Robert Bowman Is Running for Congress

Dr. Robert Bowman is running for Florida's 15th Congressional District. You can find out more on his recently launched site:

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Bowman you can do a quick search on the left panel and find a few video clips on this site.

Dr. Bowman needs to get 5,000 petition signatures in order to get on the ballot. Be sure to check out his site, and if you feel so inclined fill out and mail in the petition on his site.



Some Dr. Bowman videos, and

Some Dr. Bowman videos, and a Bowman music mp3.

International Inquiry, May 2004, "Treason" speech, 30 minutes. Must-see!

Bowman at Confronting the Evidence, September 2004 (Quicktime)

Bowman at Truthemergency, July 2005 (Quicktime)

Music mix tribute to Dr. Robert Bowman

Do you need to live in the

Do you need to live in the district, or in Florida, to sign the petition?

the petition has a spot for

the petition has a spot for county and state, so i would guess not.. doesnt hurt either way..

An open letter to Dr. Robert Bowman...

Dr. Bowman, first let me congragulate you on your primary win. Its great to see some hope for truth in this movement.
My question to you is this sir,
If elected to Floridas 15th Congressional district will there be any attempt on your part to supeana Sibel Edmonds and demand her testiomony, and what will you do to protect her regarding the immense number of gag orders that have been placed on her?
It would seem to me that she is the one person who can name specific individuals involved in the financing and/or execution of 9/11 and her testimony would then be "on the record".
I apologize profusely, but I have personally lost all faith in Congress and wonder how anyone can take it seriously when they spend millions of dollars investigating baseball stars and thier use of steriods when such important issues such as the blatent contradictions between the Commission Report, the NIST report, the NTSB data, and the governments "Official Story" go completely ignored.
What will you do that Sen.Dayton and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were unable to do to bring a fair, independant, complete investigation into those responsible for Sept 11th?
If I lived in Florida, you would definately have my vote, as I support your campaign and sincerely hope you win. But, unfortunately, you would have that vote as a matter of hope
and not as a matter of faith. Because I, Joe Citizen, have lost all faith in the current governments obligations to hold each other accountable.
Thank you for your time.
Joe Citizen.