Out of Town Open Thread

Yours truly will be getting out of the city for the weekend and stretching my legs. Somebigguy should be around hopefully, but if not be sure to send in emails or post comments and we'll get to it!

Have at it!

i finally got my copy of

i finally got my copy of Loose Change 2. wooooooh!!!!!!!(i kind of wish they would have left the pod scenes in though,while im not completely sold on missiles coming from the planes, i thought it was some more powerful visual evidence to pile on)

I hope one of these research

I hope one of these research sites - who have more time on their hands than I do - would do a critical analysis of the government's newest darling of deception, www.911myths.com. If this isn't a product of the Rendon Group or some defense contractor's "beer money" from the Iraq War, then I'm the Pope.

They list several of the current theories and debate points of the Truth Movement, sucessfully KIND OF debunk a handful, then use the negative energy and "ha-ah!" vibe to simply blow off everything else they don't address, as if it's all suddenly come under the heading of "craziness."

Any takers yet? I haven't found anyone adressing.

yes, Snopes.com wasnt enough

yes, Snopes.com wasnt enough for them, they needed to start their very own "9/11 truth" website themselves. probably is done by Rendon.

"Perhaps the day will come

"Perhaps the day will come when the United States is no longer addicted to imported oil; but that day is still many years off. For now, the reason for America's rapt attention to the security of the Persian Gulf is what it has always been. It's about the oil."

Noting arguments for many years about the importance of oil to our economy, Koppel observes, "If those considerations did not enter into the Bush administration's calculations when the president ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, it would have been the first time in more than 50 years that the uninterrupted flow of Persian Gulf oil was not a central element of American foreign policy. "

Ted Koppel growing a pair?

(music video) "Death Star"

(music video) "Death Star" by The Arab League

It is forbidden to speak of

It is forbidden to speak of the pod....

They sing not of the

They sing not of the pod,
They sing of us.

Its about the dollar and its

Its about the dollar and its about the empire.


The POD Collective


Its the word "pod" expanded

Its the word "pod" expanded to "pod people".

The giant jalepeno that sucks your soul while you sleep.



Pod People is a 1983 Spanish science fiction film directed by Juan Piquer Simón. A young boy discovers a lovable alien creature, but the alien's mother is on the prowl. The film was originally meant to be about evil aliens, but the plot was changed to cash in on the success of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The film was largely forgotten until 1991 when it was lampooned by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and later released in this format by Rhino Home Video.




Hey frank...

A Rumor... FINALLY! Put that

A Rumor...

FINALLY! Put that damned thing to rest one way or the other!

Of course... they could

Of course... they could release fakes... ooooooooooooh...

Good lord they've had enough

Good lord they've had enough time to put something together.

One way I like to look at

One way I like to look at things is that not EVERYTHING is a "Conspiracy"... I'll look at the videos with a grain of salt, etc... like I would anything the Government releases, but I won't go into it thinking they're fake without even knowing one way or the other...

Interesting- Henry Ford and


Henry Ford and George Bush attended the Jonathan Conference in 1984. They agreed with Netanyahu on the scenario for the bombing of the Twin Towers. When Netanyahu was asked how a force can be mobilizedÂ… He said: "In America you have religious factions who oppose abortions in hospitals. This religious sentiment can be exploited and channeled into these kinds of operations."


Notice how a concentration of blue lines form in the upper right hand corner around G Bush that converge at Oliver North.


In the very top right George Shultz radiates blue lines.


Schultz also picked George

Schultz also picked George W. as a presidential contender.

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Just post

Just post it...



You need the http://

You need the http://

so Netanyahu planned 9/11

so Netanyahu planned 9/11 now? jesus.

People have long said It's

People have long said

It's the jews, stupid

It's not the "jews". I'm a

It's not the "jews". I'm a jew. It's the Zionists and Neoconservatives. Not all jews.

I wanna be a Jew too!! they

I wanna be a Jew too!!

they are the ice-cold masterminds
of all the evil-clever scams that
all the people swallow hook line and

Man, I wanna be part of them.
Remote controlling the WHOLE WORLD,
from a little country, just by sheer

They over-powered the whole USA
military system and steered the
super-powers to do their bidding,

there is a building in Haifa where
they keep the master-plan... and
only a few jews have seen it.

It is kept safe in a room
with a rabbinic-kabbalistic lock.

The USA can spend 500 billion a
year plus what ever the nukes cost
(energy budget) ... and the shifty
Jews get everything they want with
a budget of a thousand times less.

like i said, i dont doubt

like i said, i dont doubt elements of the Israeli government, along with elements of the MOSSAD knew all about 9/11 before and during the fact.just like elements of this government and the CIA knew.but this whole "jew" thing is a good way to discredit yourself.i dont doubt the power of Zionists, but you have to distinguish.

The vast number of good Jews

The vast number of good Jews have nothing in common with Zionist fanatics, so stop generalizing.

And many of the most radical

And many of the most radical Zionists are Christians (apparently many are Rapture fanatics, who desperately need Jews in Israel for all 3 acts of their apocalyptic 4-act play)!

Using/spewing, much less relying upon, such divisive (and ancient hate provoking) preconceived labels, though, practically guarantees that we will never achieve any meaningful truth about 9/11. (Is anyone else wondering why the President of Iran, in relation to all the recent furor over last year's cartoon, would call for people to draw up holocaust cartoons instead of 9/11 cartoons?)