NewsFocus Asks 'How Did The WTC Towers Drop So Easily?'

How Did The WTC Towers Drop So Easily? -

One of the most sought after answers for many since the attacks on 9/11 revolves around the question, "How is it that World Trade Center towers one and two both dropped so easily?"

For many it's a moot point, not even worth the time to consider. After all, the 9/11 Commission already met and investigated the whole thing. Right?

If you think America has entertained all the facts on 9/11, you would sadly enough be quite mistaken. Those that have studied the numerous inconsistencies and peculiar coincidences of 9/11 have arrived at a strangely different conclusion than the official government line on the attacks.

This is a massive article, check it out and post some comments.

Thanks Carl for the heads up!

I haven't read the article

I haven't read the article yet. It opens with a good question, "How is it that World Trade Center towers one and two both dropped so easily?"

A great follow-up question is, "How is it that WTC-7 dropped for no obvious reason at all"?

This article had many good

This article had many good video links, however, I've always thought that the following two video clips depict the pinpoint military accuracy needed for this shock and awe program. The files are high resolution DIVX encoded. If you are using Windows Media Player or Winamp you need the DivX3.11a codec plug-in to view. I copied these files to a CD and they will play in my Phillips DVD player, model number DVP642/37. By the way, here is a little secret about this Philips model. In the process of reading the disk and reassembling the data all copy guard is removed. So if you want to copy a DVD, use this model as your input player to a DVD recorder. To demonstrate how suppressed this info is, Google- Phillips DVP642/37 removes copy guard and look at the 8 entries. Oh! those crafty Dutch!!!

AmandaReconwith, thanks,

AmandaReconwith, thanks, those do give a good feel for the precision ingress to target. Here's another (alleged) view.

On a different matter, compare this video

...with your second video "wtc2-strike-5.avi" (and others like it). Looks like more incidents coinciding.

FrankV- In the video clip

In the video clip you posted,"Live Film Footage of United Airlines Flight 175's Long Range Approach to World Trade Center", I noticed that at the very end of the clip you can see an intact aircraft nose cone protrude from the building. There is only one technology that would perform that function; a kinetic energy penetrator.

This would explain how a smaller and less dense mass would penetrate structural steel like a hot knife into butter. This would also explain the charateristic flash before impact.

I wouldn't know about all

I wouldn't know about all that. I'm mostly amazed by that outofthesky video. Just as plane 2 hits WTC2, outofthesky seems to show a whole floor or several floors of explosions at WTC1 above the impact crater. The WTC1 northwest corner explosion (to the right of the hole) is most visible. So I always look for that in other videos from similar angles, and it can indeed be seen in your "wtc2-strike-5.avi" video.

ps, a funny video for all, just to indulge in some bias;

mp3 version at

one of the best WTC CD

one of the best WTC CD articles I've read