Dr. Steven Jones Utah Seminar - Slides

You can find all 73 slides posted by Reprehensor on Democratic Underground here.

Also, one of the comments on Reprehensor's blog linked to a WTC7 video which I had not seen prior, you can check it out here.

Check out the slides and feel free to post some comments.

Update: I have zipped up the slides and hosted them for your convenience, you can grab them here (4.6MB).

Note: The MP3 download of the presentation can be found here.
Note: The powerpoint presentation can now be found here.

dz, thanks for the zip file.

dz, thanks for the zip file. Will you be hosting it permanently? I figure to put a link in my "Analysis" post

CB, it wont be going


it wont be going anywhere, go right ahead.

Thanks to everyone...

Thanks to everyone... www.911truthseekers.org, reprehensor (don't know your real name), and dz...

interesting slides, thanks

interesting slides, thanks for posting the link. Awesome blog this is btw. Will check back.


Thanks dz!

Thanks dz!



Has anyone seen the "Power Of Nightmares"? They show Rummy trying to convince everyone that Russia was seeking to build up their stock piles of WMD, when of course they weren't.

FrankV and everyone

FrankV and everyone else...



Janice Matthews Gives A

NORAD: Terrorist Attacks

Thanks Jon! Jim Fetzer of

Thanks Jon!

Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 911 Truth, on Air America
9 megs, 39 minutes

Texas Sheriff Warns Of

So here we are, all afraid

So here we are, all afraid of the next false flag attack. And now I'm thinking about that movie, "Sum of All Fears."

Edward... it's not fear. I

Edward... it's not fear. I mean, some of it could be, but I think it's more of a sense of responsibility. To point out those things that are similar in nature to 9/11. Why do we do what it is that we do? I think this is one of the reasons. I think it's better for us to post it, than not to. I don't think it's necessary to "sensationalize" the information, but I think it's important to get it out there...

Good points - I was

Good points - I was referring to the scene in the movie "Sum of All Fears" where the nuke goes off at the super bowl.

And . . . I love this site and the passionate patriots who risk ridicule by speaking the truth.

One of the greatest quotes

One of the greatest quotes ever...

"A true patriot loves their country all of the time, and their Government when it deserves it."

I have that posted on my board. It was from Mark Twain.

I don't think our love of country is in question. I think we hate what it's becoming.

Is someone working on

Is someone working on syncing the Steven Jones slides with the audio to create a movie?

Seems that you can do that with iMovie and other tools.

Anyone working on this? I am a bit maxed out at the moment.


Note: He calculated it would

Note: He calculated it would take 4000 lbs of explosives. And calculated it would take 10 people, 10 trips to plant it all.

There you have it.

Hi, I have downloaded the

Hi, I have downloaded the files however the zip file is called 2005 not 2006.

Brilliant report. Anyone who hasn't seen Loose Change Second Edition make sure you get your hands on it.



Whitman Denies Misleading

Rumsfeld - the ultimate

Rumsfeld - the ultimate fascist in conservative's clothing. How can we have been so duped? What in the hell are we supposed to do about these sociopathic goons in the White House?

Go join www.911truth.org if

Go join www.911truth.org if you want to see what you can do to help.

The BBC 3-part documentary

The BBC 3-part documentary "Power of Nightmares" is an amazing analysis of the NeoCons! Their evil history, sick motives, and other bullshit is revealed!

All 3 parts can be viewed or downloaded for free from several websites.

@ Jon: Team B is indeed a

@ Jon: Team B is indeed a very interesting piece in history.


Here in germany we have a BBC docu, I ask them if they plan to show a translated Power of Nightmares. After some weeks a get the info that this was not planned.

Daniel, i updated the


i updated the filename to 2006 instead of 2005.. i left the old one incase people were linking to it.. thanks for pointing it out.


Reprehensor is reasonably certain that www.911truthseekers.org will be posting a video shortly.. so we can hold off on making a video from the slides and mp3 unless someone wants to do it right away..

Sitting-Bull, yep.

Sitting-Bull, yep. Reminiscent of "The Office Of Special Plans".

I'm not sure why there's a

I'm not sure why there's a link to 911myths on the front . . . that's a site that attempts to debunk all the questioing of what happened on 9/11. I wouldn't recommend directing traffic there. They make a lot of errors in their 'analyses.'

The scholars site Jones'

The scholars site Jones' hosts, is a blank page (no error code). Wondering if the government is involved in it's mysterious disapparance or if the site's manager made an error.