'I've learned how to fight'

I didn't realize Clooney did anything remotely political, might be a good candidate for Loose Change or 911 Eyewitness.

George Clooney can't seem to leave the US government alone: his two new films both tackle high-level corruption. He tells Emma Brockes why his father's legacy of protest haunts him to this day
Clooney is sufficiently battle-hardened these days to shrug it off when people have a go at him. "I was at a party the other night and it was all these hardcore Republicans and these guys are like, 'Why do you hate your country?' I said, 'I love my country.' They said, 'Why, at a time of war, would you criticise it then?' And I said, 'My country right or wrong means women don't vote, black people sit in the back of buses and we're still in Vietnam. My country right or wrong means we don't have the New Deal.' I mean, what, are you crazy? My country, right or wrong? It's not your right, it's your duty.

And then I said, 'Where was I wrong, schmuck?' In 2003 I was saying, where are the ties [between Iraq] and al-Qaida? Where are the ties to 9/11? I knew it; where the fuck were these Democrats who said, 'We were misled'? That's the kind of thing that drives me crazy: 'We were misled.' Fuck you, you weren't misled. You were afraid of being called unpatriotic."

Way to go Clooney! I might

Way to go Clooney! I might see your movie after all!!