9/11 Revisited

This was posted in the last grab bag, but appears to have been missed by many, so here it is again:


You should link to

You should link to here...


It's one of the best. I'm

It's one of the best. I'm posting it around.

I just want to personally

I just want to personally thank everyone who has watched this video and told their friends about it! The feedback I have received has been incredible!

Thank you!

Dustin... We're about to

Dustin... We're about to post it on 911truth.org... I just now found out about it. Thanks for making it. Dr. David Ray Griffin says it's the best movie out there regarding demolition. Thank you for what you did.

And I have it posted here

And I have it posted here Dustin...


Dustin, must thank YOU!

Dustin, must thank YOU! Bravo!!!

Dr. Griffin said that??

Dr. Griffin said that?? Wow!! I have so much respect for him! It just makes me feel so good knowing I am contributing in the little way I can!

It originally started as me making a video to show my family and friends who are very skeptical... so I had to make it convincing to affect them. Then my brother said I should upload it, so I did, and the response has been amazing!

That's great Dustin. Really

That's great Dustin. Really great.

Good compendium, though the

Good compendium, though the 2nd half moves much more slowly than the 1st and then finally ends somewhat abruptly.

Here is more visual evidence that the towers were pre-wired with explosives:

Widely-separated WTC1 explosions occur just as WTC2 fireball erupts!

damn, this came outta

damn, this came outta nowhere. good stuff Dustin.

PS: the WTC concrete was

PS: the WTC concrete was *NOT* pulverized (by concussive impact/force/trauma). It was dissociated (by temperatures hotter than the sun, which is why Jones' "thermite" hypothesis does not hold water).

Thanks Dustin, Excellent

Thanks Dustin,

Excellent production.

Youtube.com is great.

Will you post it to google video as well? They have some additional features: download, iPod version, etc.

Thanks truth01, I have

Thanks truth01,

I have uploaded the video to google http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1951610169657809939&q=9%2F11+rev...

As well as archive.org http://www.archive.org/details/911_Revisited

Thanks for watching it!

Thanks for the more

Thanks for the more accessible/pausable/seekable formats, Dustin (the big originally-posted SWF could at least offer a right-click 'pause' option, no?).

I see that one scene (FDNY guy referring to the "secondary explosions and then the subsequent collapses") from our original 9/11 video recordings was included; the entire oversized (733M) on-the-fly-DivX-compressed unedited 68 minute research/reference video can be downloaded from archive.org.

Dustin, great work! Glad the

Dustin, great work! Glad the Scholars for 911 Truth have accepted it with open arms. It's being veiwed at a rapid rate and people everywhere are talking about