Former CIA Official Finds Failures in Press Coverage of the 9/11 Commission

Pillar to press: Don't get fooled again

Paul R. Pillar, the former CIA official who coordinated U.S. intelligence on the Middle East until last year, writes that the press was insufficiently questioning both in the run-up to war and in its coverage of the 9/11 Commission. He proposes questions reporters should ask -- retrospectively and prospectively -- about the use and abuse of intelligence by policymakers.
Q. How exactly is the reorganization of the intelligence community under the legislation of December 2004 supposed to correct what the 9/11 Commission stated were problems in counterterrorism? What effect, if any, does the reorganization have on the problem of insufficient or improper use of intelligence by the policymaker?
The 9/11 Commission established as its goal the generation of enough public support to enact a reorganization of the intelligence community. Pursuit of that goal led it to produce a selective and misleading account of strategic intelligence on terrorism, obscuring the actual reasons US counterterrorist policy took the course it did prior to 9/11. The press was remarkably acquiescent in this; as Judge Richard Posner noted in his critique of the commission's work, a combination of political circumstances paralyzed criticism of the commission and led its report to be accepted unquestioningly as "holy writ." The politics of the Congressional intelligence committees have led them to delay repeatedly any public appraisal of how the administration used intelligence on Iraq (in the case of the Senate committee) or not even to attempt to address the subject (in the case of its House counterpart). The commission investigating intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction produced an otherwise useful report, but its White House provenance constrained it from exploring all the ways in which policy preferences affected the intelligence.

Pillar hits a very specific point here, that the 9/11 Commission's goal was to restructure the intelligence community, not to "prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks" as publicly stated.

10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan

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A 430 page thread on the

A 430 page thread on the basic physics of 911.
The standard debunker (arthur) is present, along with some crazy sock puppets. Go spread some truth.

P.S. check out the barometric bomb, or the a-neutronic bomb, invented by michael rosicruto in the CIA in the 1980s...nuclear yield with no radioactive fallout--- google:
electroHydrodynamic Gaseous Fuel Device

Heres a late report on the

Heres a late report on the Mujca Palatine,IL event a couple weeks ago. I was one of 30-ish people in attendance. Kevin from Mujca was snowed in and didnt make it to the event. The presentation was very unorganised to the extent we were told we would be watching some of 911 eyewitness at the intro and ended up not even seeing any of it. We saw about 10 minutes of Steven Jones which was started at the very intro of the dvd which really never got anywhere before it was turned off. We also saw clips from Painfull Deceptions and Confronting The Evidence. The discussion was pretty much just random members of the choir babbeling about things like "pull it". This event would not have been very effective for anyone totally new to 911 truth apart from the showing of WTC7 collapseing in Painfull Deceptions. I was hopeing dvds would have been available for purchase but only bumper stickers were. 911blogger was mentioned in reference to the Jones video.911blogger was also listed on a one page resource sheet provided. I think things might have been better if Kevin didnt cancel. Alot of time was wasted trying to get videos to play as well and we only had the room for two hours. I appreciate the effort and Its not my intention to make lite of anyones contribution to the event. I was very disappointed with the turnout even tho I wasnt sure there would be 10 people to begin with. I could only shake my head on the way out with some Democrat telling me this is why we need to get this administrations out as if Kerry would have been any better. I definately see some positive things happening but the biggest problem is the American people. I expect politicians and the mass media to lie to us but at this point how fucking stupid can people continue to be. I never thought my life would turn into "They Live". I guess people dont want to be confronted with anything that doesnt allow them to do nothing and still be proud. " Television is my friend". All these people are going to get what they deserve and Im beginning to look forward to it. I wish the earth would rise up and wipe out the human race because 99% of us arent worth a fuck anyway. Welcome to the real world where everyones a fake. Is this negative? GOOD!

"... as publicly stated" --

"... as publicly stated" -- and as the law required.

I feel your pain.

I feel your pain.

That article had it right

That article had it right when it mentioned how the "report to be accepted unquestioningly as 'holy writ.'" On the very day it was published, one of the commission's most consistent critics, John D. Podesta (link makes it seem like 'homeland' creation was overriding goal; note that Kean is mentioned there too), called for it to be unhesitatingly be adopted with bipartisan (sic) support.

Restructuring the intelligence (sic) community was but one of the goals, dz. The primary goal had to be the coverup.

Which is why the real story of the report lies not in its conclusions or its failure to assign blame but its omissions, which point, like the invisible/hidden arrow in the FedEx logo, to the smoking gun evidence, most notably the Pentagon Video Frames -- the lying government even omitted its own evidence from its own 'complete' report!!!!!!!!!

Yes Jaybird. If

Yes Jaybird. If non-believers went to an event as you describe, they may give up on truth altogether. Only "the choir" has the patience to deal with chaotic, muddled presentations like that.

Why not JUST SHOW ONE DVD like "Painful Deceptions" followed by a question & answer period??? Pamphlets given at the door could have a topical outline, and list more DVDs, books, and websites for further research.

"Why We Fight" is an

"Why We Fight" is an excellent intro to warm people up to 911.

Loose Change 2 with its cool music and fast pace would be a good second.

We really need a searchable database of resources.