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S. King face the obvious

S. King face the obvious 9-11 was a hoax by the crooks that highjacked the republican party and then used the party to highjack the country. You probably claim to love this country but instead of helping to save it your here attacking those that are being true to the concept of America. This is a land of laws and we have legit questions that demand real answers the kind of sworn under oath sort of answers. See I dont claim to know what happened sure I have ideas and theories but I do know what did NOT happen. Cell phone calls did NOT happen. Airforce f-16 were NOT scrambled. 19 cave dwellers did NOT sneak an attack past the undisputed best military on Earth. Bush did NOT provide protection for the country. The 9-11 Commission Report did NOT mention WTC 7. The steel did NOT melt!

This is an excellent idea.

This is an excellent idea. There's so much Truth information out there, and the Internet is the best tool to distribute throughout the country (and the world). Let's not forget though that not everyone has the internet, and even if they did, the US has a LOT of people!

I read somewhere recently about the government controlling the internet in the (near?) future and actually charging to send emails (to thrawf spam). IMO, the Truth Movement is not using the current free internet to its full advantage.

I also think that every single college engineering/physics professor in the country should get emails about 9/11. Information should also be snail mailed and hand delivered to them. Not just some engineering professors, ALL of them. We certainly have the ability to do that. Delivering to local politicians, police, and fire departments is an idea too. The 9/11 charade has gone on long enough. Perhaps this should all be done before another attack?

we are working to get google

we are working to get google to change its adsense program to automatically serve ads for 'scholars for 9/11 truth' regarless of the content of the page hosting the ads. if we can pull this off, we will reach basically 80% of the internet overnight.

additionally, i am working with the wikimedia foundation towards similiar ends.

also of interest: i have recently contacted 100 viral marketing firms about coming up with creative ways to promote the "9/11 2.0" meme. (see http://911truthemergence.com/index.php?title=9/11_2.0)


theconserservativevoice.com Attacks Professor Steven E. Jones

I wanted to see what their "ammo" was. They're firing blanks.


Behind every stitch-tight

Behind every stitch-tight plan
Is a rich white man.

911hijacker.com coming soon.

Killtown and Patricia:

Killtown and Patricia: Excellent interview! Thanks!

benjamin pritchard: Hopefully google will do that. They might be more willing now that the goverment wants all their records.

I never saw this MSNBC

I never saw this MSNBC special, and just watched it. Its from summer 2004 I believe, is 30 minutes, and is definately worth checking out:

It's funny, they confirm a lot of the research I've done, but wiht a way different slant. The theme is "it was just one big whoopsy". there are a few points that may conflict wiht some 9/11 truthers: They have footage of a good half of the suspected 19 Arab hijackers failing metal detectors and let on. This conflicts with people who say they were never on board, buit I find this footage impossible to fake.
Also, they show footage of some of the hijackers in Afghanistan with a map of america with a bomb on it. How do people who dont think the terrosists accused did it, if they are seen in these videos? Finally they show a charred box cutter proportedly from Flight 93's sparce wreckage, tho some believe there was no plane.

I think this video gives 100% credence to LIHOP in every possible way, but may not be the best argument for MIHOP per se. A pretty good special nonetheless.

Hey Benjamin, that is

Hey Benjamin, that is spectacular, good luck with that.

Jon Gold wrote... "I wanted

Jon Gold wrote...

"I wanted to see what their "ammo" was. They're firing blanks."

But my links above is what Jones et al have to deal with.

Just watched 9/11

Just watched 9/11 Eyewitness. Wow, that was pretty powerful. I hope any future 9/11 documentaries include some of that.
to all the skeptics of the 9/11 truth movement who promote the pancake theory, they most likely would never believe explosions came before the collapses, and from the bottom areas.

Of note, was the helicopter/flash right before the collapses angle which I had never heard of before. And then they played an Admiral at the pentagon crash saying a millitary helicopter flew over the pentagon before th eexplosion. Just kind of an interesting footnote, but indeed...when it comes to WTC1&2, it's clear normal demoliton means were not used as in WTC7, tho no doubt it had the same vacuum effect.

People will sometimes ask, what's the point in all this? People relegate it all to the ranks of conspiracy theory.
With a lot of conspiracy theory, a lot of times it is more entertainment than activism, and in a lot of times it is dead on false. With 9/11, I do not see it as in the realm of conspiracy theory, but on par with uncovering war crimes. The simple goal I feel is a truly independent investigation comprisesd of unbiased investigators, phsyics experts, millitary, witnesseses, etc. from all political spectrums. Not white wash yesmen.

I see several schools of thought.
Ya have the majority of people: democrats, republicans and non political who believe every word of the official story. Then ya have people who believe the official story's main thrust, but that there are unanswered questions.

Then ya get into the 'they let it happen at some' level, 'they let it happen and went to great lengths to ensure it went through'(which might also include demolition) and then total inside job. I feel that the 19 hijackers truly did hate the US government and were nutjobs, but that they were ultimately being used. Trace the money trail, training, etc and I dont think Osama and al Qaeda would be the only ones behind it. There has to be some sort of liasons and middlemen, and the reason for all the investigation stalling is for people to simply forget about the events and focus on the war efforts.

pockybot wrote.... "to all

pockybot wrote....

"to all the skeptics of the 9/11 truth movement who promote the pancake theory, they most likely would never believe explosions came before the collapses, and from the bottom areas."

New scientific research presents evidence that Thermite-type explosions were quite likely in WTC 1 and 2:


"I read somewhere recently

"I read somewhere recently about the government controlling the internet in the (near?) future and actually charging to send emails (to thrawf spam). IMO, the Truth Movement is not using the current free internet to its full advantage."

Here's the link: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/02/opinion/main1273560.shtml

regarding the movies - you

regarding the movies - you can go to the individual movie on google and on the right hand site there is a button/link that will generate the html embed code to embed the movie on your homepage.

I made my homepage a temple to Loose Change. I don't how many people watched the entire movie, but I had 500 visits last week.

check this search string out

"Also, you can see a 14MB

"Also, you can see a 14MB hi-res overhead scan of the damage to building 6 and ground zero by downloading this image here.

I've reduced the size a bit and overlaid an image of the WTC complex site layout. The composite can be seen here. Please let me know if this is inaccurate.

Sorry the above post was

Sorry the above post was meant for the Killtown WTC6 story comment section (see above story). I will repost it there.

I've just retweaked my

I've just retweaked my Creative Media Company website to reflect the vibe.

My Creative Media Site

Ironic thing is that the Newly Global Chineese Computer Company that Bought Our Big Blue PC Thingy never enhanced me into selling them this URL when they had the chance. (They offered 10 G's I declined)

Now with their worldwide olympics sponsorship, I expect to see some increased traffic. And I guess they got it coing to them and all. Those human rights abusing, factory job stealing guys from Red China.

Them Monitors

Ayway, see all of you at the re-ed camp!

(Operation TinyURL in progress)

John Gold

John Gold wrote:
theconserservativevoice.com Attacks Professor Steven E. Jones

I wanted to see what their "ammo" was. They're firing blanks.


I posted two new threads in their forum, one about st911 and the other of hte Bush/Nazi connection from the London Guardian.

Within minutes my posts were deleted and my account was banned!

That website is anti-American as it is limiting free speech.

I ask for all those reading this to flood their forums with some 9/11 Truth! Also the article from the Guardian should be reposted.

Jon, sorry for misspelling

Jon, sorry for misspelling your name :-)

You got it CB :)

You got it CB :)

Thanks for the help, Pro !!

Thanks for the help, Pro !!

Anytime! How much longer

Anytime! How much longer 'till we are banned?

Don't know. But I think it

Don't know. But I think it was my post of "How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power" that did it.

They must have thought it wasn't real, afterall, anyone with that website is living in fairy tale land... LOL

they were taken down :-( Oh

they were taken down :-(

Oh well

S. King is CIA. Number 1 to

S. King is CIA.
Number 1 to post here, posting repeatedly, and posting new pseudo-scientific confusing disinformation ( http://www.911myths.com/WTCTHERM.pdf , though www.911myths.com contains some valid facts that prove that some of the facts repeated in the 9/11 truth movement need to be better checked): thermite was not used in the WTC but was magically produced by the airplanes!!! The aluminium of the planes went through many incredible reactions that led to the natural production of thermite, and all that explains the explosions in the WTC, the fast collapse,...
It is not the first time that I see the CIA trying to hijack major questions about 9/11 (disinfo is a long time major specialty of theirs, as a CIA director said in the '70s: they control every journalist that matters. Proof: most people know almost nothing of this: http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/index.html ), and lead us astray with new theories that magically take us back to the official story.
Of course this blog is a target. It is the number one place for updates about 9/11 research.
Too bad JFK did not have the time to blow the CIA in a thousand burning pieces. The people will have to do it themselves through a revolution.

Do Read Guy - I also found

Do Read Guy - I also found it odd 911myths has to hide behind a proxy.

Guy Debord wrote, "S. King

Guy Debord wrote,

"S. King is CIA."

Now there's a dodge for you!

Given that you claim that Dr. Greening's papers are "new pseudo-scientific confusing disinformation,"
you should be able to easily debunk the science or provide some that can, correct? So, go for it, Guy!

You can even ask why Dr. Jones et al, who were presented the papers long ago and ask to rebut them are keeping tight-lipped about them, eh?

It's interesting that the 9/11 Denial Movement is so entrenched in their unsupported beliefs about 9/11, that Prof. Jones and Griffin can so easily get away with never having to support their claims with actual physics, chemsitry, structural engineering, and forensic science - despite being repeatedly asked to.

While we have Dr. Greening, whose entire thesis is open for critical analysis by other scientists, with all the assumptions, data, and calculations available to them.

So, why don't you ask Griffin and Jones WHY they are avoiding doing the same?

The Professional - A

The Professional - A traceroute on www.911myths.com end up at ev1.net, a.k.a. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everyone's_Internet ! "Everyones Internet is a major source of blog spam and referer spam, but seems to be unwilling to do anything about the problem." Everyone's Internet was founded by brothers Robert and Roy Marsh in 1998 and by 2002 had an income of more than $30m.
Renowned for his charitable work, Roy Marsh counts among his friends President George Bush's former sister-in-law, Sharon Bush, and the president's navy secretary.
Everyone's Internet, which also hosts a number of pornographic sites, states: "We support the uncensored flow of information and ideas over the internet and do not actively monitor subscriber activity under normal circumstances."
However, the company has responded to requests to take down objectionable material and insists it cooperates with US law enforcement agencies.
They are hosting islamists web sites as well, and have been asked by the FBI to keep doing so.
But that means nothing at all.
What is more interesting is that this paper has been debunked there:
"If it was a 'natural' thermite reaction, wouldn't NIST have picked up on that when they examined the steel? I think these theories are comming to light because somewhere there is evidence of thermite being used and 'they' are putting out plausible explanations before the fact comes out."

Wow, thank you sir.

Wow, thank you sir.

Here's another Bush-hitler

Here's another Bush-hitler ties:

I guess the conservativevoice would call common dreams and their source associated press for anti-american as well?

DSM, it's funny they still

DSM, it's funny they still have the PNAC thread up...


Funny there:
A guy called demello (or CIA) writes down the incredible ideas contained in the magic aluminium turned thermite paper as if it was his idea.
By the way NIST had promised to publish their report about WTC7 by the end of 2005. They postponed the publication until May of this year. There really seems to be an operation underway to now convince people that they have to believe the new magic thermite theory before the report is published.

there's an idiot called "Sky

there's an idiot called "Sky King" in some of the newsgroups (ie alt.impeach.bush). This Sky King character does nothing but spew sh*t out. Perhaps the S King in this thread is the same person?

CB - most likley, I would

CB - most likley, I would suggest wherever/whenever you can to expose him as quickly as possible.

There's a unhealthy level of

There's a unhealthy level of paranoia here.

Is the discussion of alternative explanations threatening?

Comparing Madrid to NYC is

Comparing Madrid to NYC is comparing apples and oranges. It is just as true now as when I wrote it then:

"YouÂ’re not a traitor but you are comparing apples to oranges.

"There are huge variations in building structures, materials used, fireproofing and on and on and on. One cannot compare WTC to Madrid on the basis you suggest.

"One major difference is that the Madrid building was not hit with an airliner full of fuel which had two major effects on WTC. First, the impact weakened key structural parts in the area of impact AND the resultant destruction knocked off quite a bit of the spray-on fireproofing on the steel girders allowing the fire to directly reach the steel girders and soften and weaken them. The NIST study has concluded that both WTC buildings would most likely have remained standing had the fireproofing not been knocked off in key areas.

"There will be studies of the Madrid fire to analyse exactly what happened, how the building survived the fire, and they will learn how to improve building construction and fire prevention techniques, as they are now as a result of the WTC experience."


Even though Madrid was a concrete-core building, unlike WTC 1 2, and 7, and even though it was not hit by a jetliner, it did have a steel frame around the core.

Take a look, Professional:


Notice those nine exposed floors and the metal frame all collpased by fire?

What do you have to say about that?

SS... Most of the things you


Most of the things you just claimed to know did not happen are erroneous or irrelevant and have no meaning in and of themselves.

That begs the question: WHERE are you getting your information?

Just for future reference,

Just for future reference, when you get to the page where Google has the video, they have an HTML capture feature that will capture the code to place in your page neatly, with the title of the video clip in large font. This method as it is listed, though still helpful, doesn't have the information or title of the video.

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the tip, also I received your email, however I wanted to post this thread in such a way that anyone can just select and copy the raw links so that they can be pasted easily.

I used to link to the sites themselves and tell people to buy the video, this is so much better.

Spread this list around, every bulletin board, every blog site, every email address in your address book, let em rip!!!!

DHS (whenever I see those

DHS (whenever I see those initials now I can't help but think of the Department of Fatherland Security) wrote: "911hijacker.com coming soon."

Let me get this straight: will that web site be an attempt to reinforce/support the contentious unsubstantiated government legend of "evil suicidal Muslim hijackers"? (Or will the domain name do that all by itself?)