Steven Jones February 1st Lecture on DVD

With permission of Utah State Valley College, we are proud to offer Professor Jones' lecture entitled, "9/11 Revisited: Ethical and Scientific Questions" on DVD! The lecture, presented at UVSC on February 1, 2006, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Ethics, addresses Jones' scientific research into the possibility that pre-planted explosives toppled the World Trade Center towers as opposed to the widely-held belief that airplane crashes and fire triggered the collapses.

This 2 hour DVD, edited by the UVSC Media Engineering and Production Department, is the same high quality production offered by UVSC. (This includes the powerpoint presentation). A portion of the sales from this DVD go to UVSC.

The DVD's are $10 a peice and less for bulk orders.

They're also available at

They're also available at the Store...

You guys remember this?

You guys remember this? This is the kind of pressure the White House was feeling at the time of 7/7... the DSM, the climate, the war, etc...

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Classic video...

Everyone should read this,

Everyone should read this, and you guys should post it as well...

gold, not 9/11 related, but


not 9/11 related, but definately something we all are watching.. thanks for the link.

I think it's 9/11 related...

I think it's 9/11 related... I must be crazy.

I'm interested in what

I'm interested in what people think of what the repercussions would be globally if all this broke . lf tomorrow a high profile conspirator somehow had a change of heart and provided the media with blueprints , tapes , whatever ....
what would would happen to markets, to international relations ? massive civil unrest & riots ? would the govt. declare martial law ? WW3 ?

Honza... it depends... I

Honza... it depends... I think the markets would take a massive hit. If the people, organizations, etc... are held to account, and when I say held to account, I mean, arrested for treason against their country, then people might be "satisfied"...

if the truth of 9/11 came

if the truth of 9/11 came out tommorrow and was accepted as fact out and out i beleive factions of the armed services would immediately seize control of related members of this administration and hold them for a U.N. trial..

i personally think 9/11 coming out would turn the world around for a much better direction.. at the current rate there is no chance that the U.S. will ever have any credibility in certain sects of the world, perhaps if we held those responsible responsible the world would turn for the better.. unless of course it goes the other way, in which case we are all locked down, or an economical collapse occurs..

Still rubbish that they ask

Still rubbish that they ask $10 for it. A non-profit DVD should not be that expensive...

its certaintly 9/11 related

its certaintly 9/11 related in my opinion. it was part of the motivation for 9/11.