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Well, another week is here.

A few things to point out:

Mike Malloy Has No Doubt The 'Bush Crime Family' Is Responsible For 9/11 - MP3 Download

Videos from OK Truth Convergence 2006

Have at it!

I agree with Chris. I have

I agree with Chris. I have listened to Ed Schultz and anytime anyone calls in and even hints that 9/11 was an inside job he cuts them short. I no longer listen to him. In my opinion he is a punk. I also agree Randi Rhodes hasn't the guts Malloy has. She knows damn well 9/11 was an inside job. For God sakes she lives in New York. If she wasn't a woman I would call in and tell her to grow a pair.


that is a DISGUSTING site. here is a little sample of what you will find there:There is battlefield intelligence – evidence if you will – they remain among us. We can limit their actions to conspiracies or we can impose legal limits on our National Defense to the point the enemy is free to commit more crimes against humanity on our soil. That is my evidence of a crime and my argument in favor of the NSA’s current monitoring policy.

Meanwhile, the “loyal opposition’s” evidence remains theoretical. If President Bush is found guilty of hypothetical crime, it is the thought police at the ACLU and CCR and Sheriff Al Gore that we all better start worrying about.

January 7, 2006 - hat tip to Michelle Malkin - posted by Tim Sumner - permanent link

Stand up and cheer as Veterans past and present tell off moonbats Murtha and Moran

A Vietnam Vet attended that town meeting the other night and took on MoveOnDot Congressmen Murtha and Moran:

“I visit Walter Reed [Army Hospital] and talk to the young soldiers with their legs blown off. I know you do, too. I can’t find one in a dozen that don’t believe that they are fighting for a noble cause and are fighting to go back. And I think it’s a disgrace when members of our Congress – just as they did in 1975 when they sold out the south Vietnamese – are selling out our soldiers today in Iraq!” (Michelle Malkin has a report and the video)

this shit is sad. really, someone needs to start a campaign to wake these fucking facist loving bastards up.i feel horrible for the victims of 9/11, but if this is how some of them think, to hell with them. i cant feel any sympathy for anyone that gullible and willing to wave a flag without doing research.(outside of watching CNN)

and to link to Michelle

and to link to Michelle Malkin no less!!! it doesnt get much more typical than that.that woman dreams of being a rich,white male.she acts like shes going to be ok when the 4th reich finally rises.

hi guys i just edited down

hi guys

i just edited down my very first show (oct. '04) down to just the interview i did with fred burks of we talk about his experience interpreting indonesian for Bush II and about the 9/11 coverup. Burks has some interesting speculation about the role of mind control in the attacks.
it lives over at:

In 1992, George H.W. Bush

In 1992, George H.W. Bush told White House reporter Sarah McClendon:

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."


Now that we found out...

"Now that we found

"Now that we found out..."
...we're lynching ourselves

Again, I continue to be

Again, I continue to be saddened and shocked how most of the Bush hating so called Liberal side will verbally attack you and flame ya to even bring up the notion of 9/11 being a coverup. I'm convinced that the left and the right are the same damn thing. You know, I believed the government about 9/11 for a few years, even tho deep down I knew something was not right with how those towers collapsed. For a long time I conceded to the "let it happen" idea...but when all is said in done, with everything as of 2006 that we know: eye witnesses, whistleblowers, video,'s clear to me 9/11 was, at least in part, orchestrated by rogue elements within the United States government.

The issue to me is no longer "conspiracy theory", but activism. Truth. We need "The Truth tobacco" like advertisements on mainstream tv, just like commercials. Imagine if there was smart, edgy "" like ads on tv and magazines like the anti cigarette ones? to me the issue is no longer "Osama" or "al Qaeda"(a CIA made up word), but Dick Cheney. Him and the other people that were in on 9/11 and benefited from it will have to decide someday if it was worth it. Like the crooks at Enron that were in bed with Bush and Cheney, these men need to be tried for treason.

Bottom line, don't be afraid what coworkers, family, friends or those online or at school will think. No need to mince words anymore: The neocons who stole the 2000 election were the only ones who benefitted from 9/11 and were the only ones who could have made sure it went through.

The left and the right, the

The left and the right, the Democrats and the Republicans are simply put, different sides of the same coin. Both are controlled by the same big money interests. I am sure 9/11 was in the works long before Bush stole the 2000 election. Changing the subject some, now that Malloy has taken such a firm stance on government complicity on 9/11 I think we should mount a campaign and try to influence Mike's friend Randi Rhodes to come out publicly on her program and back Mike up. She is very popular and has a large audience. She also has a prime time slot. Mike takes her place when she is on vacation. I just e-mailed her demanding she take a stance on 9/11 truth. I urge others to do the same. Call in if you can. Also e-mail Mike and thank him for his courage.

FYI: Around 11 am Monday,

FYI: Around 11 am Monday, during a 10-minute break of the Judiciary wiretap hearings, Republican Jeff Sessions introduced to the C-Span camera Debra Burlingame, sister of the pilot whose plane supposedly crashed into the Pentagon. I don't have a transcript, but she was supportive of the administration's use of wiretaps. Here's a recent editorial of hers

Our Right to Security - January 30, 2006

i've started posting on the

i've started posting on the ed shultz show message boards as "al." there's other 9/11 truthers over there and we've been trying to educate the "edheads" over there.
and asking ed to have on some leaders in the movement.

Lets see what we can dig up

Lets see what we can dig up on Debra Burlingame. When I watched her speak, she was giving exactly the administration line. she obviously was brought out there for a spectacle.

Paul Craig Roberts says that

Paul Craig Roberts says that the
scholars for 9/11 truth "could be right".

Ashes to ashes & dust to

Ashes to ashes & dust to dust

Would this explain why the tilting upper section
vaporizes instead of falling as a whole section? Also,
in some videos I have seen the core columns wave
briefly then crumble and turn to dust. What is the
total number of people who are unaccounted for and
where were they in the building?

I have listened to Ed

I have listened to Ed Shultz. What a joke. You may as well listen to Rush Limbaugh. Good luck with Shultz. I hope you prove me wrong but I don't think so.

How a "Mini-Nuke" could be

GCN gave Daryll B. Smith the

GCN gave Daryll B. Smith the axe today for 'creating too many problems with his programming..'

He was a big 911 Truther. But he was also very devisive--- it came to where any other Truther whose offerings deviated from Smith's anti-Zionist crusade was not to be trusted. Not productive IMHO-- spent too much time and ink on wedging. It's too bad though, he frequently had on good guests. Listen to recent show MP3s at

oops: hint: when you post a

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Suprisingly, I've heard two

Suprisingly, I've heard two 9/11 truthers call in to Ed Schultz's show, and he let them talk.

The second guy that called in talked for about a solid minute, he claimed to have worked in the demolitions industry (which is not a huge industry) and said he just didn't buy the party line on how the Towers came down, and especially how WTC7 came down.

Schultz let him say his piece. Apparently people have been sending him DVDs and such and he watched a bunch of them over Xmas.

I would say if you are calm and logical, Schultz will give you a shot.

I'm not a fan of his general approach to radio, but he's actually not half the Limbaugh he comes across as.

BTW, I started a very short-lived campaign to get him pulled from my local AA affiliate -- (he dissed Rep. Murtha for being honest and that pissed me off) -- short-lived because after he let 9/11 callers talk, I lifted the "fatwah". [/sarcasm]

Mini-nukes! The

Mini-nukes! The song...

UC Regents lose control of nuclear weapons program
Five admirals, Carlyle Group and Rand take over
In a stealth takeover by the Carlyle Group, facilitated by five admirals, the management contract will be transferred next year to the University of Texas, where the military and the Carlyle Group will have control.

I can't see any links to the other parts, so I post them here in order (except I don't have part 5)

You can see a picture of the author Leuren Moret on this page, about 6th down on the left:

Hey, I wrote this back in

Hey, I wrote this back in September '05, but when they recently ran those 9-11 specials, it reminded me that I'd gotten some good feedback from this at the time. I negelected to post it here, though I should have, and hopefully it's still relevant. It might be a little long, but not too long...

The Propaganda Ritual
Like JFK, it seems like we need to have ‘The Official Story’ of 9/11 retold on the anniversary
by Jack Frost, Another Opinionated Asshole
Thursday, September 29, 2005

The National Geographic 2-part Inside 9/11 (shown with limited commercial interruption) is indeed a fly-swarmed mountain of guano. Nearly 4 hours of the most teeth-gritting distortions and omissions delivered by a serious, somber-voiced narrator clinging as closely to the 9/11 Commission Report (a.k.a. ‘The Official Story’) as possible without getting too convoluted – keeps it nice and simple. Much like the 9/11 Commission report, it doesn’t so much inform the viewer as it walks him or her by the hand to the predetermined outcome. And if one had no experience with the research that’s been done outside the 9/11 Commission’s ‘investigation’, one might think these were well-researched, detailed documentaries. However, if one has bothered to look beyond “Because they hate our freedoms, 19 hijackers flew three planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and passengers on a fourth re-took the plane only to crash it in Pennsylvania” the distortions and omissions come so fast, it’s difficult to keep up.

For instance there were some interesting cuts and edits in the footage used. Like when they get to the point in the story where Flight 175 hits the South Tower, of all the choice clips on numerous networks that clearly showed ‘the money shot’, they chose footage that had a building in the foreground that obscured the moment of impact. Could this be because it’s been discovered that when you slow the news broadcast footage down, there appears to be some kind of ‘pod’ attached to the bottom of the plane and a bright light that flashes on the building a fraction of a second before impact? Could they have used this angle to make it difficult to spot that the plane has no windows like all other passenger jets?

The special also holds up the government-favored ‘pancake theory’ to explain why the tower fell. The theory states that the heat from the jet fuel caused the steel support to melt and buckle, which in turn caused the floors to drop down and as each one hit the next and the buildings crumbled. There have only been three instances in the history of engineering in which a fire brought down a steel framed building – and all three happened on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. Also if the ‘pancake theory’ were the case, the plummet would have been more staggered as the floors collided, and would have left huge chunks of concrete and steel. But instead, the buildings dropped at free-fall speed collapsing in about 10 seconds each reduced to small piles of rubble and huge dust clouds, which is more consistent with a controlled demolition.

If these tidbits intrigue you, I highly recommend for more information the documentaries In Plane Sight, and especially Loose Change (check around on the web, these movies are being given away with a free download on some sites).

In addition to flat out saying that Flight 77 vaporized inside the Pentagon, the special draws up some rudimentary computer animation to helpfully show the plane tearing into tiny pieces. The interesting thing about the animation is that the plane’s wings manage to get inside the newly reinforced wall before disintegrating. It makes no mention of the fact that, before the façade collapsed, the hole in the wall was about 16 feet in diameter, far too small for any passenger jet to fit into and there are no indentations or remnants of its wings on either side of the hole.

They also ‘animate’ the only 5 still frames released by the government of a building that is among the most heavily surveilled on the planet, and actually makes the claim that these pictures show a plane striking the Pentagon. To help create this illusion, the photos are cropped on the right hand side to the point where a parking pylon stands in the foreground obscuring the flight path, completely cutting off the visible puffy, white vapor trail coming in from off camera. Passenger jets do not leave white puffy vapor trails when near or on the ground, by the by. It also crops of the bottom of the photos, as well which clearly have the date stamp of Sept. 12, 2001(?!) a puzzling inconsistency forgotten by most investigations.

In addition to the website Hunt the Boeing, the documentary Painful Analysis has a ton of info on a lot of aspects of 9/11, but especially the Pentagon. Be forewarned, itÂ’s pretty long and dull in places, also the narrator has a sometimes irritating vocal tone and speech cadence that can be off-putting. But, nonetheless the film has a ton of info, so stick with it.

The special never mentions the fact that at least 6 of the pictured hijackers are reportedly still alive. Ahmed Alhaznawi, who is reported by some to have been the pilot overtaken by the passengers of Flight 93, had never even heard of Pennsylvania until he’d been told he died there. Some reports even claim Mohammed Atta called his father on September 12th. The government has made no attempts to correct this portion of the story, and it refuses to release the flight records that would show that the hijackers were on the planes. Well, then who hijacked those planes, you ask? Excellent question. Perhaps that’s something the 9/11 Commission should have looked into during its “thorough investigation into the events of 9/11”, instead, it doesn’t even bring up this discrepancy.

If youÂ’re the reading type, I canÂ’t recommend highly enough David Ray GriffinÂ’s two excellent and well-researched books The New Pearl Harbor and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions for more info on the bigger picture of the deceits of 9/11.

But one of the things that Inside 9/11 attempts to do that the 9/11 Commission did not, is give a rough background on the history of al Qaeda through listing off the multiple attacks that have successfully hit US targets. The interesting thing is that, having gone far beyond the official investigation, instead of bolstering the case that al Qaeda attacks were on the rise, these incidents – the ’93 WTC bombing, the U.S.S. Cole, the embassy bombings in Africa – look like the prologue to ‘The Official Story’ of 9/11. Each of these events seem to me now as the groundwork for the Osama bin Laden/al Qaeda meme, so that when Bush and Pals pulled the organization out of their collective ass on September 12th, no one could say: ‘Who?’

A friend of mine gave me a set of 6(!) DVDs he made from stuff he’d Tivoed and, believe it or not, there have been no less than 8 ‘documentaries’ (read: propaganda films) other than Inside 9/11 run by several different cable channels in the last month and a half – the most since 2002, if I recall correctly. Dreck like Portrait of a Terrorist (Mohammed Atta’s alleged background), Zero Hour: The Last Hour of Flight 11 (‘dramatization’ where Atta again appears as alleged pilot), Biography: al Qaeda (this becomes a comedy if you’ve seen The Power of Nightmares) and The Flight That Fought Back (a ‘dramatization’ of Flight ‘Let’s Roll.’ 93) to name a few. All were attempts to make up for thin explanations in ‘The Official Story’ provided by the Bush Administration and the 9/11 Commission and help to prop up the weak and incomplete analysis provided in the Commission’s report.

There are two conspiracy theories at war here: the allegations that the Bush Administration planned and executed the attacks on 9/11, and the Bush AdministrationÂ’s claims that al Qaeda is responsible for the attacks. Beyond any other evidence that creates suspicion of guilt, IÂ’d say what tips the scales toward the former explanation is the Bush AdministrationÂ’s attempt to thwart any investigation of whatÂ’s considered to be the worst attack on America in our history. Ken Starr spent more time and money investigating Whitewater and Monica Lewinski. And even when the Commission was finally formed, all the members (yes, all) had conflicts of interest with the Bush Administration somewhere along the way. That Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton said that at some point every member would have to recuse him or herself from testimony pretty much sums it up. Further still, Bush and Cheney testified together, in the Oval Office with no recording made and neither was under oath. Who, exactly, benefited from the White HouseÂ’s manipulation of the 9/11 investigation?

And, if you still can’t get your mind around the government’s involvement, let me put it this way: At this point there’s no escaping that the Bush Administration lied us into Iraq, no WMDs and the Downing Street Memos essentially prove that. Well, that war has sent nearly 2,000 Americans to their graves so that Bush and Pals can steal that country’s resources and profit from them. How difficult is it then to make the leap that these same people would ‘sacrifice’ nearly 3,000 Americans to gain the political climate that would allow those lies to be believed?

(NOTE: All of the recommended books and films named above were referenced because I found them to be very informative, I have no connection to any of the authors or directors of any of the material.)

I try and stress that 9/11

I try and stress that 9/11 is NOT a liberal versus conservative, left-right issue. Corruption in the White House goes back many many decades and involves both parties. We're talking MK Ultra, CIA-cocaine and drug complicity, the Washington DC child sex ring in the 80's, Dyncorp, Halliburton, East Timor,
etc. To me 9/11 is just the crowned achievement of those in control who believe the jmeans justify the ends in whatever they feel is justified(funding contras, fighting communists, etc)

Oh yeah, and that one dude on IamtheWitness that had Morgan Reynolds on, Im glad they took him off. What a total anti-semite. The JEws!111 The Jews! OMG The Jews! Gimme a freaking break. Are some of the worst US war criminals Jewish? Well yeah, ok. Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Larry Silverstein. But so what. Most of them are not Jewish, and it's sad to see people drag the 9/11 truth movement into anti semitism.

i agree Ian, when i watched

i agree Ian, when i watched Debra Burlingame speak today, i wanted to break my fucking tv.Jeff Sessions(one of the more eager facist types in the senate) should be ashamed of himself for bringing that obviously nmisguided woman up there to defend warrantless wiretaps.i feel guilty for being so pissed at that woman,i know she was more of a victim than any of us who didnt lose anyone on 9/11, but for christs sake, the woman needs to be shook some fucking research that DOESNT involve the fucking government.

every time i have heard any

every time i have heard any kind of 9/11 truth seep into Ed Schultz show, he treats the person who brings it up like shit and quickly moves on and tells them they are crazy. Ed Schultz can take his centrist/safe act somewhere else, he sucks. as far as Randi Rhodes, she mentions Paul Thompsons timeline every time she talks about 9/11, so i think she is well informed when it comes to 9/11 truth, i just dont think she has the heart/guts that Malloy has.

I think 911 is the incident

I think 911 is the incident created by the gang that couldn't shoot straight. The only thing cloaking this tragedy is the public's denial that anyone would do such a thing.

WTC7 collapse is the ace in the hole.

Boys and gurrls.. Oh its so

Boys and gurrls..

Oh its so refreshing to see the MEGA MIND FUCK USA at work.

BTW part 5

(Our children: uranium meat)

is here:

Looks like the USA plan is to terrorise the world with ever increasing DOSE (like a drug addiction!) for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.
Hoping for technology to allow TOTAL RULE or at least TOTAL UN_assailabiolity before the world WORKERS and NON-OWNERS and DISENFRANCHISED rise up, join forces and create a fairer world by jailing the oligarchs.

In fact, if you read TARPLEYs BOOK (available as PDF from conspiracyCentral) it is his conclusion, too.

I can't help thinking that Israel has something to do with WTC-nuke.. and Flight 93 was micro-nuked and Pentagon, too.

since 1994 they have world-class supercomputers and can CALCULATE many effects of Nukes, and hence

- miniaturise
- produce strange efffects

how about one of the NEW EFFECTS is "making-things-fragment" and leaving no radiation? (VIALLS)

My ears perked up also when

My ears perked up also when I heard that Debra Burlingame was attending the wire-tap hearings today. She was in the news and discussed here recently. Something's just not right with this woman. On the site you will find comments like: If you don't support the troops and our (illustrious) President, don't come here (and by all means, don't think for yourself).

"What a total

"What a total anti-semite."

"...and it's sad to see people drag the 9/11 truth movement into anti semitism."


When will the Zionist-AIPAC-ADL crowd wake up to the fact that their ABUSE of the "anti-Semitic" smear in response to every well founded criticism of the policies of the Nation-State of Israel and-or the racist imperialist Zionist agenda, or this micro-cabals extraordinary control of the US federal gummit and US media--- only serves to wake more people up to their scam at this point. The Zionists dont represent the teachings of Judaism, they represent something more closely resembling the Nazis. And their game of smearing anyone who threatens their racist imperialist agenda as anti-Semitic, is a flame thrower which long since ran out of juice.

I had some gripes about Daryll B Smith, but his consistently making the above distinction was never one of them.

just for the record, Ed

just for the record, Ed Schultz thinks Oswald acted alone(or at all),so you obviously cant expect much from him on the issue of state sanctioned terror.some people are just so naive, they cant bring themselves to believe elements of the government would murder americans.its ashame Randi doesnt go further with her talk about 9/11.she always drops hints(like mentioning the fact the pentagon STILL hasnt released the video,etc.) so she clearly knows.i like her style,she would be very effective if she only had some guts.

i agree with Poopy(great

i agree with Poopy(great name by the way), you can HATE the Isreali government and NOT be anti-semetic at the same time.its possible.