New York Newspaper Covers Upcoming LC2E Screening

Locals challenge 9/11 in film - The Daily Star

"Loose Change," a controversial film on the events of 9/11, will be shown Friday night as part of an independent film festival at Hartwick College.

Written and directed by Dylan Avery of Oneonta and produced by Korey Rowe of Oneonta, "Loose Change" challenges official explanations of how the World Trade Center collapsed and the Pentagon was damaged on that fateful day.
"What you will see inside," they say, "will prove without a shadow of doubt that everything you know about 9/11 is a complete fabrication."
"Loose Change" will be the second of two movies to be shown Friday night and will follow a screening of "Anytown, USA," a close look at an unusual mayoral race in Bogota, N.J. "Anytown USA" will begin at 7 p.m. and "Loose Change" at 8:45 p.m.
The films are free to the public and will be shown in the Anderson Theatre on campus.

Anyone who watches "Loose

Anyone who watches "Loose Change" and still believes the official 9/11 myth is either in complete denial or brain dead. Even without videos like "Loose Change" the official story is comic book stuff. Even Ian Fleming wouldn't touch it.

So are you saying that James

So are you saying that James Bond after several years and all the resources of the British government, would eventually catch the the very tall and old Arab man with the portable dialysis machine??

Gold Kidnies?

I have been part of a forum

I have been part of a forum for quite a while now. It Started with the Kerry Forum and re-emerged as a different site. I have had a hell of a time with the violent resistance I meet whenever I mention 9-11 being an inside job.Maybe some of you guys that are better equipped verbally could help out over there. It is a pay site and I'm not trying to plug them. But you can have at them for 8 bucks a year. It keeps the trolls away.

No wonder whistleblowers are

No wonder whistleblowers are hard to come by....

NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers\SpecialReports\archive\200601\SPE20060125a.html

part 2 of report:
NSA Whistleblowers Were Allegedly Isolated, Intimidated

Like they say, you don't

Like they say, you don't call the NSA, they call you.

(Dude) "Hey, man, what's the NSA's number?"
(Other Dude) "Not sure..."
(phone rings)
(Dude) "Hello?"
(phone) "Hello, NSA..."

Down there on DU times are

Good reading on OBL and the

hey Dylan, i got a money

hey Dylan, i got a money order with your name on it,are you really sold out right now? should i send it anyway?

To one of th eabove posters;

To one of th eabove posters; the fact that you or anyone recieves the SAME amount of hate and disgust in a DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL/BUSH HATING forum when mentioning 9/11 was a coverup/inside job/allowed to happen, as one would in a Republicna forum PROVES to me both parties are one in the same. Isnt it funny how the so claled Bush hating liberals are hand in hand when repubs on the issue of 9/11? Idiots.

Also, saw Oprah tear into author James Frey's A Million Little Pieces on her latest show, saying he lied to millions of her viewers. I was thinking, man, imagine if she tore into Bush or the 9/11 commission book like that?

Oprah? HA, she just had on

Oprah? HA, she just had on the chief Bin Laden propagandist Peter Bergen,and also Tom-hands talker-Friedman, i wouldnt hold out much hope for her.....

you make an interesting

you make an interesting point though pocky. in todays celebrity obbsessed,moronic,gullible America, it would hold more weight for a dumbass celeb to come out and question the official 9/11 story than it does when esteemed academics and former government officials that already have. sometimes i think the american people deserve this bullshit, they are so fucking naive.

Exactly! America is not so

Exactly! America is not so much under the Orwellian thought rule of the Bush regime, but the total iconic celebrity worship. We've seen how vocal mega super star actors like Clooney are about the war in Iraq. Imagine if one of them came out questioning 9/11? Hardly any have. Madonna made some cryptic veiled comments in Rolling Stone that didn't make much since. Michael Moore, the chief guy behind bringing 9/11 as a debatable topic to the masses is pretty much in tow with the official story. So who exactly has said anything resembling 9/11 Truth? We need more than just Ed Bagley Jr and eccentric acclaimed writers to throw their weight behind(tho I did dig Walter Cronkite's comments about the Osama bin Laden tapes)

Chris, If you want to, bro,

If you want to, bro, be my guest. I'll do my best to fill it, right now things are kinda stretched, I think I have two copies to my name...
We were supposed to have 2,000 a couple days ago, but, again, our publisher dropped us at the last minute due to our subject matter.

Yes it would be good to have

Yes it would be good to have a few (dumbass) celebs on board. Where are they? You left out Ed Asner. What has he said recently? Where's Jackson Browne and all those guys? I know there's some good rappers. What about Eminem? That Mosh video of his was on track (wish I had the link). Those are just the musicians. What about Sean Penn? Sorry about your brother. Of course, all these guy's agents would say no. But more and more of them are taking a position against Bush (everyone except Bono). If they could just get pushed a little further. Harry Belafonte's cool. What about a Concert for Truth? Yeah. That's it. Surrre ...

thats the excuse they gave

thats the excuse they gave you? your subject matter? no specifics? shit man, that sucks. i'll send it anyway, ive been trying to get my hands on a copy of LC2 for ahwhile now,loved the first one and have heard great things about this one,good luck finding a new publisher man.

your missing the point even

your missing the point

even if a celev did say something, it would never make it through the media filter

everyone you see on tv is either "in on the joke" or just a paid media blind whore reading off an autocue without thinking

it extends to even the "official" anti-everything sides you see of the arguments aswell, all relavent talking points excluded in favour of soundbyte hysteria

cmon america, wake up, please, if you see someone smiling ... they know too :o)

the tv and radio are just pretending it isnt happening!