Thugs Engineered 9/11

Washington Post article with an interesting quote. This statement was actually made at an Impeachment Forum covered and broadcasted by C-SPAN. Contact C-SPAN and ask them to broadcast it:

C-SPAN Main Number: (202) 737-3220

I don't have anymore information on when this was actually broadcasted on C-SPAN, so if anyone has anymore information, please post it in the comments below:

Sheehan, in a sweet voice, condemned the administration's agenda "to spread the cancer of empire."

The first questioner, getting into the spirit of the forum, declared of the administration: "These criminals and gangsters, thugs as I regard them, I believe engineered 9/11."

Many in the crowd applauded. But others were skeptical. "I've heard a lot about accountability" from the panel, said one questioner. "Seems to me the first opportunity we had for accountability was in the last election."

Old but rather entertaining

Old but rather entertaining to read [2003-02-15]
Cindy knows about PNAC so she has propably understood the motive.

you can't forget who is

you can't forget who is counting the ballots.

I saw the photos by Jack

I saw the photos by Jack White and it's just a suggestion but someone should make up a series of 4 or 5 photos (perhaps humourously titled CIA has too much time on it's hands, or 'spot the fakes') to send around the net. I found the car switching colours and the box-like fire truck most compelling plus the lack of guard rails. Fake Osama might be included too. Humor sometimes works the best for opening minds to the silliness of the day.

Has anyone else seriously

Has anyone else seriously looked at these photos by the way? To me it is photographic evidence that could be used to your advantage. Does the photography have credibility problems. Honestly I believe these photos could persuade people to look again at the evidence.

Questions remain from 9/11

Questions remain from 9/11 report, professor says

Utah Daily Herald covers Prof. Jones' event.

I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to killtown's new information

I went to Jones' lecture,

I went to Jones' lecture, blogged it here;

I'll add a link later on to the entire series of slide photos, you can get a good idea of how the lecture went from the slides.

I took video footage, but I have to check it and see if it's worth sharing. The camera I borrowed did not have a line-in for sound so I had to rely on ambient sound.

For the 9/11 researchers, there wasn't much "new" but it was certainly refreshing to be lectured to by a Physics Prof who wielded the facts so well.

reprehensor... check it



I mean, groovy.

I mean, groovy.

Some debate

Thanks, Jon, for providing

Thanks, Jon, for providing the Daily Herald coverage info. Take a look throught the comments article. (Especially the 4th!)

C-Span did run this the

C-Span did run this the night of the STOU address.

Huffington isn't posting my

Huffington isn't posting my comments.

Yeak Milbank is Mr

Yeak Milbank is Mr Credibility personified...

He, hit and run Laura, arBusto, Inc and his wife had their pictures taken for his wall of ego-

No mention of OhioBold whatsoever...

They reap what they sow...

The "Disguised American

More at huffpost A 9/11

More at huffpost

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court?

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

I can hear people dismissing

I can hear people dismissing that by saying, "Well, he's the current ambassador to the US. He should be there."

Posted at HuffPo: Yeah, I am

Posted at HuffPo:

Yeah, I am "reverse trolling"

Please rate post: Poor, Marginal, Good-



//*** HuffPo Post in THE thread****

I have read all the comments here.

The comments can be divided into two categories-

1./ Comments that repeat, over and over, legitimate questions that remain unanswered by the administration in power, when the crimeattack occured-

2./ Fear laden, character assassination and "Shoot the Messenger" comments, questioning patriotism, and citing that those asking the questions are the real enemies of the state-

If we are all not careful, we will ALL breed and spawn a second civil war in this country-

Conservative folks tend to want to bomb ANYONE that disagrees with them, back to the stone age, and liberal folks tend to throw the baby out with the bath water-

History suggests the answer lies somewhere in the middle-

It is at least interesting to note that the good and evil, inherent in the human spirit, is alive and well-

Goodwill to all of you-

RF in NH

Posted by: RF on February 02, 2006 at 04:00pm

****eND HuffPo pOST ****** //

I like that post. Was

I like that post.
Was anybody responsive to it, or was it quickly burried under troll yarnage?

"We will make no distinction

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them."
-- George W. Bush, 9/20/01

Someone just posted that on my site. Thought I'd share. Regarding the 9/11 Conspirator story.

Jon Gold 02.02.06 - 4:43

Jon Gold 02.02.06 - 4:43 pm

There just nervous and scared dude, log the IP address and moveon-


It is scary.

It is scary.

Not a Cowboy 02.02.06 -

Not a Cowboy 02.02.06 - 4:35 pm

I haven't been over there to find out,,, busy,,, I still have a job-

Afternoon has evaporated, and I spent half of it... Well you know how have spent half of it...

Practicing creative writing...

My Nephew said something quite intersting this summer...

He said, paraphrasing... "Groups of folks at opposite ends tend to want to kill each other, and folks who sit down one on one, tend to see each others point, or at least agree to disagree, and share a beer and a smile afterwards...

He is right-


Jon Gold 02.02.06 - 4:47

Jon Gold 02.02.06 - 4:47 pm

I can appreciate why you think so, but it is also a normal reaction, and comforting to the knuckledragger who decided to post it-

Log the IP, and moveon-

He posted it to show that

He posted it to show that contradiction... he knows what's going on...

Thank you very much

Thank you very much reprehensor, I am translating your article right now for italian folks...
It would be great to have the video even if it isnt too good... thanks in advance.

I was just thinking, this

I was just thinking, this has to be the luckiest live news camera shot in TV history.

Check out the helicopter zoom shot, with the sound turned down:

whats this i keep hearing

whats this i keep hearing about killtown? people keep saying he has explosive information. anybody know what this is about?

chris, I beleive it is about


I beleive it is about WTC6, you can find a hint about it on his website:

thanks dz. on a related

thanks dz. on a related note, i watch C-Span semi-regularly,and when they have the call-in shows,and the topic is 9/11/war on terror/security, you will almost always hear at least 1 9/11 truther get on the air with some great comments. its hilarious to watch the guests and host try to laugh it off or move on quickly.

sorry, that was me, i was

sorry, that was me, i was going by my alias on a gatekeeper site(C&L).

hmmmm,WTC6. i havent heard

hmmmm,WTC6. i havent heard too much about that.isnt that the building with the basement blown out of it with the gigantic crater in it? this could be good.........

sorry try this

sorry try this link:

click on CNN video of North Tower collapse

in relation to my above post.

To me that had to be pure luck or the CNN news director/vision mixer knew at what time the second tower would fall.

Ixy Wixy, that link is very

Ixy Wixy, that link is very interesting to me for at least 3 reasons:

1. the image shows the pyroclastic dust cloud centered, literally, at ground zero (ie, the cloud sprang up from ground level, which suggests that the collapses of the upper floors cannot have contributed to it, which begins to suggest that whatever caused that cloud was a separate event from the collapse itself).

2. Hoffman's calculations are very much on the conservative side, perhaps even erroneously so. No one who believes Bush about 9/11 will want to find fault with Hoffman's physics, though perhaps 911truthers can (perhaps Jim's numbers are WAAAAAY too conservative).

3. I am unaware (ignorant?) of physics professor Dr. Jones' work being able to account for (or even thoroughly addressing Hoffman's physics regarding) this blatant huge thermal event.