Impending Nuclear 9/11?

Excellent timeline by Culhavoc. Now's the time, contact your member of congress and tell them that in no uncertain terms will you or anybody you know be fooled by another false flag terrorist attack. Provide examples of the exercises that were underway during both the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks as well as the fact that Bush and Blair both felt that there was no need to investigate either attack. CC the media on all correspondence to ensure they give your correspondence the time of day.

Edit: Please visit the original article which has links to all supporting documents:

Aug 1st, 2005: The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons.

Jan 11th, 2006: BP Says Output Fell, Texas City Closure Cost $900 Mln

Jan 19th, 2006: An audio tape claiming to be from Osama Bin Laden surfaces.

Jan 19th, 2006: A second Nuclear Attack Terror Drill is announced to take place in Charleston, SC (first drill named here)

Jan 26th, 2006: Greg Syzmanski reports that Nuclear Disaster Drills are currently taking place in Houston, TX

Jan 26th, 2006: I learn that a friend of mine, who’s enlisted in the US Army, will be leaving for Fort Hood, TX on Jan 29th, 2006 to participate in a “Containment Exercise”. Fort Hood is located 100 miles northwest of Houston, TX. (in grey)

Jan 26th, 2006: The History Channel airs: “Wrath of God: Texas City Explosions”

Jan 26th, 2006: BP faces charges in Texas refinery blast (located in Texas City, TX)

Jan 27th, 2006: An email surfaces, purporting to be from a BP employee at the Texas City refinery.

Jan 31st, 2006: DOD 3-day Nuclear Attack Exercise begins

Jan 31st, 2006: State of the Union Address

Feb 3rd, 2006: Sixteen provisions of the Patriot Act set to expire

March 2006: BP Texas City refinery to restart in March

March 20th, 2006: “Iranian Oil Bourse”, denominated in Euros, set to begin trading

I live in Houston. What

I live in Houston.
What exactly are you implying with these ocurrences in Houston and the surrounding area? I mean, I'm feeling kind of orangish on the alert scale dude. I don't think I can sleep. I'm starting to feel the same way when Rita was a CAT 5 barraling straight for us and there was practically no escape because the Mayor refused to open all traffic lanes. Someone give me some feedback please.


Thanks. Here ya go, rock

that shit's scary. could

that shit's scary. could you provide the links to each of the items? . I'm trying not believe it, but the past always seems to repeat itself if you don't change. we'll find out soon...

no need. just found

no need. just found "Culhavoc"'s blog on google.

Please everyone... vote yes

Please everyone... vote yes on this poll that SBG posted earlier... and SBG or dz, you should post this...

I know dailykos has not been 9/11 Truth friendly, but if they see that people are interested, they may start posting stuff about it... dailykos has a huge audience...




Btw, on shortnews you can

Btw, on shortnews you can post your own news, so some 9/11 truth related material could be posted there.
There are however some demands for source, so forums, blogs and "questionable" sources are not allowed.

Small Correction: "Fort Hood

Small Correction:

"Fort Hood is located 100 miles northwest of Houston, TX."

250 miles due west (a little bit south)

I went to Boy Scout Winter Camp on a test range at Fort Hood where we built our own fireworks with the live ammo we found around our campsite.

Hey Ian, sorry, I forgot to

Hey Ian, sorry, I forgot to add the link to the original, its been added...

Hey Not A Cowboy, hopefully

Hey Not A Cowboy, hopefully nothing to worry about. I'd like to say "probably" nothing to worry about, but I'm not sure I believe that.

Anytime there are "terrorist" attacks by those pesky Muslims, they seem to occur at the same date, time, and location as a real terrorist attack. Additionally the real terrorist attack is identical to the supposed drill. This is the case with 9/11 and 7/7.

This kind of cover allows the powers that be to essentially plan the whole thing out under the guise of only being a "drill". It also gives them the opportunity to decide whether or not to follow through with the official attack up until the very last minute.

At least thats how I see it.

Now, a few months back, there was a nuclear "drill" at another location, I can't remember where, and many people were sending letters to Congress and the media, telling them we wouldn't be fooled again. Fortunately nothing happened.

Afterwards, many people said they then felt foolish for sending the letters out, but that is incorrect for the following reasons:

1. We will never know when we have successfully prevented a false flag terror attack, however, we will know when we have failed. Everytime one of these "drills" occur uneventfully, it is a small victory for us.

2. The letters we send to the media and congress are truth telling opportunities. As long as we provide plenty of documentation proving the fact that these terrorist attacks have a habit of occurring during "drills", then we have historical precedent on our side, and valid concerns that should not be dismissed.

3. In the event that a terrorist attack does occur during these drills, we have a ton of ammunition to go back to the media and congress and tell them we warned them, and they ignored us. Suddenly we have more credibility with these people, and they would be more inclined to listen to us in the future.

After a few months of no

After a few months of no activity, it's nice to see Culhavoc posting again.

Late last night I was in bed listening to Larry Beinhart speak on C-Span. It was refreshing to hear what I have know all along. When I saw the made for TV shock and awe special "9/11 Day of Terror" the first words out of my mouth as the second US Military aircraft hit its target was, "That God Damn Bush!"

Larry Beinhart is the author of Fog Facts: Searching for Truth in the Land of Spin. Robert McChesney called it the book on the subject "against which all others will be measured."

His novels include Wag the Dog, on which the film was based, and The Librarian which Rolling Stone described as "John Grisham meets Jon Stewart."

He was a Fulbright Fellow, he's won an Edgar, been nominated for two more, a Gold Dagger, an Emmy. He's been a political consultant, made commercials, lectured at Oxford and he's a part time ski instructor. His email is

The following is an email I have been circulating in Kennebunkport, Maine:

I thought that the following news items would be of interest to you.

Michael Meacher - former British Minister for the
Environment, and Andreas von Bülow - former German
Secretary of Defense - expressed grave doubts about
the U.S. explanation of the attack on the World Trade
Center on September 11, 2001.

They presented their views in a documentary '9/11:
Aanslag of geschenk uit de hemel?' which aired on
'TweeVandaag' (Channel 2 Today) - a daily current
affairs show broadcast on Nederland 2.

WICZ Fox TV 40 Binghamton, New York:

Ever since the September 11 attacks, numerous
conspiracy theories surfaced as to how the attacks
were carried out and who was really behind them.

A group of student film makers from Oneonta College
say they know the truth that lies beneath the rubble.
The student documentary entitled “Loose Change” is a
film linking theories of a direct connection between
the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United
States Government.


A BYU professor has developed a new theory about the
terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001. He
believes planes alone did not bring down the world
trade center.

Both towers collapsed in place after the attacks, and
later that day, 7 World Trade Center, which was never
hit by a plane, fell in less than seven seconds.

BYU professor Steven E. Jones says that planes alone
did not bring down the towers.

The images are seared into the minds of people across
the globe. We saw the planes hit, the explosions and
fire so hot, fortress towers could not stand. Jones
says not so fast.

"They're sticking with this one hypothesis. Its almost
like they have blinders on – and its got to be fires
and damage,” says Jones.

Jones is a 20-year physics professor at BYU, who's
penned an academic paper raising another hypothesis –
explosives may have been pre-positioned in the

“Notice how it's straight down,” Jones says referring
to the fall of one of the buildings.

Especially intriguing to Jones was the destruction of
7 World Trade Center, damaged and ablaze from tower
debris but never hit by a plane.

"Symmetrically now, it doesn't topple over, as you
might expect, from what we call the second law of
thermodynamics. It comes straight down. This is the
goal of prepositioned explosives in a controlled
demolition,” says Jones.

If explosives detonated like this – if they did – it
begs the question.

"Who set the explosives?” 2News reporter Brian Mullahy
asked Jones.

"I try not to go there because we have to answer the
first question first – the scientific issue first,”
says Jones. "We need to consider all options for the
collapse of these buildings. Let the chips fall where
they may.”

Jones said that models conducted in tests since 9/11
have not been able to duplicate what happened to the
buildings. He is not saying this is a proven theory,
but rather a hypothesis. He wants a fresh new
independent investigation.

I just don't know, this is

I just don't know, this is all crazy. I recently got an email from a buddy of mine who works with a rather large contracting "special securities" outfit in Iraq. BTW, he also happened to be at the Pentagon during 9/11, and was sent as part of a team to check out NY ground zero. Anyways, he was recently assigned for security work in Iraq, but then he was suddenly reassigned to something new in January where theyÂ’ve been gearing up for something different out in Afghanistan. ItÂ’s different from what he was accustomed to doing in Iraq which was more routine security, now itÂ’s much more rigorous, they're out in the cold mountainous terrain, working with very few resources, very cut and dry, like they're preparing for action, as oppose to security. The other day I got an email from him and heÂ’s been given an unexpected short time of leave to come back here to Houston. He simply said to me that heÂ’ll be here long enough to give his wife a kiss, and have a beer with his best bud (me), then he has to quickly return.
I'd have to be completely numb on sedatives to not get the feeling something big is about to happen, either here and/or out there, or wherever, itÂ’s not settling right on my mind, and reading what you just posted makes me even that much more nervous cause itÂ’s literally hitting home.
When referring to them as “drills”, is it that these drills are the actual event, or just a precursor to the inevitable event that will likely play out different? I’m confused about what the purpose of these drills are. Is the drill at BP supposed to happen next week?
IÂ’ve been out in the Texas City, La Porte, Beaumont, Houston Ship Channel area a lot. More often the Houston Ship Channel. There is like no security, at all. I mean, the security they do have borders on the same senior citizen crop you see guarding the doors at Wal Mart. ItÂ’s ridiculous how easy it would be for anyone to get access to any refinery, any major fabricator, hell even GE has a super huge factory there testing all kinds of stuff like jet engines and the like. Yet, nothing more than a measly chain link fence around it. If something were to happen in and/or around that area, it wouldn't be much of surprise really. This is something that's been discussed numerous times, particularly among the people who work out there, they've gotta have nerves of steel by this time.

I just read a new article

I just read a new article from Ruppert called, "Dead Man Walking", and it was about how the U.S. and Israel can't strike Iran without starting WWIII, and he gave great points as to why...

So if there is an "attack", it's either to try and and pin it on Iran, which probably won't work, or to instill Martial Law in the United States for when the economy does collapse... and to take the focus away from how fascist our leaders are, etc... to divide America even further...

It's a scary tiime.

BYU professor's group