9/11 Becomes Political Fodder for the State of the Union Address

Here are two tales of the same story, one from each side of the political spectrum, neither paying any attention to the actual story that a family member wants serious answers from this administration.

9/11 'truth' on their minds as Bush speaks tonight - NYDailyNews

President Bush won't be the only one making political points about 9/11 at tonight's State of the Union speech.

At least two New Yorkers invited to the address by state lawmakers will be there to illustrate their own, very different points.

"Let's see if we get some truth," said Monica Gabrielle, who lost her husband on Sept. 11, 2001, and will listen to Bush with Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.).
Gabrielle said she wants to hear Bush before she takes a stand on his speech.

Clinton's spokesman said the senator invited Gabrielle to recognize her push for security improvements and for more information about the attacks - but also to remind the President of challenges that still face New York.

Bush-Bashing 9/11 Widow is Hillary Clinton's SOTU Guest - NewsMax

Bush-bashing 9/11 widow Monica Gabrielle will be Sen. Hillary Clinton's special guest tonight during President Bush's State of the Union address.
"Let's see if we get some truth," a hostile-sounding Gabrielle told the News.

In the past, the 9/11 widow has accused Bush of exploiting the attacks for political purposes, calling the move "despicable."

"You know, this happened on his watch," she complained in 2003. "If he wants to show a picture of 9/11 depicting what he was doing [during the attacks], it should be a picture of him sitting and reading in a classroom to school children. That's where he was on 9/11."

I am soooo tired of the left and right using simple labels to discourage American's from caring (or even thinking) about 9/11 in a critical fashion. All they have to do is call someone 'the Michael Moore left' and half of the country will think the person is crazy, while the other half willfully ignore the subject. It's quite sad really.

Monica Gabrielle is a Co-Chairperson of the Skyscraper Safety Campaign, and has questioned exactly how two 110 story buildings (and WTC7) collapsed so incredibly fast. Apparently that makes her a 'Bush basher', to me that makes her a reasonable person.

So, in the State of the Union address tonight:

  • How many seconds into the speech before Bush mentions 9/11 as a form of justification for an otherwise unacceptable policy?
  • How many times will 9/11 be used as an excuse, justification, or fear tactic to encourage the continuation of this administration's policies?
  • How much longer can this administration be allowed to use the 9/11 trump card while avoiding a truly independent investigation?

The speech starts at 9PM EST, feel free to post your comments here.

Imagine this

Imagine this scenario...

Monica: "Hi Mrs. Clinton... thank you for seeing me. I heard you were looking for 9/11 survivors to accompany you to the State Of The Union Address. I lost my husband. I would like to go with you to speak about certain things regarding 9/11. Why no one was held accountable, and how we can't let it happen again."

Sen. Clinton: "That's great Monica. Thanks for your support, and your willingness to speak your mind."

Monica begins her speech...

Monica: "I want to thank Senator Clinton for the opportunity to speak my mind in regards to 9/11.

My friends, I want it stated for the record. The Bush Administration orchestrated the attacks of 9/11 to further their political agenda."

Unbeknownst to Hillary of

Unbeknownst to Hillary of course.

seems like a veiled threat

seems like a veiled threat from clinton to bush.. saying if you dont quit your crap we will bring up 9/11.. lord knows that is a big can of worms.

I don't know. I would like

I don't know. I would like to know when she's going to be on.

re: how many seconds into

re: how many seconds into the speech, are there shades of grey? For instance, how soon into the speech does he use the word 'terror,' or 'enemies'?

my guesses: 1) within 16-32

my guesses:
1) within 16-32 seconds (minus applause)
2) 4-6 times (i think it will be more vague references to 'terrorists' and 'enemies' as mentioned by bb)

any references to the war, or 9/11, etc. will be very black and white, with little solutions and primarily rhetoric.. although i am guessing if they are smart they will avoid much talk of the war at all and act as though domestic action will be the primary focus this year..

i would just read the transcript, but i have gotten pretty good at his body language, and it can speak volumes over his staff written speach..

I guess one minute for the

I guess one minute for the first one, and as an over/under I predict he mispronounces nuclear as 'nooqulur' twice

What am I doing for the SOTU

What am I doing for the SOTU this eve?

Not watching the NTSC slop feed, that is for sure.

I have Loose Change 2nd Edition cued up on my TAIS Tecra, with Divx, and fed into my Toshiba Tivo and DVD ripper, via S3 video, and a stereo plug to RCA jack for the audio...

Right now it is paused while I manually invoke "record", then I will watch, while TeeVo records, when done, I will rip ten NTSC DVD's for starters, and pick some family and friends to receive-

Those DVD's will be given to folks who can handle a DVD in a DVD player, but just cannot handle "bit torrent", opening ports on a firewall, the right version of DiVX, or checking codecs, et al...

The Kidz can do it, but the majority of the baby boomers just are not capable,,,

But they are capable of receiving a DVD in the mail, and if sent from me, they will watch it...

I ran on a bit, but you folks here get the idea...



Pursident Bush says "We will

Pursident Bush says "We will never surrender to Evil".

I was so hoping that Dick Cheney would spontaneously combust but luck so far.

Nancy Pelosi is standing and clapping to El Presidente.

Freedumb, Freedumb, Iraq is now liberated even though the terrorists are brutal.

God bless the coalition. God Bless the fighting Island people of Fujita.

God bless the wheel chair olympics whose ranks we are filling with our bravest and most college neediest.

This land is mine, god gave this land to me.


That's pretty cool, RF. Good

That's pretty cool, RF. Good idea.

YT | 01.31.06 - 9:30 pm THe

YT | 01.31.06 - 9:30 pm

THe kicker is the information, as far as T1V0 is concerned is:

State of the Union 9-11PM
arBusto Inc addresses congress and the nation
Tribune Media Services

Phuckin Precious-

Bush just said that China

Bush just said that China and India our new competitors.

Freedumb, freedumb, freedumb, taxcuts.

Ok, I was worried but pursident bush said that jesus wouldn't let the evil people trade oil for euros.


Cindy Sheehan was just

Cindy Sheehan was just arrested...


This state of the union is

This state of the union is such a joke, they clap after every sentense, how dumb, what a joke, what does this acomplish??

I like that--freedumb--Let

I like that--freedumb--Let freedumb ring around the freedumb just for you and me all over this land this freedumb where seldom is herd a discordant word and the sighs are not clouded all day...home home of the strange, goddam I see a dark drought on the horizon--no rain, no thinking.
All dried up with no place to bomb. Freedumb

Brave cindy, noble Cindy, my

Brave cindy, noble Cindy, my hero, Cindy. Go Cindy. Cindy should be up there speaking. Cindy is my Jeanne d'arc. Can someone arrest me too?
i came here to praise Cindy, and would like to bury Bush, but he piles the B.S. on so deep, he can bury himself. fb

I have an "official" tally

I have an "official" tally for mentions of 9/11...


it is grand theater of the

it is grand theater of the absurd. freedumb and lieberty for oil!

i made a small photoshop

i made a small photoshop motage for all you good 911bloggers.

Help Fight Freedumb!


Mike Malloy (XM-167) is

Mike Malloy (XM-167) is reporting that Cindy Sheehan was expelled for wearing a T-Shirt with the number of dead soldiers on it.

She took her coat off and when her t-shirt was revealed, they hauled her off.

I guess that's some kind of banner.

"a banner" and a "T-shirt

"a banner" and a "T-shirt with an anti-war slogan"?


I challenge everyone to find

I challenge everyone to find Monica Gabrielle's statement... anywhere...

One way to succeed, is to

One way to succeed, is to keep absolutely quiet-

Write that on a rock, and sleep on it-


It took one minute (for

It took one minute (for first mention of 9/11) still at 9:11 pm

I only could manage to watch

I only could manage to watch SOTU by George W Bitch for only a few moments. Not cos I was busy, I just wanted to throw up!!!

I CANNOT figure out how this man keeps a straight face as he lies through his teeth. He is the master at Deception.

Who ever said he no talent!!! This monkey is doing a wonderful dance and a song!! Why dont we just throw in all our money to his so he can live his lavish life of killing for oil!!

Come you guys, how can you go wrong with this SOB?

They call abortion MURDER in a medical building... but dont give a FUCK about bombing Iraqi children!!!


Bush is simply the

Bush is simply the best.

Please, we need him.

The best educational tool in the world. BILLIONS of people got smart about US-murder-policies.

Never again can will anyone believe them when they say DEMOCRACY or 911 or FREEDOM... Bush has been soo useful!

funny statement on a website

funny statement on a website by a guy named Seth Abraham, as he critiques the SOTU.

'This is a speech oddly targeted at apolitical Americans; strange, as this is the group least likely to watch the State of the Union.'


Oh man, my favorite line by

Oh man, my favorite line by Bush: "it is said that prior to the attacks of september 11th, our government failed to connect the dots of the conspiracy. "

That one had me in stitches.

It's hillarious how the blind right wingers go after Sheehan...she is one of the few visible patriots in the media today. But yeah, man it was painful to see Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocon thug cabal sitting all smug...knowing 99.9% of America and the world doesnt know the full extent of what they've been up to.

Hey guys! You watched the

More 'unedited' video

More 'unedited' video clips:


Detroit 02/05/06 or just

Detroit 02/05/06 or just paranoia ?


Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor's specialists predict global economic Armageddon:


Did they even look out the

Did they even look out the windows at CNN last night in Los Angeles? I wouldn't know it from watching Headline News this morning. KTLA and a couple local stations covered the demonstration last night in their broadcasts, but KTLA had NOTHING in their 8:00 hour this morning. And where was 9/11 Truth L.A.???

You cannot argue that the

You cannot argue that the sheep aren't intersted...

Problem is, they see a heroe fantasy and cling to it as reality...


A mass pressing of Loose Change Second Edition should be funded and distributed throughout the bible belt and Red States ASAP-

RF: LC2E wouldn't get the


LC2E wouldn't get the job done. While it is good for younger audiences.

A "primetime news show"-style video needs to be made to cover these facts, with interviews with credible sources, and an open-minded presentation of the items.

That's the only way...

if lc2 isnt good enough then

if lc2 isnt good enough then we are fucked... do you think there will ever be the perfect dvd about 911???


The Great Conspiracy is very

The Great Conspiracy is very good.

BTW... for the record, I

BTW... for the record, I liked Loose Change 2. It definitely makes you think.

It may sound strange but

It may sound strange but arresting Cindy might be the best thing that ever happened to the truth movement. It sure makes them look like jerks. Don't worry, every dog has his day. Bush and his neocon buddies are cutting their own throats. As far as watching the State of the Union, you got to be kidding.