Miami Herald Columnist Recognizes Tough 9/11 Questions

9/11 ATTACKS - Avoiding the hard questions

..Lately, however, it would seem the public's verdict is in: Don't tell us. Keep us in the dark. We don't want to know.

This is the worst possible time for probe-ophobia to grip us. Our nation was irretrievably transformed by 9/11 -- and yet there remain troubling questions about what really happened before, during and after that day. Rather than demanding a full and fearless vetting to hone in on the truth and silence the conjecture about 9/11, many Americans remain unwilling to peer into the microscope.
A group of experts and academicians 'devoted to applying the principles of scientific reasoning to the available evidence, `letting the chips fall where they may,' '' last week accused the government of covering up evidence that the three destroyed New York City buildings were brought down that day by controlled demolition rather than structural failure. The group, called Scholars for 9/11 Truth, has a website,
The reflexive first reaction is incredulity -- how, one asks, could anyone even contemplate, never mind actually do such a barbaric thing? But before you shut your mind, check the resumés -- these aren't Generation X geeks subsisting on potato chips and PlayStation. Then look at the case they present.

''I am a professional philosopher who has spent 35 years teaching logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning,'' group co-founder and University of Minnesota professor James H. Fetzer told me. ``When I come to 9/11, it's not hard for me to determine what is going on. This is a scientific question. And it is so elementary that I don't think you can find a single physicist who could disagree with the idea that this was a controlled demolition.''
[..] But the outrage of 9/11 transcends party affiliation.

We need all the outstanding questions answered -- wherever the chips may fall.

Please check out the whole article, and please send in feedback to him and his higher ups thanking him for his efforts!

Thanks Gold for the heads up!

Actually, Dr. Griffin sent

Actually, Dr. Griffin sent it to Janice, and Janice sent it to me.

Miami Herald, Holy smokes!!!

Miami Herald, Holy smokes!!!

I found these in usenet and

I found these in usenet and felt them important enough to bring up:

This first one from a 9/11 Denier:

And this from a Truther:

Any comments?


PS Regarding Jones' lecture tonight, don't forget to print out copies of my letter and distribute as much as possible

Here's my letter to

Here's my letter to Miami-Herald; thanks to 911blogger for getting the word out, this is exciting- honest coverage from big media

Robert Steinback and the Miami Herald are to be commended for asking and printing real questions about 9/11. If one only pays attention to mainstream media, one might believe there are no important unanswered questions, that the 9/11 Commission Report has addressed them all. On its face, the official story sounds plausible. On close examination, it falls apart. In addition, an astounding amount of evidence has been collected by independent researchers that points to official complicity, and a large number of credible, reputable people are calling for a new investigation.

Please visit to review 115 ommissions and distortions of the 9/11 Commission from David Ray Griffin's book.

At you will find the names of over 150 notables and 9/11 family members who are calling for a new investigaton that will address questions not dealt with by the Commission.

At you will find a timeline made of thousands of stories from mainstream sources. Many of these prove the lie of the official story; the big picture that emerges supports the idea of complicity, not incompetence and system failure.

The questions raised by examining the evidence are not easy ones, but if our republic is to survive, they must be dealt with. I have great hope that good will come from this; the popular movement to expose and deal with the terrorists who've hijacked our government is growing in spite of the general public's apathy, and in spite of strong opposition from the corporate-controlled mainstream media, Democrats and Republicans. If those in power have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. Let them make their case in the public arena, why the unanswered questions don't deserve to be answered.


From Dylan...

Here it is. The ending to A&E's Government-Approved Grade A Bull$#it answer to Flight 93.

They can't explain the fact that there's no plane in Shanksville. What do they do? Make fun of the government!

This is a direct quote, I kid you not...

"Is there a plane in there?"
"We don't know yet..."
"What do you mean?"
"...we're still looking for first we thought it was in the hole, but there's nothing in there..."
"It must have landed in the woods, we haven't found it yet.."
"We're talking about a 757,'s a huge plane..."
"Yea, we can help us look for it if you want..."


PS - Hopefully be posting my news up soon. Sorry it's been taking so long. Had to tie up a few loose ends and then discovered even more exciting news! I've also been sick all week which hasn't helped. :-( Stay tuned.

looking forward to it

looking forward to it killtown :)

Hey CB, I hope that guy is

Hey CB, I hope that guy is wrong. I believe/hope these guys are on the level, but Hufschmidt is on the list which worries me a bit.

I linked loose change and in

I linked loose change and in plane site hosted by google on my homepage if anyone wants to point them my way.


Check out the latest link on

Check out the latest link on the 'scholars' site - it's about how we never landed on the moon . ..

Jack White's Photo Studies of 9/11

"Do we want to scramble

"Do we want to scramble aircraft . . . oh I don't know . . . that's a question we're going have to answer pretty soon . . . yea . . everyone stepped out of the room."

The scholar's site

The scholar's site is:

Some might be interested in

Some might be interested in this:

ARG: Key Video & Data


Robert Steinback's article,

Robert Steinback's article, 9/11 Attacks: Avoiding the Hard Questions was also published today at (it's undoubtedly the most incisive 9/11 article they've ever published), who claims it was also/first published at The Boston Globe (apparently that is bad info).

I think it's a good article, though I sure hope people don't get from it a mistaken impression that "controlled demolition" can account for the massive thermal events and pyroclastic dust clouds which came right on the heels of the collapses.

All we are saying, is give

All we are saying, is give us a real investigation.

If only Henry Kissinger would have stayed on as head of the 911 commission, maybe then we would have gotten to the bottom of this enigma.


I wrote this to Robert a few

I wrote this to Robert a few hours ago
Avoiding the hard questions

Dear Robert,

Nice to see 9-11 truth in MSM, did you make the Miami show

that Jimmy Walter put on at the Lincoln Theatere a couple of

months ago.

"Miami Beach Events: Live Panel in Miami Beach
Come hear the best 9/11 experts Jimmy Walter, Morgan Reynolds, David Von Kleist, William Rodriguez, Joyce Riley, and Eric Hufschmid speak in three LIVE PANEL events, only $10.00 per person.

Friday, December 9th, 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 pm at the

Lincoln Theatre

541 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, Fl 33139

For Tickets call the Miami Beach Box Office: 305-673-3331"

I live north of you in central palm beach county.

below is one of the things i do.....Please let me know

if you write any more on the true 9-11 story.

peace, paul 561-969-3787


Free DVD proving the Bush Adm planned and orchestrated 9-11

(hell, send me your mailing address and i will send you


I myself (PW) have handed out free of charge over 1000 copies.

With each passing day more and more people are learning the Bush/PNAC adminstration

Planned and Orchestrated 9-11. peace,pw

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To date, has given away nearly a million copies of “Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9/11 Investigation,” a new DVD exposing critical evidence about the 9/11 attacks. “Confronting the Evidence” includes footage of a “town hall meeting” held on September 11, 2004 in New York City. Hosted by actor and activist Ed Begley Jr., the groundbreaking event featured David Ray Griffin, David vonKleist, Barry Zwicker, Webster Tarpley, Kristina Borjesson, Karl Schwartz, Jeff King, Paul Thompson, Jenna Orkin, Christopher Scheer, Dr Robert Bowman, Christopher Bollyn, and John

The DVD also includes special selections from Eric Hufschmid's DVD on 9/11, Painful Deceptions."
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Thank you,
James Walter and
the Reopen 9/ Staff


The DVD Mr. Walter speaks

The DVD Mr. Walter speaks about is a must have for those interested in the truth of 9/11.

regarding my previous

regarding my previous comments as well as Edward's:

*Why* would link to a site that discusses a "fake moon landing"? Aren't they aware that doing so will weaken their credibility in the eyes of most Americans?

Also I read in a newsgroup somewhere that the torch on the homepage is an ilumminati symbol. Although I did not check into that yet.

I hope I'm wrong with all this, but the whole thing seems very fishy...

Man, ya just can't make up

Man, ya just can't make up the stuff that was in that A&E Flight 93 movie. The scrambled planes bit, and the 'wheres the plane' thing was too much.

In reading Dylan's blog, it was unnerving to see some of those in the 'illuminati paranoid evangelical new world order' segment bagging on some of the most hard working and good hearted 9/11 researchers out there. I think maybe, they're just upset that "conspiracy theory" stuff isn't just religated to underground newsletters and middle aged ran crappy websites anymore. It's gone into activism with a more youth resonance.

While I storngly disagree with some key things in LooseChange/LC2nd edition, I think it's an important and significant documentary that lifts 9/11 research out of the bowels of fear mongering evangelical poorly layed out websites.
I saw a bumper sticker on the road that said "Question 9/11", and I think when the 'remote control missle pod Jew' stuff goes away, there'll be much more people inclined to take a second look at one of the most tragic events in modern America.

The people attacking the hard workers of the 9/11 truth movement I think have *wayyy* too much time on their hands.

HEY CB... Interesting links


Interesting links you provide.

The debunker has plenty of the usual strawmen to pound and lots of bullshit, but his passage on the "living hijackers" mythology is devastating. And predictably so. I can't believe how the 9/11 truth crew have fallen for this red herring for so long, though there was never any follow-up. Obviously there could be guys with the same names. Never were pictures of the same men provided.

Meanwhile, the larger and more important point has always been obscured by the living hijackers nonsense: the identities of these guys aren't even clear. The FBI provided each with a bunch of aliases. The 9/11 Commission admitted (in a footnote, as usual) that their documents were doctored!

Imagine an American parallel. The FBI provides a list of perps named John Smith (alias Joe Jones) and Bob Smythe (alias Bob Richards). Instead of concentrating on how these could be constructs, or on inconsistencies in the official accounts of their whereabouts and activities, we worry about claims that "John Smith" is still alive (with no photo of the living one ever provided).

The official story has always relied on Americans' inability to get Arab names straight- including among 9/11 skeptics.


Here's my answer: Dear Mr.

Here's my answer:

Dear Mr. Steinback!

First thanks very much for your story!

It's really time to bring this up in the MSM-media.

There was only one sentence that I don't agree with- and that you probably wouldn't, too, if you consider some facts-

"Sometimes the flimsy theories are easy to spot -- come on, if the four passenger jets didn't crash where it appears they did, where did they go?"

"where did the jets go?" seems to be a not admissible conclusion in basic logic. Not only for me. You have to ask instead:
Are there logically hints or evidence that the 4 jets could hit the towers, the Pentagon and Shanksville, most probably with the conclusion out of evidence when and where the flight-paths turn to their alleged goals?

After studying 9-11 for a while, I can assure you: It was just impossible for the 4 flights to reach the alleged targets, there was not one single evidence that what we'd seen that day was the result of the kidnapping of 4 passenger jets alone.

German 9-11 researcher Christian C. Walther does an excellent analysis, unfortunately only on german yet:

But I'm sure that you can put your tin foil head off in case you're really interested in 911-truth and take the efforts to translate the text.

Kindly greetings from germany

Could it be that flight 93

Could it be that flight 93 was suppposed to hit WTC7?

One portion of that story

One portion of that story which kind of sticks in my craw is, "Rather than demanding a full and fearless vetting to hone in on the truth and silence the conjecture about 9/11, many Americans remain unwilling to peer into the microscope."

Steven Jones is part of the "Scholars for 9/11 Truth", and he thus far has remained unwilling to peer into an electron microscope at the WTC dust samples he's said he has.

WTC7 is where the beacon

WTC7 is where the beacon my humble opinion.

What "beacon"? (Have some of

What "beacon"?

(Have some of us never heard of "GPS"? Even the civilian planes in question don't need no stinkin' "beacon"!)

I didn't find Robert

I didn't find Robert Steinback's email address on the Miami Herald site. Could somebody give it to me, along with other relevant email addresses?

Of course, if it were a Finnish paper, the address would be of the form

but that doesn't seem to be the case here.