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Military campaigns in the Middle East (Google Translation)

Rough Translation (if anyone speaks french and can translate please send it in!):

.. several citizens of the world, with the incredible events which have occurred [on the] fateful Tuesday September 11, 2001. With the feelings of surprised and incredulity, mixed a visceral impression that these attacks [might never have] been able to occur without a major failure of the sophisticated mechanisms of American Defense and Information. [..] after more than 4 years of research and [exchanges] with various personalities working within various spheres of activities, with [..] a growing number citizens all over the world, acquired .. the deep certainty who these events founders are in fact [leaders] of radical preserving factions intern, belonging extremely probably to the mediums of Defense and the Information states-uniens.

[..] these attacks result [the] action taken from [the] interior is to date the only one who explains in a reasonable way [the] incroyable bankruptcy of the services of information and [the] incapacity the most total interception of the American Defense, whose budgets however cumulate hundreds of billion dollars US! Not really, after years of research, [..] and analyses, only one [simple] conclusion: September 11, 2001 rises [the] military operation complexes, prepared long date by a radical branch related on Defense and the Information [..]. [The] extraordinaire convergence [causes an actual] fork of history (on economic bottom of crisis) between complex militaro-industrialist, trusts oil and oligarchs corrompus, partly explains the success of [the] operation and confortement of the "official thesis" of the plot islamist.

Here's a slightly better

Here's a slightly better translation than Google's. My French is rusty and I had to rely quite a bit on the dictionary. Corrections & clarifications are welcome.
Military Campaigns in the Middle East
How to forestall a grievous escalation?

I watched on live TV, with many of the world's people, the incredible events occurring on the fateful Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with feelings of surprise and incredulousness, blending with a visceral impression that these attacks could never have occurred without a major failure of the sophisticated mechanisms of American defense and intelligence. Today, after more than 4 years of research and mutual exchanges with different people working in diverse spheres of activity, following the example of a growing number of people from around the world, I have acquired the profound certainty that these founding events were in fact the work of internal radical conservative factions, belonging in strong probability to the Defense and Intelligence communities of the United States.

As repulsive as it is, the idea that these attacks resulted from inside action is today the only one that reasonably explains the incredible failure of the intelligence service and the total incapability of interception by the American Defense, in spite of budgets adding up to hundreds of billions of US dollars. No truly, after my years of research, exchanges and analysis, one sole conclusion stands: September 11 must have been a complex military operation, prepared well in advance by a radical branch tied to Defense and the intelligence community (the attack on the Pentagon unequivocally implicates elements of the military in high places). The extraordinary convergence of US interests in the current fork of history (on the basis of economic crisis) between the military-industrial complex, petroleum cartels and corrupt ogliarchies, partly explains the success of the operation and the strengthening of the "official thesis" of islamic conspiracy.

The arguments which most support this troubling hypothesis have unwound before our eyes since the time of the famous 11th of September, 2001:

- The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretexts (WMD, supposed links between the Hussein regime and Al Qaïda), even though the plans of those military campaigns date from well before 9/11, in complete violation of international law.

- The quasi-simultaneous setting up and promulgation of unprecedented anti-constitutional and freedom-killing measures, also prepared before 9/11.

- The surprising growth of the budgets of Defense and intelligence (43% in 4 years) made these departments the great beneficiaries, in the face of the incredible incompetence which they demonstrated during the attacks, this in spite of billions invested over the course of years.

- More than anything, the stupefying corollary between this sequence of events following 9/11, here highly mentioned and the beliefs of a certain military doctrine, strongly anchored in the bosom of the American conservative right of which curiously the main lines today guide the White House's national security strategy.

This "war against terrorism" in which we have already become involved, served in fact as a pretext for a massive seizure of public funds towards the army and the control of the people. Ultimate deception (before, it was the communist menace), most of all it appears intended to hide the fierce desire for worldwide control by the American government and the plundering of natural resources of the countries composing the "axis of evil"; a status quickly granted to dissident regimes...

This perilous direction, adopted unilaterally by the Bush Administration, nevertheless offers us sombre prospects. It is not necessary to know geopolitics to imagine that the great rival powers are going to watch the train passing without reacting. China and Russia, among others, have already taken measures which closely resemble a new arms race. More disturbing still, some "leaks" in the American press have recently reported that the Bush Administration anticipates using tactical nuclear weapons (mini-nukes) in the framework of imminent preventative strikes against Iran. It is useful to remember here that that country has recently signed important accords of military cooperation with Russia, as well as contracts supplying natural gas, calculated to be many billions of dollars, with China.

How to untangle this military dynamic which represents grave peril for all the people of this planet? First, step out of that comfort and indifference which well characterizes those of us in the West. Next, realize that the tragic events of September 11, 2001 which have rapidly set up the "New World Order" don't derive from a sulfurous islamic conspiracy (definite proof of the guilt of Ben Laden, promised by the Bush Administration, has never been provided), but rather from inside action. It is not in piercing into broad daylight this dark frame-up of September 11 that the momentum of paradigm change will be found. For it will require a shock as grand as that provoked by the attacks themselves in order to finally reverse the processes set in motion by the American authorities' warmongering elements.

That is the approach that has been chosen by some brave American citizens, true patriots, greatly worried by the Bush Administration's deviance. Their vigilance and their meritorious involvement have led to the production of two important documentaries (" CONFRONTING THE EVIDENCE , a Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation " and " PAINFUL DECEPTIONS " ) which seriously place in doubt the American government's official fable. It is evident that the success of this approach basically lies on a grand-scale circulation of these elements of evaluation(?), obscured by the big national information networks, as much European as American.

History will judge harshly the true authors of these attacks, but equally all those remaining silent, in particular those who had access to some form of soapbox/press box whose first responsibility was correctly informing the people.

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