inform. That said he has spent money and time and if you can afford to buy a copy or two make sure you go to his site and do so. I have already purchased 3 copies and duplicated it 3 times to share with others. I literally have shown the video to one person everyday since i got my first copy.It is making adifference in the people that I know Whom I have been preaching to for a couple years they now actually believe me thanks to LC2 http://www.loosechange911.com