9/11 as part of KPFA--Pacifica fundraising drive

Discusses David Ray Griffin and his speech on April 05 from Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks to Carol for sending this in, the good stuff starts about 25 minutes in...

Wednesday, February 8th

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Edit: FYI, I just finished listening and found that aside from playing an excerpt from David Ray Griffin's speech, it is mostly a fundraising drive, without much new data.

Also, from Radio4All:


Summary: Evidence that the 3 three steel skyscrapers that collapsed in New York City on Sept 11, 2001 did so as a result of controlled demolition, that the airplanes crashes provided the cover but were not the cause of the collapses.

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Did anyone at 911 blogger

Did anyone at 911 blogger receive my article on Cast Blasting and WTC similarities? Waiting for a while now 2-3 days for a followup.

Does anyone know what is

Does anyone know what is going on with letsroll911. Linking to the page brings up a message indcating that the account has been suspended.


letsroll911.org banned me a

letsroll911.org banned me a long time ago. No idea what's going on with that site.

Everyone should read this...


rebel patriot, please resend

rebel patriot,
please resend it via 'submit news' on the left panel.. we may have missed it.

try www.911wasalie.com instead..

Cheney almost killed a man

Cheney almost killed a man today, no joke:

Man, as if the blood of 3000 Americans, 2300 American soldiers, and tens of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi civilians wasnt enough:)

at least now he has some

at least now he has some sort of combat experience.

Trigger Happy Cheney. Try

Trigger Happy Cheney. Try saying that three times! I think it's a very appropriate handle, seeing how he is just itching to nuke Iran and beyond. Sums up his personality pretty well.