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Note: LC2E will be airing in Austin, TX Saturday Feb. 18th. Dylan will be there as well. You can find more here.

i think we should organize

i think we should organize 9/11 truthers to "flashmob" sites like digg.

(the sites are called social bookmarking sites, and there are alot of them. additionally, the "front pages" of some of them are syndicated ("RSS") across the internet.)

there are enough of us that we could organize ourselves to post stories like this on the sites everyday. then everybody could -- in say an 8 hour interval -- goto the site on vote on the story all at once and get it on their front page.

we need concentrated, organized, decentralized efforts like this for craigslist, digg, shoutwire, de.lic.ious, etc.

we could reach millions this way. i will try to put something together to facilitate this idea.

Benjamin... Blogger


Blogger Brigade

Please everyone... if you can... thanks.

Jon - Brilliant!

Jon - Brilliant!

ian, if you happen to find


if you happen to find this, please email me again, the email address you entered is invalid so i cannot respond.

Thanks benjamin... we've

Thanks benjamin... we've been talking about some kind of "rapid response team"... we just couldn't figure out what they would do... Les and I talked, and this is what we came up with... SBG posted something with a bunch of movies, etc... and that's great, but that's a one shot deal... what about new news, etc... news relevant to the movement... news people need to know... I spam sites with 9/11 news all the time, but I'm only one person. I know reprehensor does it... SBG... and a few others. It needs to be a concentrated effort...

Any takers? :)

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Damn... that didn't work...

Damn... that didn't work...

Just email jon@911truth.org... or sign up on my site, and say hey in the "Blogger Brigade" thread...

You can email Les to at

You can email Les to at les@911truth.org

One differing opinion "Loose

One differing opinion

"Loose Change" An analysis

by Michael B. Green

My views on 911 are as dark and conspiratorial as most. I believe that the National Security Act of 1947 was masterminded by key members of the Council on Foreign Relations to create a privatized mercenary force (CIA Department of Plans) to undermine and topple secular nationalist governments that put the interests of their own peoples before the economic interests of the ruling faction of the United States. I believe that subsequent draconian secrecy laws and oaths, and outsourcing by means of Reagan's (read: BUSH's) Executive Order 12333, have created privatized covert action mercenaries whose moles and contacts within the military and intelligence agencies permit them even greater freedom of action than they had in the assassinations of JFK, X, MLK, and RFK, so that WTC93, OKC, and 911 are also their handiwork. I believe that the so-called "corporate" media is in large part, when needed for crisis management and gross disinformation, under the direct operational control of the intelligence agencies by means of class allegiances within the ruling elite. I also believe that the neocon cabal is at odds with the traditional Eastern Liberal Establishment and that there is currently a war amongst the rulers over who shall hold the reins of power; the "other side" is roughly a combination of Leo Straussian Zionists, crusading imperial Christian military of the Jerry Boykin cut, and pro-American imperialists like Tom Friedman of the New York Times. Although US world domination has long been the goal of the CFR, the muscular militancy of the neocons has gained especial appeal in a world of diminishing resources where an unregulated profit-driven economy has made the brute solution of military might attractive to many with limited compassion, wit, and imagination.

I have great respect for the courage of all the legitimate 911 researchers who try to find the truth and tell it to others, but they often forget a simple essential point. Because 911 (JFK, etc.) are not ordinary crimes, but crimes of state, they cannot be proven by simple forensic means. The proof of any such crimes requires rethinking our picture of the means of government from the...
more here

I was thinking that after we

I was thinking that after we get Loose Change bumped up to the first page on Digg.com, we should post 911 Eyewitness and do the same.

Those two vids need to be published far and wide...

Only 19 votes so far at

Only 19 votes so far at digg.com, come on people, sign up and vote, it only takes a minute or two.

If we can't be bothered to spend two minutes voting for this we might as well throw in the towel now and stop wasting our time.

digg.com will be very

digg.com will be very difficult, they have plenty of people willing to flame the bejesus out of you. Don't be afraid to call them on it.

Jon I'm in.

Hey Professional, doesn't

Hey Professional, doesn't matter what people say about the video, just how many votes it gets. Just vote, and you'll never have to go back again (until someone posts 911 Eyewitness).

I dugg this, as well as

I dugg this, as well as fought off a number of trolls on their "Popular Mechanics" story :)

i think Professor Jones'

i think Professor Jones' presentation is more credible to skeptics...

I agree with DHS, eventually

I agree with DHS, eventually we should get the video up on digg!

Sonofabitch, I haven't even

Sonofabitch, I haven't even seen the Jones video yet, gotta check it out.



I searched digg, no posts pertaining to the presentation yet :)

not to spampost, but i just

not to spampost, but i just finished uploading Jones' presentation to google video.

I'll put the Hi-Res version on some webspace I have on unitedslavesofamerica.org when I get a chance. I'll leave it up for a couple days so people can grab it.

I haven't seen the Jones

I haven't seen the Jones video, but I did listen to the audio, and I was not impressed, to put it mildly and politely.

To put it more accurately: "controlled demolition" and "thermite" can account for the collapses, but not for all the smaller-than-2.5-micron dust particles, and humongous pyroclastic dust/debris clouds, and molten metal found weeks afterward, and fires which blazed for 99 days despite constant dousing with water.

If we are to go beyond merely proving the government's collapse theory impossible, and advance theories of our own and/or get behind those who do, it sure would be swell if those theories could explain the observed phenomena, wouldn't it?

As a student and amateur (unpaid) professor of physics, I would have preferred that Dr. Jones had spent the entire time discussing entropy (something he mentioned briefly), and refining and quantifying entropy calculations such that a physics professor had shown that it was a 275-quadrillion-to-1 long shot for all 3 buildings to have collapsed into their own footprints as was observed on 9/11, even if no one else in the room understood what "entropy" is. (Is that selfish of me?)

There was nowhere near enough physics in that presentation to satisfy my expectations, and plenty of stuff at which I took outright offense, including talk of "the planes" as if we knew for a fact that the impacts were exactly what the government said they were, and support of that OK-to-blame-9/11-on-Muslims "Able Danger" nonsense, at neither of which does having a PhD in physics make one an expert.

Maybe his speech today at

Maybe his speech today at BYU will be modified!