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Weldon press conference transcript
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I've learned some additional things that are new. You saw the Arlen Specter hearing in Judiciary that occurred in September. It's very troubling to me that it appears as though the DOD witness did not tell the truth. We had testimony that all of the Able Danger data-mining material was destroyed. I now know that that's not the case. In fact, I now know there's data still available. And I am in contact with people who are still able to data mining runs on pre-9/11 data. In those data runs that are now being done today, in spite of what DOD said, I have 13 hits on Mohammed Atta, spelled Mu and Mo. Not Mohammed Attif, not Mohammed Attel; Mohammed Atta. Thirteen times we have hits in the data that's still available, that we were told was destroyed. That was pre-9/11 data, where Mohammed Atta's name was spelled two different ways, but it was Mohammed Atta.

Scientific Evidence that Official 9/11 Story is a Lie
Tons of pictures and points on controlled demolition theory.
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Pretty soon after the events of 9/11, there where people who rose serious questions about the official story of 9/11. Now, four and a half years later, the evidence that this story is a lie, is overwhelming. Question is, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to sit and leave it for what it is, allowing the perpetrators to continue their illegal operations? Where do you think that would lead to? What will happen with our democracy if we allow these practices? And maybe the biggest question that we might ask ourselves is: "Why is it that we still allow criminals to lead our country and more and more determine our lifes?" People of this world, please think about what you allow this world to become if you allow the present course of actions taken by leaders who seek nothing else but power and control over others and eventually total world domination!

Some may still think that the official story is true, because they simply cannot believe that our leaders would be capable of doing such terrible crimes against their people. Well, if you are one of those who live in such emotional fields that you simply cannot bear the truth that your leaders would be capable of doing these things despite the scientific evidence that they are, then please don’t read this any further, for you wouldn’t accept any of this anyway. Emotions can and do shut down one’s ability to think clearly and to examin the facts with a clear mind. Our leaders and indeed our corporate networks know this and use it to their advantage to gain control over you. Look what has happened since 9/11, the patroit act, the department of home and security, Afghanistan, Iraq, the American government spying on its own people, and even the constitution being questioned! Are you really prepared to give up your freedom in order to be protected from so called "terrorism"? Is our country really any saver than it was before 9/11? Face it people, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate

Cynthia McKinney, the only House Representative to stand up to the Bush White House crime syndicate, has gone further than ever before in her efforts to warn people about what the Neo-Cons' ultimate goals actually entail for freedom in America.
"It appears to me that our country is literally being hollowed out....our economy is being hollowed out," said McKinney.
Regarding 9/11, McKinney lent credibility to the 9/11 truth scholars who recently came forth with empirical evidence proving that the official story is a fallacy.

"It's clear that something was terribly amiss on that day with our people who were in charge....they didn't even follow standard operating procedure," said McKinney and the Congresswoman agreed that US authorities stood down on 9/11.
McKinney is spearheading a movement to have all records pertaining to the death of Martin Luther King released. McKinney said that King was clearly murdered.

"A jury said in 1999 that it was a US government conspiracy, including the highest individuals at the highest levels of the United States government. I have no reason to disbelieve them."

"If they would do that then to Martin Luther King Jnr. at a stage now where we have a law that defines enemy combatants, we all could be enemy combatants just by dissenting from what this administration does and they could do the same thing to us."

Citizen Media Investigative Reporting Say: It's Not A Theory If You Can Prove It - 9-11: Reopen The Case
Tons of video clips here from

Independent citizens, including professionals, filmmakers, government workers and even former US military officials are among the brave new small investigative citizen reporters who have been spending their time to research on their own, what really happened on the tragic September 11th 2001.

What they all want is a public re-opening of the investigation into the never-fully-explained causes of the September 11 terror attacks.

To make this possible while informing those with some interest in this, they have put together a free DVD that contains independent investigative reports and presentations from many different contributors.

Well, now we're all naked
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ADVICE, is a data mining program to gather everything from the music you have stored to your stash of porn to your bank and tax records are up for grams is being launched by GeorgeCo. This is clearly gone too far. Apparently there was a previous program "Starlight" whose creator "claims" to have foiled some terrorist plots with. However, they're "classified" so he can't talk about them, as you might expect.

This is the sort of nonsense despotic regimes engage in. These cowboys have found no evidence of any terrorist activities, except their own, so in order to keep the people "safe" they now have to resort to desperate measures. Knowing your wife's panty size apparently can tell when the next so called terrorist attack will be.

The most unfortunate aspect of this is that the very cause, we're told, is how different the 'post 911 era' is from the times before that. As if terrorist acts against the US were anything new! The world, especially the third world, doesn't appreciate American Corporate foreign policy. That's the cause in a nutshell. Nothing hard to understand. Then you bury this in some form of nebulous "ism" such as "communism" or in this case, "terrorism" which NO ONE can lay a finger much less a succinct definition, combined with massive public ignorance, and you have Nazi Germany all over again.

Now George Hitler and his mob of liars and every form of the lowest caliber of life who committed a felony by bypassing FISA to listen into phone conversations and such from American citizens to parties overseas. This sick degenerate IS GUILTY OF REAL, SALIENT,HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS!!
Why did Benito Cheney and George Stalin refuse to answer 911 questions under oath and behind closed doors? What does Thomas Kane know now that we don't know? Why did Kane accept a deal that prohibited any more White house Personnel from being questioned by this so called "911 commission?" These are but a few questions that must be answered.

The Bush crime family refuses because they know answers such as these will relieve Bin Laden from the leadership of this debacle and place it squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of the Bush Crew.

Nice Post!

Nice Post!

The Cynthia McKinney

The Cynthia McKinney interview mentioned above can be found here:




Take a look here, from one

Take a look here, from one of the sites in the grab bag:

Not for the faint of heart

CB I thought the Mayan end


I thought the Mayan end date was 2011, well, according to Lungold and Calleman:

It must be understood, when progressing through the creation cycle to its termination point, one does not arrive at December 21, 2012, but instead, October 28, 2011. Dr. Calleman doesn't argue with the fact that the 13 Baktun Long Count calendar has a termination point on December 21, 2012, but it his contention that the long count calendar does not properly reflect the "Shifting" energies of the "creation cycles,"

But, anyway I think we are getting off topic :)

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link Culhavoc. Always a pleasure to hear McKinney speak.

Great post! "Some may still

Great post!

"Some may still think that the official story is true, because they simply cannot believe that our leaders would be capable of doing such terrible crimes against their people."

And since most people work 8-10 hours per day, plus more time for family & friends...they can only glance at tv for 10 or 15 minutes a day for their "news" from CNN or ABC. All they get is the "Official Story" reinforced over & over.

Started up a new site to try

Started up a new site to try and infiltrate the "liberal blogosphere". Come on over and check it out.

anonymous, couldn't agree


couldn't agree more.. the harder we have to work to maintain our materialistic lifestyles the less time we have for the things that really matter, like holding our government accountable.. and conversely the more money the people at the top make, the more time they have to do whatever they want.. ah well.

90 second Citizen's

It's not just "because they

It's not just "because they simply cannot believe that our leaders would be capable of doing such terrible crimes against their people." (though that is a big part of it, and it seems to be a universal truth in that it pertains to the 911 truth community as well...).

It's becoming evident that, as people finally become willing to consider 9/11, and talk about it, they will not relinquish their grip on the government legend of 9/11 (and vice versa) unless/until someone comes up with a better theory. (This is often expressed as, "So if Flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon, what happened to it [wise guy]?"

That's understandable, but fallacious.

See, we should want a superior theory before letting go of an inferior theory, but we should not require a superior theory before rejecting an impossible one.

When dealing with those who are still suffering the effects of the big mass mindrape, it is important to keep the focus on the government's impossible conspiracy theory, and comfort those who can't deal with not knowing, lest they revert to illogically clinging to the impossible.

And, of course, it helps to keep it simple. Why talk about Mohammed Atta, or Osama, or "caves in Afghanistan", as if 9/11 can still be somehow blamed on "hijackers"? (Once we've proven that the collapses of the towers cannot be blamed on "airplanes", why should anyone still blame 9/11 on "hijackers"?)

I find it highly erroneous

I find it highly erroneous to make the logic fallacy of completely dismisssing Osama/al Qaeda and Arab extremists. I think it's pretty clear Atta was a crazed agent who clearly was involved...that doesnt take any guilt away from the Bush regime, but to say no Arabs were involved is nuts. I think Europeans helped out Atta and others, I think the Pakistani ISI(CIA?) helped out or was complicit. To me while I am convinced WTC7 was demoliton, the Twin Towers are still up in the air as far as airtight. I see credible evidence supporting supporters and skeptics.

Pocky, Yes, HIHOP with


Yes, HIHOP with Queda, Atta, etc.

If WTC 7 is airtight demolition, its not such a stretch to include WTC 1 & 2.

A prof. visually compared the jets hitting WTC 1 & 2 to a pencil going through mosquito netting. The netting at point of impact is damaged, but the remaining
netting remains intact.

dz, speaking of lifestyles

dz, speaking of lifestyles and holding government accountable, note that the front page of the Washington Post website makes no mention of the national security whistleblowers hearing yesterday. The Post has seen fit to feature the Westminster Dog Show as the story of the day. Unbelievable.

pockybot- If you think


If you think Arabs were involved in 9/11, fine, but where's the proof? The more one looks the more one realizes there is no proof.
There was a time that the government promised to release a white paper containing all the proof. To date they have not done so.
I think the point we can all agree on, and the point that a majority of the population can be persuaded to agree on, is the need for a re-opening of the investigation into what happened on 9/11.
We have to mobilize the strength to get a real, independent investigatory body, with full subpoena power, then we can tear the lid off this thing and get answers.
This is our demand.

visually compared the jets

visually compared the jets hitting WTC 1 & 2 to a pencil going through mosquito netting.

that seems an odd analogy if you consider that the mosquito netting is comprised of heavy steel beams and the pencil is made of lightweight aluminum, yet somehow went right thru it without slowing down or leaving a single pencil shaving on the outside of the mosquito netting.

the second hit plane did not

Atta was chosen because he

Atta was chosen because he was probably schzisophrenic. According to witnesses, he basically walked around the retirment community of Venic Beach Fl with a fanny pack stuffed with 100 dollar bills buying lap dances and gambling on Jack Abramoff's gambling boats.

Classic patsy - Moussaui is a real stable guy screaming "I am Al Queda" at his sentencing hearing. He also denies any involvement with the 911 attacks.

"The captain of emergency

"The captain of emergency medical services said "somewhere around the middle of the world trade center there was this orange and red flash coming out ... initially it was just one flash then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode ... and with each popping sound it was initially an orange and then red flash came out of the building and then it would just go all around the building on both sides ... as far as could see these popping sounds and the explosions were getting bigger going both up and down and then all around the building" (page 15 -- pdf file; Google's web version is here)"

"Similiarly, the Assistant Fire Commissioner stated "I thought . . . before . . . No. 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes. . . . I . . . saw a flash flash flash . . . [at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they . . . blow up a building. . . ?” . In the same statement, the Assistant Commissioner recounts how a lieutenant firefighter he spoke with independently verified the flashes."

Find it all here:

All 3 buildings were controlled demo, without question.

"I frankly felt that we were

"I frankly felt that we were blind and deaf at the time of September 11th and that our highest obligation was not to be blind and deaf again," - Condi Rice

More money for pushing democracy in Iran too...PNAC marches on.

let me weigh in on this

let me weigh in on this "hijackers are real" discussion in the words of Robert Mueller,

"The hijackers also left no paper trail. In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – either here in the U.S. or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere – that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot. The hijackers had no computers, no laptops, no storage media of any kind. They used hundreds of different pay phones and cell phones, often with prepaid calling cards that are extremely difficult to trace. And they made sure that all the money sent to them to fund their attacks was wired in small amounts to avoid detection.",1,993...

"the identities of several of the suicide hijackers now are in doubt"

"some of those behind last week's terror attacks may have stolen the identification of other people"

so if this is the case, then why are the 19 pictures and names still up on the FBI's website? How did they even get 19 pictures and bios of these "hijackers/patsies" if the information above is true?

It appears the job is to maintain the Big Lie at all costs, because these contradictory statements were not examined and do not add up next to the 9-11 Commissions report that never question the identity of the 19 hijackers.

9/11 was an updated

9/11 was an updated Operation Northwoods. (Considering the current US/British/Yiddish coalition, I find it curious that Operation Northwoods was written with British vocabulary.)

Not only were there fake planes, hijackers, & cell calls, but some of the passengers like Todd Beamer and Mark Bingham were fake as well.

Look at the date was set up 9/12/01 !

"visually compared the jets

"visually compared the jets hitting WTC 1 & 2 to a pencil going through mosquito netting."

I think the point is that the pencils' energy will not spread out to damage the entire net. The pencil does localized damage where it enters the net, and the net absorbs & dissipates the remainding energy.

Re: crazy Atta &

Re: crazy Atta & Moussaui-

Yes, mentally ill do make great fall guys. Supposedly "Rudolph Hess" in Spandau Prison for many years was not him. A mentally-deranged look-alike was used as a patsy so Hess could remain free.

"dz, speaking of lifestyles

"dz, speaking of lifestyles and holding government accountable, note that the front page of the Washington Post website makes no mention of the national security whistleblowers hearing yesterday. The Post has seen fit to feature the Westminster Dog Show as the story of the day. Unbelievable."

That is worrisome. Stories like that were always front-page news in the past. The MSM is very scared, which should scare us too.

Yeah, maybe there wasnt any

Yeah, maybe there wasnt any terrorists! And maybe it was holograms! :) See, this is where fact finding can differ from the more outragoeus conspiracy theories and the mainstream joe sixpack view. Don't think any Arabs were invovled: Here's quite a bit of footage of a good half of the terrorists boarding the 9/11 flights that day, setting off alarms.

Why is it so hard to believe they were involved and were allowed on? The CIA was tracking em, and some were allegedly trained at US bases. Atta to me is definately a center point for 9/11. good luck trying to prove a point to the average person that 9/11 was all the government, there was no Arabs, missles were sued at the Pentagon, planes were switched. The real truth, is no less sinister and much more simpler(yet no less complex in certain aspects)

planes might have been

planes might have been switched. there was a crash reported in a field in Kentucky on 9/11,and there were also reports of 2 flight 77's at an Ohio airport on 9/ not completely commited to it, but its a possibility.

"Look at the date

"Look at the date was set up 9/12/01 !"

I'm very curious about this. How did you verify that his site was registered or had begun on 9/12/01???

Seems absurd to be creating websites 1 day after the guy dies, especially under such shocking & complicated circumstances. Wouldn't his family/friends have tons of other issues to handle at that time? Who & why were they rushing to get that website up for him? (And it is a big site, still very active to this day. Whether intentional or not, it is a showcase for the “Official Story.”)

Anonymous that is VERY

Thank you Pro. Yes, the

Thank you Pro.

Yes, the young guy suddenly dies under astonishing circumstances, and within a day theyÂ’re running a memorial website in his name??? Among all the horror, grief, and the million unanswered questions? And without official confirmation of his death, or even definite location of his body, etc.? This does not make sense!

regarding I


I think that's a great place to post 9/11 truth stuff, as I have just posted a link to the CNN transcript with Donald Rumsfeld stating the flight was shot down.

I also plugged

Right on the first page of the forum there are skeptics posting...

We need to infiltrate everywhere possible.

dz maybe you can put a txt file at that people can copy and paste into things to avoid having to type repeatedly. Just a thought. Maybe we can have a couple of different types that are linked somewhere for easy access..

just a thought.

is it 100% fact that this

is it 100% fact that this guys website was set up the day after 9/11? can that be verified? that would be quite a boon to the 9/11 Truth Movement.

"is it 100% fact that this

"is it 100% fact that this guys website was set up the day after 9/11? can that be verified? that would be quite a boon to the 9/11 Truth Movement."

That is shown on the link provided by Professional (see above.)

Who could have the presence of mind to start his memorial website during the ongoing chaos, only hours after 9/11. (It's even ghoulish, if you think about it.)

jesus christ, the audacity

jesus christ, the audacity of these fucking people.

I would like to do a movie

I would like to do a movie called "The Hornet's Nest".

It would depict flight 93 of 9/11 fame landing in Cleveland, Ohio and being taxied to a large hanger at NASA's Glenn Research Center where the passengers were sorted into two groups. One group was euthanized, put into body bags and placed in the cargo hold and the other group was given new identities.

The opening scene in the "The Hornet's Nest" has Barbara Olson disembarking flight 93 at Abu Dhabi airport wearing a black burqa while body bags are being removed from the cargo hold.

Yes, that site is an

Yes, that site is an emotional 9-11 billboard, but they goofed in launchig it so prematurely.

Wow, that's creepy!

Wow, that's creepy!

dz maybe you can put a txt

dz maybe you can put a txt file at that people can copy and paste into things to avoid having to type repeatedly. Just a thought. Maybe we can have a couple of different types that are linked somewhere for easy access..

just a thought.
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you should check out john gold's board, or any of the many 9/11 boards out there.. use them to post your arguements on so that you can quickly reference them in online discussions.. im pretty sure SBG has a good listing of just such topics.. just a suggestion.