The gang that couldn't shoot straight

The gang that couldn't shoot straight

Couldn't Shoot Straight About New Orleans or 9/11

Speaking of New Orleans, let us go back to that other domestic disaster of 9/11. It's amazing how no one could shoot straight that day, how hordes of American military fighters were not available to stop the airliner-missiles from smacking the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.

Yet now we can see clearly in DVDs like the Towers' explosions occurring at their tops and moving downwards followed by massive explosions at the bases of Towers One and Two. The combinations of explosions brought each tower down in 10 seconds -- free fall at the speed of gravity.

That's truth, not the myth that redundant steel-frame buildings 'melted' from jet fuel fires, which burned away in minutes. The heat and time a melt would take was far beyond the half-an-hour and hour-and-a-half before the South then North Towers fell.

Couldn't Shoot Straight About Tower 7

And we are told Tower 7 was 'pulled' eight hours later; demolished at the behest of owner, WTC lessee Larry Silverstein. In fact, the-no-straight-shooter Silverstein neglected to mention it takes weeks, sometimes months, to set up a building that size for demolition. So Capo Larry, when are you going to take the billions you made on your Towers' insurance, which benefits you ratcheted up only a month before 9/11, and when are you actually going to build something? C'mon, Larry, try to be a straight-shooter just once.

Chris, interesting.... it's

Chris, interesting.... it's like deja vu all over again.

i wonder why the 9/11 truth

i wonder why the 9/11 truth movement doesnt focus on the London-7/7 bombings more. there is a lot to be picked apart there,just like 9/11.they also had some "exercises" going on during their attacks as well.