First Report on Oakland 'Question 9/11 - A Call to Action' Event

Question 9-11- A Call to Activism

Thursday night, February 23, 2006 at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, hundreds of people converged for an amazing event spearheaded by Janette MacKinlay, a survivor of the September 11th attacks. The event began a bit late, to allow those in line to get into the theater and not miss anything.

The first film was a ten minute clip from a two hour lecture by Steven E. Jones, of B.Y.U. who compellingly shattered the official story of how the twin towers and the World Trade Center Building #7 collapsed.

Janette, then welcomed the audience and shared her story,
Janette’s presentation was an inspiration, and every activist kit she assembled was picked up during the course of the evening.

The film which followed, “9/11: Attack or Godsend?,” was an English dub of a Dutch Documentary which had appeared on mainstream television in the Netherlands. Andreas Von Bulow and Michael Meacher were featured in it, and they seriously doubted the official story of 9-11. Outside of the United States, the credibility of the U.S. government has declined substantially.
All in all the event was a great, exciting, success, thanks to the efforts and participation and vision of some wonderful people, especially Janette MacKinlay, who did the brunt of the work and made it happen.

Great picture!

Great picture!


It's kind of hidden in the

It's kind of hidden in the article, but "The feature film was of David Ray Griffin, on “Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93: The 9/ll Commission’s Incredible Tales”," and something about it should be on the main page. I find him more credible than anyone else in the movement, and it's the debut of his brand new documentary.

Where can I get this new DRG

Where can I get this new DRG video?

I wish I knew. If anyone

I wish I knew. If anyone does, or even knows when this might be available, it would be greatly appreciated.

is DRG gonna be selling DVDs

is DRG gonna be selling DVDs of it? is it documentary style like Loose Change, or is it just Griffin giving speeches?

Seeing's domain

Seeing's domain name in lights reminds me that the people most closely involved with that domain all tend to suppress much of the same most highly incriminating 9/11 evidence, same as the government proper:

1. The plane-theory-breaking intense brief burst of light upon WTC1 impact.

2. The government's Pentagon Video Frames, which reveal a non-757, and thus hoist the lying government by its own petard, coming and going!

3. Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statements; as revealing for the total non-reaction to them by Dems as for their content...

In that way, handicaps the 911 truth movement.

maybe blimp, but

maybe blimp, but overall,like most 9/11 truthers you choose to attack regularly , they are doing more good than harm.