Able Danger Hearing Downloads has posted the transcript from today's testimony by Anthony Shaffer as well as the audio download.

You can find the transcript here, and a link to listen to the testimony here.

And here is a quote they picked out from the transcript:

DIA has admitted to House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on 8 September 2005 that my ABLE DANGER documents had been destroyed in 2004; there was no U.S. person information in these documents, and they relate to what we now have identified as a major, relevant operation regarding 9-11. Why were these documents destroyed? Why is it that these documents, many that were Top Secret collateral information, not properly accounted for when they were destroyed? I am hopeful that the current DoD IG investigation of DIA's use of frivolous issues to attempt to discredit me and terminate my access to classified information at the cost to the U.S. taxpayer upwards of $2 million will be held accountable - and their purposeful destruction of my set of ABLE DANGER documents will result in their criminal prosecution for illegal destruction of documents.

I know a lot of our visitors here are split on the topic of Able Danger. Perhaps reading through the transcript or listening to the hearing will help determine if these hearings are genuine searches for the truth, or a narrow focus and avoidance of greater questions.

Read it, or listen to it, and post some relevant comments.




This is what I think: Able

This is what I think: Able Danger is a red herring. I think Prof Steven Jones and the rest of ST911 should head down to Washington and hold Controlled Demolition Hearings. That's just my opinion; I could be wrong.

How could the government

How could the government have stopped Atta from attacking us, when Atta was not the attacker, and the planes were flown remote control?

im hoping able danger could

im hoping able danger could at least spark a new interest and encourage questions about 9/11 by the media..

Yes, I'm hoping that's what

Yes, I'm hoping that's what will happen actually. Get 9/11 back in the public eye

There's getting 9/11 back in

There's getting 9/11 back in the public eye, and then there's getting 9/11 truth into the public eye. Two different things entirely.

Keeping "Mohammed Atta(cked us)" in the headlines is not good for 9/11 truth, but it does serve the real 911 perpetrators by helping keep the focus/blame on those who they framed.

Just because someting somehow related to 9/11 breaks through the big media hush-up does not necessarily mean that we should automatically embrace it in knee-jerk fashion, or promote it. If anything, by now, we should have learned to be skeptical.

IMHO, every second spent thinking about "Able Danger" is a wasted second which could have been spent more productively (by, say, twiddling one's thumbs). It helps serve the disinfo/propaganda campaign that keeps people thinking about hijackers and hijacked planes. (And every minute spent thinking about them is another minute not spent thinking about the truth of 9/11.)

I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with 911blimp.

yeah.. i think the majority

yeah.. i think the majority of us here have had no faith in able danger since day 1, but knowing what they are doing is important for those of us that want to counter their arguements, or use it as a point to focus on when contacting the media, etc.. protesting these hearings would have been a tiny chance of getting a tiny part of tiny coverage.. its really a waste.

able danger is pseudo-analogous to the cheney bird shooting.. it really has nothing to do with anything of real importance, but the media are jumping all over it because they refuse to cover any real issues.. likewise able danger is nothing compared to the other issues surrounding 9/11, but it is just quite safe enough for officials to talk about..

unfortunately our media, and our elected officials, are pretty much pansies when it comes to talking about anything of real importance.. otherwise they might lose money from their sponsors which apparently is more important than a country to be proud of.

Able Danger right now is the

Able Danger right now is the only trojan horse for 9/11 Truth into mainstream discussion. 9/11 Truth means examining the real facts behind 9/11, not coming to conclusions. Able Danger is great, because most people think the government isnt hiding anything, and now ya can point out that yeah, they actually are.

Here's what I think: We

Here's what I think:

We (people on this site and others like it) should stop bickering with each about if and what type of planes hit what, who flew or controlled them, who was on the flight list, if the cell phone calls were fake, if there were missles or whatever, and focus on some more credible things that withstand scrutiny and skepticism... namely:

1) the lack of a serious investigation into the crime, including examining the buildings as well as the monetary issues (put options, etc.)

2) the reported blocking of investigating certain people (this supports either side, the LIHOP and the MIHOP, which in my opinion are basically the same thing, since letting it happen, makes it happen)

3) The lack of a credible report that looks into other possibilities and gives thorough examinations of other testimonies, research, scientific evidence, etc BY AN INDEPENDENT COMMITTEE

4) The lack of protocol-adherence on that day, which relied on numerous simultaneous mistakes and breach-of-bureaucracy in order for this event to unfold like it did.

5) The refusal of our government to release videos of the Pentagon, which makes people suspicious.

All this talk about Loose Change 2nd Edition irritates me for many reasons.

It is brazen and cocky in its approach and demeanor. I am the same age as Dylan Avery and even I do not find it credible due to a variety of factors. If he took a more stern, Ruppert-esque approach (regardless of your feeelings about the man, he can deliver the information in a powerful tone), he'd receive a warmer reception. Those older and wiser than me will not take this video as anything more than coincidence/sleight of hand mixed puzzle pieces. Furthermore NO MOVIE SHOULD DRAW ANY CONCLUSIONS AS TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. The statements regarding the calls being faked, no plane hitting the pentagon, planes being transported, people assuming new identities, etc. MAY BE TRUTH but it's not what you KNOW, it's what you can PROVE. Leave the SKEPTICISM AND UNCERTAINTY OF THE EVENTS AS THE MAJOR SELLING POINT!!! This is how you get people interested, because people are naturally inquisitive and inspired to do their own research once presented with strange goings-on.

In my 3rd year of interest in this matter (which started by watching Road to Tyranny and then Painful Deceptions, since then I was hooked), I have heard just about everything imaginable and many attempts to weakly corrobate information to create a theory.

That said, I am a very strong proponent of 2 presentations if we intend to promote this idea to people without them thinking you are tin foil hat wearing weirdos.

1) Steven Jones' presentation
2) Michael Ruppert's the Truth and Lies of 9/11 presentation

I pick these two because they stray from fantastical ideas and present documented fact and scientific evidence. These are items people will trust, not some 22 year old's bold attempt to spin the story's web to his own idea, or some fanatic warning you about a takeover of your area playground by armed guards to make sure your kids don't have bombs in their shoes. I find it very hard to believe that any one with any degree of common sense would outright deny any credibility to a physics professional of 20+ years. At the same time, regardless of your beliefs about oil, Michael Ruppert makes some very legitimate statements in his presentation and since it was a couple of years ago and more recent events corroborate his statements it gives him credibility, in addition to the fact that he was a former Law Enforcement Officer.

And as for Able Danger being a red herring I have to disagree respectfully because it does fit very well with the possibility of LIHOP, and while the accounts may not be 100% accurate they must at least have some historical factuality to them, though I have no more evidence of what really happened than anyone who views this site does, but I am at least willing to admit that I do not know the full, real story.

Unless we take an intelligent, scientific, and methodical approach to this subject, we will never be seen as anything more than lunatics, wehn in fact we are patriots who are demanding that our elected officials ask and answer the questions of the people they have been hired to represent. coming soon.

thanks for the comments DHS.

thanks for the comments DHS.

Thanks DHS, well put.

Thanks DHS, well put.

no problem

no problem guys...


Together we stand.
Divided we fall.

Able Danger has name

Able Danger has name recognition. If you want to start up a conversation, all you have to do is mention Able Danger. It's current. Everybody knows what you are talking about. Now you can say that Mohammed Atta was identified thirteen times before 9/11! Add to that, eleven warnings from foreign intelligence agencies, and 55 (or 54) warnings from the FAA.

Thumbs up to DHS, though I

Thumbs up to DHS, though I recognize Loose Change and even Eric Hufschmid's works to be valuable, even if flawed.

As for Able Danger: I believe Weldon is showing real leadership and courage. Weldon is a Republican Cynthia McKinney, in this regard, and I tip my hat to him.

Lord knows, I respect very few of our Congress people, IN GENERAL, whether Democrat or Republican.

then why did Weldon refuse

then why did Weldon refuse to testify at "the 20th hijackers" hearing yesterday? i personally think Weldon is a hack. you can see the other Weldon thread lower down the page to see how i feel about Weldon and his wasted oppurtunities.

to compare him to Mckinney

to compare him to Mckinney is just wrong.that woman gave her job to tell the truth while Weldon treads lightly and trys to turn this into a Clinton witch hunt.yeah,Clinton is a bastard who failed to stand up to the elites while president(he didnt wanna end up like JFK) but this is not about just CLinton like Weldon seems to think.

I believe Able Danger is an

I believe Able Danger is an important story in and of itself, and remains relevant for investigating 911. Among other things, did anyone pick up on yesterday's oral as well as written testimony references to a narcotics exception to laws governing retention of information on U.S. persons?

I think videos like Loose

I think videos like Loose Change and Painful Deceptions should be shown first to 911-truth novices. They make a flashy overview to catch their attention & raise curiosity.

Then, the much slower & sedate Steven Jones' presentation & Michael Ruppert's Truth and Lies of 9/11 should follow, to naildown hard facts.

Most 9-11 truth skeptics believe the crimes were solved years ago, and they have very limited patience for long, technical introductions to truth scenarios.

If i Had to choose between

If i Had to choose between LC2e and Painful Deceptions I would choose Painful Deceptions. It is crafted and executed much more efficiently.

"If i Had to choose between

"If i Had to choose between LC2e and Painful Deceptions I would choose Painful Deceptions. It is crafted and executed much more efficiently."

I agree, P.D. is very well made. (And a strong first impression is very important, or else people loose interest.)

has anyone seen 911: The

has anyone seen 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
by Anthony Hilder? any thoughts?

"has anyone seen 911: The

"has anyone seen 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
by Anthony Hilder? any thoughts?"

Have not seen it. Can someone describe it for us?