Evidence to Put 9/11 Conspiracy Theories to Rest (Or Is It?)

Not sure the purpose of this article, unless the goal was to put the "official" conspiracy theory to rest:


The 9/ll Truth Movement would have us believe that the administration either LI- or MIHOPped* 9/11 to provide a pretext for its own twin towers: international and domestic policy. That's intervention and surveillance, respectively.
Perhaps, but for those who think it takes a sick mind to believe an American administration is capable of sacrificing its people to its own diabolical ends, a note of caution.

Consider how the administration has enabled Iraq to become a puppet state of Iran and also how it allowed its response to Hurricane Katrina to reflect disastrously on itself. In other words, the administration has a penchant for working at cross-purposes with itself.

Meanwhile, for some of the highest drama you'll ever read, see or hear, check out these excerpts from the testimony of surviving WTC firefighters. Beware, however: like the attack leveled the towers, it has the power to shatter your preconceptions.

Great execerpts from

Great execerpts from firefighters on that link!

On high-quality copies of "9/11 Eyewitness" video, all sorts of strange explosions can be heard. Also, on another video (I think by HBO with the French filmmakers w/firemen) I remember many loud bomb-like noises being attributed to the "bodies landing of those jumping."???

what a misleading title.

what a misleading title.

I saw this to, and didn't

I saw this to, and didn't know what to make of it.


"Beware, however: like the

"Beware, however: like the attack leveled the towers, it has the power to shatter your preconceptions."

Speaking of shattered preconceptions, I wonder if Ghost Troop would find a theme here. http://www.ghosttroop.net/

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Summary Conclusion:

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DRG says that movie I just

DRG says that movie I just posted is the best one he's seen so far for demolition.

Hey Jon, that movie was

Hey Jon, that movie was posted in the last grab bag, but everyone appears to have missed it since people keep submitting it. Guess I'll post it again...

Jon, bigguy, what/where/when

Jon, bigguy, what/where/when did this 911revisited video come from?

Hey guys, I just emailed the

Hey guys, I just emailed the fellow that authored and submitted that video, and asked him to come and discuss it with us. Hopefully he'll come around...

Anonymous... I have no idea.

Anonymous... I have no idea. It's new to me as of 15 minutes ago. Michael Crowley from Colorado emailed it to those of us on the Steering Committee, and said, "DRG is calling it the best film yet on the controlled demolition at the WTC." I just purchased it for $5. I suggest everyone do so...

Michael Wolsey... I know a

Michael Wolsey... I know a Michael Crowley, and I do that a lot... sorry.