Dr. Steven Jones Utah Seminar - Powerpoint Presentation

The powerpoint presentation from Dr. Steven Jones's recent February 1st seminar is now available for download via his BYU homepage:

The zip file weighs in at 29MB and includes a powerpoint viewer for those without it.

Note: You can find the audio download of his presentation here.

I was a little shocked when

I was a little shocked when I heard him LOVE THE BIBLE.

For me its the most genocidal book in history, period.

Wisdom is may contain here and there, but real shit as well.. and lots of MAKE BELIEVE propaganda and lies.

"They did not break his legs"

Also, I become more and more convinced that a mini-nuke was the big-stonker that blew up the WTCs.

Timed charges to simulate failure, pancaking, and bang! the little nuke to crack the center-bone...

don't you think?

And it would also explain the mushroom cloud of Flight 93 and the mincing of evidence there...

What do yous think?

Joe VIALLS was the first to mention mini-nuke in BALI.... he said that very very pure plutonium only leaves alpha radiation that is stopped by paper... and gone in a minute.

u2r2h, your above comments

u2r2h, your above comments *only* concern the *Old Testament* (as regards "the Bible")

Yes, that is a very genocidal document, indeed (i.e., the Old Testament). It even blesses actual, literal human child-sacrifice via burning as being holy and just (see the story of Jephthah's daughter in Judges 11:29-40)!

Jesus never heaped so much scorn as He did upon those teaching and practicing the so-called "Law of Moses" (i.e., the first five books of the Bible).

For much more on this topic, see the below post by me:

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> God has chosen me to be an

> God has chosen me to be an Archetype.

outch.. and you sympathise with AnarchoCapitalism, the worst form of society.

Sorry, you are too far gone.

For you it would be helpful to
listen to this:

google CHOMSKY 1970 MP3 TALK

If you are so sure about yourself,
go to a peruvian slum and see how long you last.

u2r2h, I have hung out in

u2r2h, I have hung out in some pretty cruddy places in my present time here on this Earth. But my desire is not to hang out in rough places, but to improve the world so that such places no longer exist. Hence my writings.

Concerning Noam Chomsky, he is a loyal-opposition statist:

The purpose of shrinking government is so that the sphere of popular decision-making will narrow and more decisions will fall into the hands of the private tyrannies.

"Government" is a kind of interesting term in American political mythology. The government is presented as some enemy that's outside, something coming from outer space. So when the IRS comes to collect your taxes, it's this enemy coming to steal your money. That's driven into your head from infancy, almost.

There's another way of looking at it, which is that the IRS is the instrument by which you and I decide how to spend our resources for schools and roads and so on. Whatever faults the government has, and there are plenty, it's the one institution in which people can, at least in principle and sometimes in fact, make a difference.

So government's shrinking, meaning the public role is shrinking. And business -- that is, unaccountable private power -- has to take its place. That's the dominant ideology. Why should we accept that? Suppose someone said, "Look, you've got to have a king or a slave owner." Should we accept it? I mean, yes, there are much better systems. Democracy would be a better system. And there are a lot of ways for the country to become way more democratic.

("Who runs America?--Forty minutes with Noam Chomsky," interview by Adrian Zupp, The Boston Phoenix, April 1-8, 1999 http://bostonphoenix.com/archive/features/99/04/01/NOAM_CHOMSKY.html .)

Noam Chomsky is as phoney as a three-dollar bill.