How Did The WTC Towers Drop So Easily?

One of the most sought after answers for many since the attacks on 9/11 revolves around the question, "How is it that World Trade Center towers one and two both dropped so easily?"

Where's the Fire?

The official government explanation is that the towers were greatly ravaged and weakened by the intense fires, however, the fires in the WTC never swept through the lower floors of either tower, nor were they ever that intense, at least for no more than maybe 10 to 20 minutes, tops! Neither building was rampant with widespread fire, so how could the lower structural supports have been weakened so badly, as has been claimed?
Arguing Physics

To help its case with the WTC collapse, the US government argued after 9/11 that the melting point of steel was 2,500 degrees F. Many scientists came forward to argue that the temperature needed to melt a steel alloy was actually closer to 2,800 F, 300 degrees hotter than the government claim. The argument continues to this day.

The Madrid fire was originally reported at its peak to be 1500 Celsius. That is 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit and is close to the 2,800 degrees that scientists claim is necessary to melt a steel alloy.
Why are NYFD dispatch tapes from 9/11 now classified as secret?

What could possibly be in those audio tapes that someone wants kept secret?

Reports claim that firemen inside the WTC were heard saying that the fire was manageable and could be brought under control. According to them, only a small number of floors were affected by fire at the time.

NY Firefighters’ Final Words Fuel Burning Questions About 9-11

Additionally, the firemen had also made reports of other explosions going off inside the buildings, prior to their collapse. If indeed this is the case, as many have testified to, it would most likely have a major impact on the official version of why the World Trade Center towers collapsed. Why were there numerous large explosions being heard and felt by eye-witnesses?
It's time now it seems for many to examine their own definition of "patriot." It's time to quit accepting ludicrous explanations not based in scientific fact, and start asking real questions so we can get some real answers, based with actual facts.

It's time to start being a real patriot and ask for the truth.

The movie is called "Good

The movie is called "Good Shepherd"

The Good Shepherd:

thanks guys.

thanks guys.

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too bad that annoying broad Angelina Jolie is in it. she may be sexy but the bitch cant act for shit.oh well,at least Pesci is in it.

Robert Deniro is directing a

Robert Deniro is directing a movie about the Skull and Bones,and the CIA. i forget what its called,but it comes out next year.i cant help but wonder whos really directing it though.

This trial was clearly a

This trial was clearly a farce. I live near Hamburg were it took place.
Everytime the judge or the plaintiff wanted documents the US gov. refused to tun them over. The only "evidence" they presented was the affidavit on a FBI agent, who wasn't distrusted. Imagine this- a trial without evidence, only with a lone affidavit that wasn't challenged because it fits to the common believe.
Note: Only in first judgement Motasadeq was guilty on 911 conspiracy. In the 2.nd judgement they speak him guilty on membership in a terroristic group, without a direct link to 911. Like Mossaoui, who said: I was in the US for terroristic attacks, but 911 wasn't mine conspiracy. ( Mean- he was only a patsie, "misused" for greater context )
And what about alleged No. 5 Al Qaida member Luai Sakra. He was arrested last august in turkey, and then some very strange allegations surfaced, like that he drinks and had connections with some intelligence agencies and had forknowlegde of 911. Never heard of him again...

Germany to release jailed

Germany to release jailed friend of 9/11 hijackers

I have Reuters version, the BBC's version, and MSNBC's version, and not one of them mention this little tidbit...,,11069-1742264,00.html

Judge Ernst-Rainer Schudt said that the US Justice Department had refused to co-operate fully with the German court.

"How are we supposed to do justice to our task when important documents are withheld from us?"

Cynthia McKinney's Home

Cynthia McKinney's Home Vandalized

I know this isn't 9/11 Truth related, but she is...

OK, so WHY did it take

OK, so WHY did it take freakin 5 years almost for us to feel this way? To feel patriotic to want the truth and not accept what that bastard Bush say?

Are we a nation of fucking idiots?

amen brother.

amen brother.

Frank.. http://www.yourbbsuck

WORLD WAR 3 hunch ... on

WORLD WAR 3 hunch

... on January 19 FRENCH president Chirac threatened to use NUKES against terrorists against it:

IMHO he warned USA Israel NATO against using their GLADIO minions to synthesize terror INSIDE FRANCE...

Why did he threaten with nukes?

Well, because the threat is NUKES.

E.g. if GLADIO strikes with nukes in EUROPE, --HUGE PANICK--- that would be the next best thing to attacking arabs... arabs would defend themselves, but EUROs would fall and blame it on Arabs, and investment woudl be down, and what Arab nation would want to trade OIL in EUROS if the Europeans start hating Arabs?


Hey, People are real mad a

Hey, People are real mad a Silverstein over the plans at Ground Zero.....Read it!

Silverstein cashes in on the

Silverstein cashes in on the demolition then doesn't have to deal with rebuilding...

Bloomberg Expresses Doubts About Silverstein's Finances
WNYC Newsroom
NEW YORK, NY, February 06, 2006 — Mayor Bloomberg is using tough words once again to try to get developer Larry Silverstein out of the way of the World Trade Center rebuilding effort.

REPORTER: Bloomberg says he doubts whether Silverstein had enough money to build the Freedom Tower, along with buildings 3, 4, and 5. He says he doesn't want history to repeat itself at the twin tower site.

BLOOMBERG: When we built the World Trade Center twin towers-- It literally stopped development down town for a decade. The buildings took 13 years to filled and then they were only filled with City, State and Port Authority employees. It took 20 years before those buildings were filled with market rates rents.

REPORTER: Silverstein has said he has the resources to complete the entire project. Governor Pataki has given the developer and the Port AUthority a deadline of March 14th to work out their differences.

Once one has done a basic

Once one has done a basic conservation-of-energy reality-check on the durations of the "gravitational collapses" observed on 9/11, that is sufficient to disprove the government's "gravitational" collapse theory. We then know that the collapses had nothing to do with airplanes/crashes/fire, without needing to concern ourselves with the melting (or weakening...) temperatures of steel, or how long between impacts (2) and collapses (3), or what happened in Madrid, or how hot it got, or what the dispatch tapes said.

FURTHER, "controlled demolition" can account for the collapses, but not for the nuclear winter-like after-effects. Some videos show a glow. "Everyone" agrees that there were huge pyroclastic dust/debris clouds. That represents a humongous, unaccounted-for release of heat (another, separate, reality-check failure for the "gravitational collapse" theory). There was molten metal found weeks afterward, and fires which burned for 99 days despite constant dousing with water. And all -- so so much of -- that incredibly, nearly impossibly, fine powdery dust.

That doesn't seem like the result of any mere or ordinary "controlled demolition" to me! Just as "airplanes" cannot account for the collapses, "controlled demolition" cannot account for what was observed right after the collapses.

Also, of course, once we know that we cannot blame the collapses on airplanes, we can stop blaming 9/11 on planes (and hijackers), right?