BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11

Last fall, Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones made headlines when he charged that the World Trade Center collapsed because of "pre-positioned explosives." Now, along with a group that calls itself "Scholars for 9/11 Truth," he's upping the ante.

"We believe that senior government officials have covered up crucial facts about what really happened on 9/11," the group says in a statement released Friday announcing its formation. "We believe these events may have been orchestrated by the administration in order to manipulate the American people into supporting policies at home and abroad."

Headed by Jones and Jim Fetzer, University of Minnesota Duluth distinguished McKnight professor of philosophy, the group is made up of 50 academicians and others.

They include Robert M. Bowman, former director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense program, and Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for the Department of Labor in President George W. Bush's first term. Most of the members are less well-known.
"We have very limited resources and no subpoena powers," Fetzer said. "What you have is a bunch of serious scholars taking a look at this and discovering it didn't add up. We don't have a political ax to grind."

Fetzer has doctorates in the history and philosophy of science. "One of the roles I can play here," he said, "is to explain why a certain line of argument is correct or not."

In his original message to potential members last month, Fetzer warned that joining the group might make them the subject of government surveillance and might get them on various lists of "potential terrorists."

Hi everyone (including the

Hi everyone (including the NSA). Hopefully I'll have my 'explosive news' posted up today! Just a few more detail needed to be worked out. Will be a nice addition to Prof. Jones and Fetzer's announcement of their new site. Stay tuned...

Three Times a Charm Oklahoma

Three Times a Charm

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- April 19, 1995

New York City, New York- September- 11, 2001

Texas City, Texas- January 30th, 2006

In Europe, date format is

In Europe, date format is DD/MM/YY, for example: 1/2/6 (oups! 6+6/6).
Lucifer blasts America.



9/11 humor - We laugh to

9/11 humor - We laugh to keep from crying

"A woman nearly froze to death while sitting in front of her wood burning stove. Paramedics said that her steel framed wood burning stove had 4 well seasoned oak logs inside of it. When asked why she did not light the wood on fire to warm herself she replied; “Obviously you haven’t read the 911 Commission report?” " [more]

Nice on Valis!!!

Nice on Valis!!!

Hey Killtown, what's the big

Hey Killtown, what's the big news?