First Hand Report of Recent Oakland Event

Report of San Francisco area 9-11 Truth event held Feb. 23, 2006

On February 23rd the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance hosted the "Question 9/11- A Call to Action" event at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland Ca.

I drove from my home in Fremont and arrived at the theater at 5 PM to help with the set-up for the evening's activities. I am not that familiar with Oakland but had no problem finding the place. The theater was an "art-deco" style movie house located in an older section of Oakland. The parking was difficult and the area is a bit seedy so I began to worry about the attendance.

Janette MacKinley, who was hosting the event, arrived about the same time I did. With the help of the theater's manager and other activists who had arrived early we began the set-up process. Carol Brouillet arrived shortly after and helped out as well. She was all smiles having acquired enough signatures to run for Congress on the Green Party Ticket.

Be sure to check out the rest of Mike Hagerty's writeup as well as a handful of pictures from the event via the link above. You can also check out other pictures Mike has taken from other North California 9/11 Truth Alliance events here.

My friends and I really

My friends and I really wanted to attend this, but alas lack of funds. Im glad there was a solid turnout. I wish they would hold something like this at an even bigger expo hall, except in San Francisco. And you know, I agree with the writer...where ARE the young people? The so called activists? The beatniks, the punks,the hip hoppers, the college students. These so called activists against war, oil imperialism, globalization have been completely blind to the big elephant in the room. It worries me to think that the main demographic is 30-60 year old suburbanites. I hope 2006 is the year wear the so called 'hip youth' start to take notice and adopt 9/11 Truth as a main cause, or even acknowlege it.

Also, where can ya find some good 9/11 shirts?

Don't put this all on young

Don't put this all on young people - I have been involved in organized labor rallies, anti-war, you name it. The young in this country have been squeezed out of politics by a media that makes it seem likea bunch of old men in suits. Young people today are looking for revolution, not speeches. If you want to get the young people out, seek out the young revolutionairies, and let them have a prominent role in any of your events. Only then will you begin to see them coming out. Most kids these days are strapped with debt and falling family wealth, and they see us as the reason for it. We have to show them that action can produce positive results.

And stop trying to sell them on DLC Democrats. They know Kerry won, and they hate him for throwing in the towel early.

Where are the young? Right

Where are the young? Right here son!

Knowing that martial law is

Knowing that martial law is one step away from another synthetic terror event and that 9/11 was a sophisticated US military shock and awe program, the following Army regulation shows clear evidence of intent to enslave us.

This regulation provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations.

On Monday April 3 at noon

On Monday April 3 at noon Dr. Griffin will be speaking at the Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St., in San Francisco. Lack of funds is no problem. Nobody will be turned away. Come and show your support for this wonderfull man.

I just ran across this great

I just ran across this great audio download on WING TV. I just had to share it. Check it out. You won't be sorry.
Just scroll down the page.

MI6 knew of 21/7 bomb

my buddy was at the last

my buddy was at the last event and told me he thought the was at least 3 feds of some sort there... he could be wrong but i doubt it...

im hoping to round up a good size group to go with to see dr griffin... power in numbers...

oh and about the kids, if

oh and about the kids, if there was a draft we would see them in the streets.. you can bet on that...

Your right about the draft.

Your right about the draft. The kids would go nuts. As far as the feds being there......Good, they might learn something.

The best 911 truth shirts

Inside.. you didn't go?

Inside.. you didn't go? Phhh... what a loser.

Another Air America worker

Another Air America worker says 9/11 inside job. Check

Interesting parts about 7/7 too..

Can anyone comment on the

Can anyone comment on the David Ray Griffin video that premiered at Oakland, "Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93: The 9/ll Commission’s Incredible Tales.” What sort of video is it? Any information as to when/how it'll be available? Anything would be appreciated.

911blimp, thanks much for

911blimp, thanks much for the t-shirt stuff!! Yes indeed!

Yes Jon, I remember that Hannity clip. LOL.

Song for The 34%

I was listening to the

I was listening to the Majority Report the other day and Janeane Garofalo just ripped into the 9/11 bullshit. I couldn't believe it. She would make Mike Malloy blush with the language she was using. She is definately MIHOP. She is one of us.

maddog... get me the

maddog... get me the audioooooo

i would like to know her

i would like to know her exact comments. if its true, good for her. i didnt think she had it in her. i thought for sure that Randi Rhodes would be the next to join the movement after Malloy.guess i was wrong.

Chris... go look at the

Chris... go look at the names on the petition, and tell me if you see anyone familiar...

I wish I could get the

I wish I could get the audio. I went to White Rose Society but no luck. Funny thing, I had turned on my car radio to listen to Randi Rhodes to see if she had changed her tune on 9/11. Instead of Randi they had the Majority Report on. I had never heard it before. Some woman was on a Malloy-type rant calling the neocons duche-bags and if they don't like it they can kiss my fat ass ect ect ect. She was almost screaming about the official 9/11 story being a bunch of crap. I damn near pulled my car over just to listen. She was cutting no slack. Just kicking ass and taking no prisioners. I fell in love! Later that night I checked out the Majority Report on my computer to find out who this wonderfull woman was. I found out she was Janeane Garofalo. I did a Google search to find a download of the program but had no luck. I didn't post her comments because I like to have proof of what I say when I post something.

signing a petition is one

signing a petition is one thing Jon. using your radio show to spread the truth like Malloy is another. i just wish Randi would take that step, and have someone like Griffin or Tarpley on.