Randi Rhodes of Air America Expresses Doubt About the Events on 9/11

Randi Rhodes Opens The Door For 9/11 Truth - yourbbsucks.com

Randi Rhodes from Air America breaks into 9/11 Truth today with what clearly is an accusation against the Bush Administration. She believes "he knew" about the attacks, and admittedly claims she doesn't really know what happened on 9/11.

Please call or email Randi and let her know that you appreciate her covering 9/11 Truth. Also, make sure you educate her to the best of your ability so hopefully she will continue to cover the truth.

We have mirrored the 35 minute, commercial free, 15mb MP3 here.

Randi takes the growing outrage over the UAE port security scandal and follows it up with her personal curiosities surrounding 9/11. Randi makes a few statements asserting that the Bush administration may have let it happen on purpose (LIHOP) and says a new investigation is needed.

Randi has been referring to 9/11 more and more recently, and with Mike Malloy recently admitting he has no doubt the bush administration was responsible for 9/11, it appears that some Air America hosts are finally taking 9/11 questions seriously.

Randi's message board is frequented by a lot of 9/11 skeptics, feel free to join up and chime in, and send in feedback as well.

good, it's about time, I've

good, it's about time, I've sent her many emails in the past year.
We need to keep this up!

I e-mailed her yesterday

I e-mailed her yesterday after hearing the Tarpley audio. He claims he asked her if he could be on her show. She didn't answer his request. I gave her hell in my e-mail. I guess it did some good. I will give her show a listen and see. You know she just HAS to know the truth about 9/11. For Christ sakes she lives in New Your. If a dummy like me can figure it out so can she.

Randi knows all about

Randi knows all about 9/11... she was the one who woke me up in June of 04... she was talking about the Payne Stewart Plane incident and the usual quick response by our air defenses. She then overlayed that on top of 9/11 and used the word "coverup" . Randi has been VERY aware for a long time. But yelling "Government crimes" on the air can get you labeled as a wacko in a hurry(I know that personally) She is buying her time and slowly easing into the brians of the sleepwalkers.

I'm on Randi's board once in

I'm on Randi's board once in a while as "9/11 Truther"...

I'm a frequenter of both

I'm a frequenter of both message boards. Not only do we have a lot of supportive skeptics, but we're being inundated with obvious government shills as well.
They come in with handles like "LiberalDemocrat" (how can you suspect someone like that?) and "truthandhoax" (is there such a word as 'hoaxiness'?), ignore the political discussions, make a bee-line for the 9/11 forums and start spewing their 'perception management' disinfo.
It just makes me more determined, so in that regard, they're failing.

Gotta nip those "LIHOP"

Gotta nip those "LIHOP" theories in the bud.

It is as obvious as the observation that no one ran into the towers and WTC7, and rigged the explosives after the planes hit, ok?

That easy, that obvious.