Open Thread - A Word On Comments

Over the last 9+ months we have been pretty lucky here at 911blogger to gain a good group of people who frequently add useful comments, references, further information, and post related links. While we have had disagreements in the comments every once in a while, the comments section in general has been pretty useful for a lot of us getting to know one another.

With that said, over the last 2-3 weeks we have received an influx of comments, and unfortunately some have been pushing the line on what is and what isn't acceptable for posting here. Over the history of the site I have deleted 2-3 comments, and edited another 2-3, however in the last week alone I have had to delete 2 comments, edit 1, and temporarily ban 1 user.

While we have no stated rules on commenting there are a few simple things which should just be common sense:

  • Do not use someone else's alias when posting comments
  • Do not flood the comments with large posts, especially unrelated material
  • Do not use the comments to continue arguments with other users from thread to thread
  • Do not post comments that are abusive, offensive, contain profane or racist material, or resort to attacking other users
  • Try to treat other users with the respect they deserve
  • Use the comments to post useful information and comments, not to direct attacks on other users
  • Try to respect others who may have different opinions

The user banned on Friday will be un-banned late tonight. While I hate the idea of moderating the comments section, if things get out of hand I will obviously have to. If someone gets out of line, or starts violating these rules do not respond, instead send me an email via the contact link on the left and let me handle it.

If we continue to have any issues with people using other users alias we may start using the TypeKey system, so you may want to go ahead and register your username there.

In any event, I hate having to worry about this crap, so I hope everyone will try to keep the comments section a useful section of the site, and make good use of them.

Open thread - Have at it!

jeez.. had to delete

jeez.. had to delete comments on a post on that very subject.. comon guys, please stop provoking one another and move on.

Thanks dz for the job that

Thanks dz for the job that you do. You're not asking for someone's right arm. You're asking for people to be respectful of those who post here. Period.

It's not rocket science.

WE didn't commit the crimes of 9/11, and beyond.

WE are the ones trying to fix the problems of this country to the best of our ability.

Let's learn to play together.

I have to agree with Agent

I have to agree with Agent Gold there; respect is always appropriate.
thank you gentlemen, for doing such a good job with such an important site, and please keep up the good work!

Agent Gold... is that like

Agent Gold... is that like Agent Orange?

Does anyone have the details

Does anyone have the details on the New York City screening of Loose Change 2 on Feb. 11? According to the posting here, it's happening at the Pioneer Theater. But no address is given. I googled Pioneer Theater in NYC, and the theater listing I found didn't have Loose Change on their schedule for Feb. 11 (9pm). Is this the right theater? --

I'm glad a place like this

I'm glad a place like this exists.
Great resource for those seeking the truth, or at least more answers.

For those who haven't heard

For those who haven't heard it, here's the non-commercialized version of the Mike Malloy show from 2/3/2006...

Thanks to dz for hosting it.

I edited out the 5 minutes

I edited out the 5 minutes of the show when Mike talks about the attacks of 911.

Use as you see fit.

the end of it got clipped

the end of it got clipped during transfer - i'll fix it and repost.

its quicktime - the only advantage is that it is 1 meg instead of 38 meg

fixed - Malloy's favorite

fixed - Malloy's favorite nick name for Bush is "Rat Bastard"

Jass, I would email Jesse


I would email Jesse from that post above.. or call the theatre directly.. but i would email Jesse via his email address in taht post first.. let me know if it has been moved or cancelled.

Thanks for posting the

Thanks for posting the Malloy Friday show. I listened to it Friday and have already e-mailed him and thanked him. I just wish Randi Rhodes would open up. She has a bigger following than Malloy and is prime-time. You just know she knows. OPEN UP RANDI!

2:51:30 in 2:57:00

2:51:30 in
2:57:00 out

Editing points of Mike Malloy's final 911 speech of the evening.


and Ms. Garafalo - Laura

and Ms. Garafalo - Laura Flanders?

Any word on the ETA for

Any word on the ETA for Killtown's new story?

I think TypeKey is a good

I think TypeKey is a good idea.

hey guys. under the activism

hey guys. under the activism heading here's another tactic by our friend over at

i might have to waste a few

i might have to waste a few dollar bills now.

Hey Al, defacing currency

Hey Al, defacing currency (or whatever they call it) is illegal, possibly even a felony. Deception Dollars are safer...

DDs never really get

DDs never really get circulated, and they have the unwanted side-effect of making too many people decide, at a glance, that 911 Truth is just a(nother) anti-Bush exercise in Bush-hating. (And, given how much how many of them hated Clinton, who can blame them, or tell them that they're wrong? Can we afford to have our message so misconstrued by such a large percentage of our audience?)

If "typekey" involves signing up or registering for something, that will inevitably put a damper on the free and open exchange of ideas by making the forum less open.