9/11 Backlash Comes From Hollywood, Not Government


The 9/11 movement has been lax in not anticipating the direction from which their most vociferous flak will be thrown. It's not government appointed commissions, politicians or Popular Mechanic debunking spreads.

The real counter-backlash is coming from TV movies and big screen blockbusters, serving up a diet of spoon fed propaganda that reinforces the official version of events.

A television movie about one of the doomed Sept. 11 airplanes was A&E's most-watched program ever, a sign that audiences may be ready for a coming spate of movie and TV projects dramatizing the terrorism of five years ago.
Consider the very first made for TV movie about 9/11, called DC 9/11. A film which portrays president Bush on Air Force one on 9/11, exclaiming his frustration in not being able to have a fist fight with Osama bin Laden.

Now contrast that to the actual demeanor of Bush on the day of 9/11, doe eyed, unsure, taking the decision to read an upside down book about a pet goat for half an hour after he’s told about the biggest attack on America since Pearl Harbor.

It's pro-war, pro-government pro official version of 9/11 down to a tee.

And who wrote and produced the film? Lionel Chetwynd, a big establishment neo-con and government apologist, perhaps the most politically connected producer in the world today.

Chetwynd privately met with George Bush, Karl Rove and a bunch of top Republicans to have them vet the script before he shot the film.
So the very first movie about 9/11 is made by a high level Bush administration stooge.
And the film wholeheartedly backs up lock step the official version of events.

It just shows what a nation

It just shows what a nation of lazy retards we are that we sit on our fat arses and suck up the shit Bush serves us on TV.

My patience is wearing thin with this man and this nation. With all the proven lies, we should take back our nation and storm the fucking whitehouse NOT fucking Iraq!

Its time we blamed Bush instead of other nations, cultures and religions.

Another example of the

Another example of the Hollywood propaganda machine:



Dylan Avery is on top of

Dylan Avery is on top of this issue, as I've heard...

9/11 Government Backlash

9/11 Government Backlash Comes From Many Sources, in many guises (incl a bogus list, web sites, labels, division, ridicule, false opposition, etc). Too many people are too intent on considering the (pre-labeled) source to filter the content for themselves. In that way, false friendship can be a devastating tactic, especially in conjunction with false opposition. (We expect Hollywood to lie to us...)

A&E is really beating that

A&E is really beating that Flight 93 crap into the ground. ive seen it air 3 times in 4 days.