Call For Nation-Wide Coordinated Acts of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

What is is a website calling for an emergency, nation-wide campaign to raise public 9/11 awareness via coordinated acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

Additionally, we are calling for 9/11 activists everywhere to hand deliver copies of The 911 Fairy Tale, The Press Release of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, The Report of the Citizens Commission on 911, and/or related items to people of influence across the United States.

How you can Help
It is believed that awareness concerning 9/11 Truth has reached a stage of geometric growth. Please be part of this historical event; help us spread the word!

Post links to this or similiar 911 Truth websites on as many forums and mailing lists as possible. Also consider forwarding the address to your family and friends via email, telling them to do the same.

Because the truth is one our side (and the evidence is so powerful, complelling and overwhelming) it is anticipated that 911 Truth will ride the wave of the anti-Bush sentiment currently engulfing America.

Who is behind this website?
Just me, Benjamin Pritchard. ("Doing stuff like this is the only way I've stayed sane in a world seeming to have lost its mind.")

Feel free to contact me at if you have additional questions or suggestions.

I signed up for The Pen

I signed up for The Pen email services and, after umpteen attempts to get a letter to editor into my local paper, the comment I sent thru the Peoples Email got printed!! It's similar to one I posted on TO, where you sent me this info, re the charade of gov't as virtual etc.... The newsperson who confirmed me as source said that this letter had been, like, recommended or something. Whatever! Thx. I sent the ref to my sister too. Oh oh, the inkwell is flashing, gotta go. So great to write just the one letter!

Just 9/11

Just 9/11 related:

Lots of interesting comments like:

1- "Larry Silverstein failed to meet the Port Authority on the top floor at 900am,to discuss the very expensive asbestos removal job he was pushed to do.Wham,all removed including annoying official"

2- "There is even a new zionist city being built, a PRIVATE city,owned by the RothchildsÂ’ Rio Tinto,at the end of a purpose built expressway F3 in the Hunter Valley,NSW, from which to govern"


Just wanted you to know,

Just wanted you to know, that I'm currently doing all that I can -- albeit in Swedish -- to spread awareness about what's been going on since 911.
And, yes, I also believe in a sanity clause... :-)

It's absolute madness, and we have our own 911 here in Sweden: The Estonia disaster.
The only good part is, that they have gone so over-the-top, that even some of their own start to feel a bit sick about it.
You have my greatest respect for your work, Benjamin.

If people are going to

If people are going to 'spread the word,' maybe they could avoid promoting stuff that says that missiles were fired, that commercial jets were fake, or that pods were attached to the planes -- there really is no strong evidence for these, and the weak evidence isn't what we should be 'spreading the word' about.

Strong evidence includes things like the stand down, the war games, why the empty side of the Pentagon was hit, the oral histories, foreknowledge, WTC7, and even demolitions, but please, leave the pods, missiles, flashes and other unsupported stuff out when you are contacting people for the first time.

why doesnt reader post his

why doesnt reader post his name??

Rumpsmells refers to "the

Rumpsmells refers to "the missile that hit this building". The trade centers were hit by commercial looking airplanes. The military has versions of most of the commerical boeing aircraft. I think that boeing and government merged a few years ago.
As far as pods . . . I see them and don't know what they are and really don't care.

The Bush crime family lied about EVERYTHING involved with the so called terrorist attacks and there never ending war on terror. Tell me why I should believe the catalyzing event was anything more than fiction.

Ed Rynearson (I post my name for all to see)

There are too many

There are too many questions, and nobody knows the truth at this point, at least none of us do. We shouldn't simply dismiss a theory because we don't like the sound of it.

However, we should only lead with the most damning evidence such as the Norad Standdown and Controlled demolition. The more speculative theories should remain behind closed doors so to speak until further evidence is uncovered.

>> Rumpsmells refers to "the

>> Rumpsmells refers to "the missile that hit this building".

Wow! I guess a missile really did hit then!

>> There are too many

>> There are too many questions, and nobody knows the truth at this point, at least none of us do.

While we may never know the final truths, it's now 2005 and there has been no new evidence to support the claims of missiles, holograms, pods, drones or fake planes.

In contrast, new evidence -- i.e., the oral histories, Steven Jones' examinations of the molten metal at Ground Zero -- has emerged which can support the demolition theories.

I've researched this stuff for years, so I'm not just 'dismissing a theory because I don't like the sound of it.'

According to that logic, unfortunately, I could promote a theory that aliens from space made the planes enter another dimension in time and no one could 'dismiss it for not liking the sound of it.'

If someone presents sound evidence for aliens doing something to the planes, that's one thing. If they can only yell and scream about single fuzzy video frames of 'blurs' going past, saying those are 'aliens,' their theory should not be promoted.

Most websites make no such distinction. And those who want to promote 'blurs' instead of the strong evidence ensure that no one can ever establish a basis for saying, "No, there were not aliens abducting the planes on 9/11."

So we all lose when we can have no way to distinguish serious research from nonsense.

Like I said reader, those

Like I said reader, those things should be discussed behind closed doors until they have better evidence. Since you agree that we don't know everything and probably never will, then we have no business telling anyone what is worthy of investigation and what isn't.

Also, like I said, we should lead with only the best evidence, such as demolition and the Norad standdown, the rest should remain in the closet.

I think the general concensus within the movement is that demolition is THE smoking gun, especially with Griffin and Jones backing us up.

Based on all of this, I believe we're on the same page, don't you think?

this "naked for 9/11 thing"

this "naked for 9/11 thing" is designed to show people [especially the media] two things.

first, that on a grass-roots level, we are really this serious about getting your attention, and are not just going to "shut up and go away."

and second, that we will never tire of finding ways to transcend -- via the infinite creative potential of the human spirit -- the fear-based non-existence being demanded of us the bush cabal.