BYU’s Dr. Steven Jones Blows the Roof off a Utah Auditorium

BYU’s Dr. Steven Jones Blows the Roof off a Utah Auditorium

On Wednesday, February 1, a quiet, “churchy-looking” gentleman in a white shirt and tie walked into a packed auditorium on the campus of Utah Valley State College and electrified the room like a rock star. The 150-seat auditorium was filled to capacity, with every seat occupied, and people sitting in the aisles from the stage floor to the back of the room. Video cameras on tripods lined the back row. Two documentary-film crews were in attendance, in addition to the school’s camera crew, and various independent journalists. Seven “spill-over” rooms, with seating for 40-50 each, were also filled to capacity. On this very conservative campus (in the most conservative county in the most conservative state in the union), where community leaders pulled out all the stops in 2004 to prevent Michael Moore from speaking as part of his anti-Bush, pro-Kerry “Slacker Uprising Tour,” Dr. Steven Jones, this pious professor from the Mormon Church-owned Brigham Young University, calmly, gently, gave a simple physics lesson on the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, the implications of which awed the audience with a sense of world-historical significance, and implied an indictment of the present administration so utterly devastating that it made Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 look like a Bush apologia.
t is a devastating presentation, and one could feel the disequilibrium of 150 minds reeling at once. The defining moment of contemporary American experience suddenly lost its definition. What is the meaning of 9/11? What really happened that day? If these things are true, the implications clearly point to some kind of “inside job” involving the government of the United States of America. (The Department of Defense, the FBI, and the CIA all had offices in the mysteriously collapsed WTC-7. Is it reasonable that outside terrorists could have infiltrated that building and filled it with explosives? ) If the WTC was brought down by pre-positioned explosive devices, somehow facilitated and covered up by the government, it would be the most audacious conspiracy in human history. When before have so many people been so spectacularly bamboozled, with so much death and destruction, and such massive implications for geo-politics? Never, that’s when.
If Dr. Jones’s work ever breaks into the mainstream media, and the rest of the country reacts the way the Utah County audience reacted, traditional political divisions will evaporate like steel beams exploded with thermite, and the whole lot of them, the Democrats and the Republicans, will be swept away, along with the military-industrial complex that has apparently managed to subvert the constitution of these United States and to con the American public, mesmerized by the shock of 9/11 and hypnotized by spell-binding incantations of freedom and patriotism, into going along with their mad plans for world domination.

Note: The video of Jones's presentation should be up later tonight!
Update: You can download the 700mb DiVX via bittorrent at



A reporter named Margie

A reporter named Margie Burns who has done some work critical of the official story(ies) has a brief piece explaining thermite-induced implosion not as a consequence of intentional demolition, but as a consequence of aluminum in the jets combining with rusted steel cable in the towers to produce the implosion. I am no engineer and cannot verify what she is saying, nor does it appear to explain WTC7 very easily, just mentioning it now in passing.

Now just imagine if Prof.

Now just imagine if Prof. Jones played to a packed house of 8000 at Utah Valley State College? The mainstream media and left-right sheeple can continue to avoid the big 9/11 elephant in the room for only so long.

How do we get the professor

How do we get the professor to make this presentation all over the country in a short period of time? Teleconferencing technology would allow simulaneous showings all over the country. This is the key. You saw the test case in Utah ... let the light dawn on the rest of the nation.

anyone know what happened to

anyone know what happened to Killtowns "explosive" evidence?

Eagerly awaiting the

Eagerly awaiting the video...
Please make a high quality version available for download so that I might burn it to a DVD, it's a moral imperative.

the 700mb divx can be

the 700mb divx can be downloaded via bittorrent by visiting:

we will probably post a 250-300mb WMV once we have the file and get it compressed..

go grab the torrent and get to downloading, but be warned, it will take all day ;)

Have not seen this

the complete video is now

the complete video is now available on

to the others:

WHAT NOW of nukes?

Is this convincing?

Faster! Compress

Faster! Compress faster!

Soft rock song for the wait

may not be til tommorrow

may not be til tommorrow that we have the wmv up at the download rates ive been getting..

Acknowledged. Relax and get

Acknowledged. Relax and get well!

the guy who create the movie

the guy who create the movie from is going to upload the divx and a wmv to me tommorrow from work..

im pretty excited about it because im going to make use of the $250 in donations to run a 2 week blogad on for the video.. hopefully that will pull in alot of downloads and hopefully wake up a bunch of people..

if anyone thinks the ad should be bought on another blog let me know.. just check out the blogads rates and make sure it is within $250..

how much are

how much are newspaper/magazine ads for national publications?

I'd throw in on that.

just discovered this

just discovered this sight

you guys are doing great!!
keep up the good work!

spread the revelation of the 911hoax to the entire internet!!

I have a relative who was a

I have a relative who was a career government agent/investigator and he won't even LOOK at the evidence and he's a great man, very honest, thorough, loyal, etc.

Some people don't want to know.

I don't think it matters what we do or how many people wake up, it's a fait accompli already. They've won by default because one thing is as certain as there are stars in the sky, he who controls the media controls the levers of power and that's not us.

doesnt sound like a great

doesnt sound like a great man to me!!!

az, Check out


Check out for another ad. Very reasonable prices, does a good anti-bush site for years now.

yes, "inside", a great man is someone who knows when their being faked out - and who isn't afraid to look.

all the best,

Raw Story might be a better

Raw Story might be a better place to run the ad?

I dunno.

Raw Story fears 9/11 truth.

Raw Story fears 9/11 truth. i got banned from there for spreading the truth to much.

The Second American

The Second American Revolution begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Second American

The Second American Revolution begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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