Daniel Hopsicker Weighs in on Able Danger and Prior Knowledge of Atta

The Secret History of Mohamed Atta - U.S. didn't need Able Danger to locate terrorist ringleader - madcowprod

The MadCowMorningNews today released an exclusive 19-minute video interview (video box below) refuting sworn testimony given by a Pentagon official last week at the Able Danger hearing, who said the U.S. had not identified Mohamed Atta prior to 9/11.

The Pentagon’s state-of-the-art data mining capabilities, testified Under Secretary of Defense Stephen Cambone, have determined there was no information about hijacker Atta resident in U.S. databases from before 9/11.

At least 6 million people know different. Unfortunately they live in Germany...

Germany’s Der Bild (see picture above) the largest circulation (6,000,000) newspaper in the world, reported on revelations from an interview with Amanda Keller, Atta’s erstwhile American girlfriend, in "Welcome to TERRORLAND," making it clear that the hijackers weren’t hiding—not even in plain sight—before the attack.
The Washington Post’s story on last week’s Able Danger hearing even indicated that the very idea that the U.S. Government was aware of Atta's presence before 9/11 was not just preposterous... but insensitive...

Maybe even downright evil.

Hey All this talk is

Hey All this talk is BULSHIT!!!

What happened to the NY truth march today. Why isnt ANYONE talking about it. Whats going on????? Did everyone boycott. Is the FUCKING BASTARD BUSH getting away with it AGAIN!!!!

Susan, why aren't YOU

Susan, why aren't YOU covering it?

We ARE the media these days.

Were you there?

i don't like hopsicker...

i don't like hopsicker... he has interesting things to say about atta, but he says it wasn't a controlled demolition and a plane didn't hit the P-gon . I don't trust him.

Hopsicker's frustrated

Hopsicker's frustrated because he thinks the activities and associates of the alleged hijackers in Florida tell everything we need to know, and the Pentagon and the WTC explosion investigations are distractions from these.

I think the Atta angle is

I think the Atta angle is one of the core nexus' of the whole enchilada. Aside form the minority of tinfoils who think no Arabs were involved, it's more than clear that Atta and other Arab hijackers were indeed involved...and it's prudent to find out who their real connections and money trails lead. Hopsicker's documentaries unfortunately go wildly all over the palce, but he's been one of the few I've seen to truly try and delve into Atta's key role.

Hopsicker excels at

Hopsicker excels at following the patsy.

Anyone who still blames "hijackers" for 9/11 even after we all well know that we cannot blame the collapses on "airplanes" has some explaining to do...

The entire pre-packaged legend of hijackers remains entirely unsubstantiated.

OTOH, "evil suicidal Muslim 'hijackers'" constitutes the very enemy-creating core of the horrific lies surrounding the false-flag 9/11 attack.