Former EPA Administrator Denies Misleading on Air Quality After 9/11

'Outraged' Whitman defends 9/11 stand

"From the moment the planes hit the World Trade Center, the men and women of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, relying on decades of experience in responding to natural and manmade disasters around the world, began to do everything in their power to protect the people of New York," Whitman said in her statement.

"Every action taken by the EPA during the response to this horrific event was designed to provide the most comprehensive protection and the most accurate information to the residents of Manhattan," Whitman said. "To imply otherwise is completely inaccurate."
On Sept. 13, 2001, Whitman, holding a high-tech respirator in her hand, conducted a small news conference on Canal Street north of Ground Zero and declared to reporters the air over Lower Manhattan was safe to breathe. She and the EPA issued other similar statements in the days and weeks that followed.

Later, however, the EPA's Office of the Inspector General criticized the agency, saying officials did not have the data necessary to assure residents the air was safe.

How exactly does this:

Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breath and their water is safe to drink.

.. correspond with 'the most comprehensive protection and the most accurate information to the residents of Manhattan'? The most comprehensive protection would have been to admit there were valid concerns over the air quality, and not be pressured by the whitehouse.

Further information on EPA warnings and recent deaths related to long term lung damage caused by 9/11:
A Fallen Hero

Thanks Gold for the heads up!

Regarding the Utah Daily

Regarding the Utah Daily Herald article on Jones' seminar:

The article title is still listed on the front page due to the large number of comments people have left.

Perhaps the topic can remain on the front page is enough comments are left on a daily basis?

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Christie Whitman's lies

Christie Whitman's lies resulted in the deaths of many New Yorkers, and will result in the death of many more.

The fact that she continues to lie to cover up her previous lies is lamentable, but not exactly a shockeroo.

Her name will live in infamy, and I surely hope the textbooks, in generations to come, will accurately portray her as the Benedict Arnold she truly is.

Christie Whitman = Rich

Christie Whitman = Rich Republican Bitch & Self-Serving Liar.

Whitman was scared that shutting down NYC financial area for a few weeks could impact her wealth--so just rush the firemen, cops, construction workers, office clerks, etc. into the toxic mess while bullshitting that everything was environmentally safe. Fuck her.

Tomorrow is 2/6/6

Tomorrow is 2/6/6 (2*6=6+6)+6
Superbowl in Detroit...
Will Lucifer launch apocalypse?
I hope not.

Tomorrow is 2/5.

Tomorrow is 2/5.

So in the future when you

So in the future when you tell a big lie, people will say, "he just told a whitman"?

Is Darth Cheney positioning the candy machine in the super bowl parking lot?

"Tomorrow is 2/5". Jon

"Tomorrow is 2/5".
Jon Gold
Thanks for clarifying, Jon.
The Frenchy almost had me terrified for a moment there.,2933,87449,00.html
...and Whitty, you're doin' one heckuvah job.
It's great that after everybody experiences such "rewarding" times with the President they like to just get up and leave. No, no problem, just wanna go do something else. I mean, it's great and everything, just wanna get the fuck out of here.

on those files, giving the

on those files, giving the extension, i.e. mp3, mpg, avi, and file size helps a little.
Everytime someone just puts a link I figure it's to an article or something, then when I click it, tada, and I hate large file streaming, I rather download. Okay, sorry for the complaint, just wanted to throw that out there.
I'm about to listen to it now. :)

What a great show.

What a great show.

right click on the link -

right click on the link - select "properties" and it will tell you the file you're targeting.

And . . . loose change 2 is

And . . . loose change 2 is showing up in the top 15-20 videos at Google.

Am I correct in saying that

Am I correct in saying that the Towers starting collapsing *above* the airplane strikes? Wasn't there at least one expert who said that?

Go to google, type in

Go to google, type in "asshole", and hit "I'm feeling lucky".

Whitman was a loyal tool,

Whitman was a loyal tool, morally a murderer - but still subordinate to those above her at the White House who killed the early draft of the EPA report and forced them to say the air was safe. This we have known since the EPA inspector general's report of 2003.

While Cheney eyes the Super

While Cheney eyes the Super Bowl:

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Whitman was Bush's political

Whitman was Bush's political whore (one of many). She was under White House pressure and did her job for them, not the people. All the women under Bush lie for him.

They wanted as many people sacrificed on 9/11 as possible, that's why Marvin Bush (Bush's younger brother) whose company he headed as security for the towers, made sure people stopped evacuating the second tower after the first one was hit. They wanted a great amount of lives sacrificed for their world domination power grab.

The rich and powerful at the highest level of society don't care how many are slaughtered for their wealth. It's all part of their game. It's happened througout history -- their really animals who rely on this game to survive. They see their oil future as bleak and are desperate animals trying to get at it any way they can.

So when the liars act outraged that you point out how evil they are, just like any criminal, they will lie to the ends of the earth as their only defense of truth.