ALERT: Setting Up a Nuclear 9/11 - The UAE Port Scandal Brainwash!

The 9/11 truth movement is closing in on the Bush administration and they, along with the mainstream media are getting desperate to fend off the public pressure! The information and evidence of 9/11 being, at least in part, an inside job is too abundant, too obvious and to powerful for even the Bush administration and their conspirators in the media to fend off forever! With every viewing of Loose Change 2, with every Sunday evening meeting at the St. Marks Church in NYC, with every public appearance by Jimmy Walter and with every tidbit of 9/11 information that broadcasts out of Mike Malloy’s studio, the noose tightens around the necks of the “new Pearl Harbor” administration! What we are watching now with the hoopla about the UAE port scandal is a desperate effort to reemphasize the 9/11 myth that has been told to us by the PNAC administration. This is an effort to counter the exploding 9/11 truth movement.

The 9/11 truth movement is growing fast. More and more people are finding out each day that the story told to us by the Bush administration can not possibly be true. Documentaries such as Loose Change 2, In Plane Site and 9/11 Eyewitness are finding their way into the DVD players of people who never before questioned the events. Scholars and academics are becoming vocal and active members of the realty based world and they are starting to attract the attention of the average middle American who may have trouble taking an Alex Jones seriously. The inside players are now desperately scrambling to reinforce their fortress of manufactured reality so as to ward off the ever growing collective voice of the reality based community. Well, I have news for the Bush administration and the media: you are going to lose this one! The evidence of your complicity is too compelling and too widely available to the public. Eventually the majority of Americans will see the evidence and virtually everyone who sees it realizes that our president and his administration were complicit in the events of that day.
It is the Bush administration who is conducting subcritical nuclear tests. Congress and the media are doing most of the dirty work as they reinforce the myth of 9/11. Don’t let it fool you. This is smoke and mirrors. We know who makes the nukes, we know who sponsors, funds and exports terror and we know who has been behind most of the terror groups around the world. At least America still has one industry that is thriving in a global economy!

I will be discussing this on my radio program on the Monks Media Radio Network on Monday, February 26h at noon ET. Call in with your thoughts. (The show is archived, if you miss the original) In the meantime do the math. The port security scandal is a non-issue. There is no way to prevent a nuke on the US without inspecting every single ship way offshore, securing every single nuclear device already existing in the US and without removing from power, by whatever means necessary, every single person who is part of the military & intelligence industrial complex including every member of the Bush administration and virtually every member of Congress. Unless we the people take our nation back we will continue to fall victims to the maniacs who seized control of our planet (while they were not shooting their friends in the face that is!) Think about it! (PS I stopped by our local Marine recruiting station yesterday and I dropped off a copy of Loose Change 2. Why don’t you do the same thing!
– Jesse, Editor,

From the link: "...It was

From the link: "...It was Silverstein’s usage of the term ‘pull it’ that has spurred much of the speculation that WTC-7 was brought down via controlled explosive devises. Silverstein has since attempted to cover his tracks by claiming that what he was referring to was ‘pulling’ the firefighters out of WTC-7, even though there were no firefighters fighting the office fires in WTC-7. Silverstein knows the truth, and should be intensely interrogated..."

If Silverstein really meant that the supposed firefighters should leave the building, he would have said, "pull out" or "pull back", not "pull it."

Ricin is as American as Rice

Ricin is as American as Rice Krispies & Raisinetts. The production of toxic Ricin is the intellectual property of the US Army.

Harry Belafonte Questions

Sorry, I posted the top

Sorry, I posted the top comment to the wrong article. (It's still true though.)

Just sent out the latest

Just sent out the latest Blogger Brigade news email... :)

Jesse I think LooseChange2

I think LooseChange2 along with Highjacking Catastrophe would be an excellent DVD combo for spreading the truth to target audiences such as recruiters offices and fire stations.

Since this post is in reply to TVNewsLies article I am curious on hearing what other informed persons think of FSTV and LINK. These are our so called sources of real information yet I have yet to see any truth about 9-11 from either of these two networks.

Jesse, you dropped off a

Jesse, you dropped off a video at your local Marines recruiting centre?!

Talk about a 'few good men'. You're a legend!!

This came in on my 9/11

This came in on my 9/11 google alerts along with the link below

call to action

you go google!

"Hijacking Catastrophe"

"Hijacking Catastrophe" seeks to pin blame for 9/11 on "neocons", but "neocons" couldn't have slid this one past everyone without at least the complicity of fake-opposition Democrats. (And ignoring such a large fraction of "the enemy within" is foolhardy, at best.)

Jesse obviously knows better than to try to pin [all] the blame for 9/11 on "neocons": "Congress and the media are doing most of the dirty work as they reinforce the myth of 9/11."

Jesse's right about that: This "port security" thing, just like "Able Danger", does subtly/powerfully reinforce the myth of 9/11.

So if we truly want to oppose the myth of 9/11, we must be wise enough to recognize these truths, and think/act according. (The scope and power of The Big Lie is hard to comprehend, and even harder to successfully fight when we unwittingly reinforce it even as we believe we are fighting it.)

Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words folks!

Yes, I did drop a DVD off at the Marine recruiters. I was wearing an Army jacket. I walked in and saw 3 jarheads talking. They seemed surprised to see anyone enter the place. I asked them if they had a DVD player. They said that they usually take DVDs to their main center. I dropped a copy of Loose Change 2 on the desk and told them to take it, copy it and give it to their friends. I told them that it was from a friend.

I said "peace", gave them a wink and walked out with a smile.

We should get that DVD in the hands of military families. Just a thought.

Peace all and thank you for your kind words.

PS...I mention this site on my radio program often.

i agree Jesse, the

i agree Jesse, the military,and families of the military get so much propaganda pushed into their minds that it becomes hard to think critically of their government(especially republicans).great idea man.

Jesse... we need an

Jesse... we need an interview on your show... to let people know what they can do to help, etc...

Send me an email...