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It was widely rumored following 9/11 that President Bush publicly claimed that he was watching TV in his limousine when he saw the first plane hit the Twin Towers. If true, this was an amazing statement, because there is no record of that event being broadcast over TV. Why should it have been? There was no reason for a TV camera to be focused on the Twin Towers before the first plane crash. How could the President see what didn't exist? I assumed that the rumors were not accurate and thought no more of it.

Then, at the end of January, 2006, we received a link to an audio recording of Mr. Bush's speech and, lo and behold, that's exactly what he said. This was the signal for a rash of theories about the existence of a top-secret closed-circuit TV network that provided this image only to the President and his senior staff members. The implication was that they were anticipating the event and wanted to have a front-row seat to confirm its execution.

As everyone should know by now, I am convinced that President Bush had ample foreknowledge of the pending attacks but chose to let them happen, because that provided the apparent moral justification for military action in the Middle East and expansion of political power in the U.S. But I cannot endorse the theory that he was watching the event on a closed-circuit network.
The point is this. We should not waste our time weaving a theory about closed-circuit TV when there is so much hard evidence of prior knowledge that cannot be so easily explained. We do our cause a disservice when we get away from the provable facts and wander into the realm of conjecture. It's in that realm that we lose credibility and look silly to the very people we are trying to reach with the truth.

Griffins story is stupid

Griffins story is stupid with one exception, that we must not waste time with such foolishness. Since Bush did not say I watched the plane fly into the tower he said a plane flew into the building. Which would be that the plane had already flown into the building.

Better listen to the tape

Better listen to the tape bubba

Hi SS. You´re plain

Hi SS.

You´re plain wrong. I suggest you research these things a little. Even though you don´t agree on everything, I´m sure you agree that the atrocities of 9/11 is a rather important subject.

"Bush: Well, Jordan (ph), you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident.""

peter, insert 'had' between


insert 'had' between 'airplane' and 'hit'.. that becomes:
'and I saw an airplane had hit the tower'..

could that not have been bush mispeaking? he misspeaks everytime he opens his mouth.. which i think was the point from the person who wrote the article, whether you agree with him or not is of course your opinion, just curious..

Proof Bush knew about 9/11

Proof Bush knew about 9/11 attack before leaving hotel for Booker Elementary School

ya, don't get me wrong, the

ya, don't get me wrong, the lack of secret service action that morning is a major smoking gun.

W was probably referring to

W was probably referring to the fact that footage of WTC was being shown with the hole in it after the first crash. He saw an airplane hit the towers means he saw the news footage being reported. Then, he was informed about the 2nd flight while in the classroom.

This is really a weak topic to discuss.

Ed "and I saw an airplane

Ed "and I saw an airplane hit the tower " is different from what I had beleived was bush claiming to actually have seen the plane as it crashed into the tower.
Thanks for the suggestion that i hear the tape. I had listened to the tape over two years ago and watched a video of his statement about a year ago.

I am not plain wrong. I think Griffins article is a joke. And I believe its silly and plain false when Griffin says "Most people I speak with about 9/11 honestly believe they saw both planes strike the buildings."
I know of NOT A SINGLE PERSON who thinks they saw the first plane hit.
Think about it most people turned on their tv ....and saw a plane hit the tower. Most of us were glued to the tv as we witnessed what appeared to be a United plane as it flew into the other tower. We all KNOW exactly where we were and will just like we know what we were doing for the Shuttle and if alive at the time of JFKs assaination.
For Griffin to say most people say they honestly beleive they watched the first plane hit I think is a lie.
So thinking critically I ask myself:
Why? This audio comes to Griffin just back in January of 06 when video and audio of bushs (mis)statement has been floating around for a couple years. yet he(Griffin) waited until March to write about it... Why now? His point seems to me to be in support of the attacking of Muslims and bombing more innocent lives. After all "there is so much hard evidence of prior knowledge" to which proves bush knew and let it happen and also proves that muslims hate our freedom fries.


Now can somebody give dubya a blowjob so maybe then he can be impeached. After the regime is out of power we can have trials for their involvement in the murder of 3000 as well as the manslaughter of what may end up being thousands more thanks to WhiteHouse change to the EPA report for GZ. And of course for the treasonous attacks against our constitution, oh oh and then theres Katrina and the illegal wars And basically for just being so godd*mned f**king stupid! Seriously!

For the record I beleive that
9/11 was and inside job!!! I do not think 19 cave dwellers beat our trillion dollar defenses because they hate our freedom.

Andrew Card never said: A

Andrew Card never said: A second plane hit the tower- america is under attack. Spell it on your own and stop the seconds.

Lies, lies, everything they said, lies...

Good post, SS. I especially

Good post, SS. I especially like your powerful ending remarks.

You also reminded me of the Shuttle:

"We all KNOW exactly where we were and will just like we know what we were doing for the Shuttle..."

Here is ex Pres. Reagan's reaction to the Challenger blowing up:
HEADLINE President watches tragedy in silence

BYLINE CRAGG HINES, Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

DATELINE WASHINGTON WASHINGTON - President Reagan alerted that the space shuttle Challenger had exploded rushed to a television set and, like millions of Amercians [sic], watched reruns of the tragedy in stunned silence.

White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Vice President George Bush and national security adviser John Poindexter notified Reagan of the explosion during a meeting with top aides. The president interrupted the session and went immediately to his small study.

"The president stood there in almost stunned silence as he watched the television, " Speakes said.

Speakes, who often tells reporters of presidential quotes, would not relay what, if anything, Reagan said, including any reaction to the fact that the shuttle carried the first teacher bound for space.

"It was something that was on all of our minds," Speakes said.

"The president is concerned; he is saddened; he is anxious to have more information."........




I forgot the links to the

Parse away, people. Bush

Parse away, people. Bush sounding as if he said he saw the first plane hit live is meaningless in itself.

But as for the video, it is an excellent example of "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." (As the poet W. Scott put it.)

The big picture with regard to this wonderful tape of a five-year old knocking the President into manic confusion is that the dumb bugger has trouble keeping track of his lies... Watch him stalk the stage, try to change the subject, suddenly change back, wondering if he's gone through whatever talking point he was coached to say in this contingency. Watch the gears spin, Bush floundering, failing to recall that all he has to do is say, thank you, next question. Watch the face of fear and guilt.

SS: I think I/you/we

I think I/you/we misunderstood you/me/each other... I think this article is rather silly, and I agree on your "analysis" above. I just pointed out, that Bush DID indeed (apparently) say, that he saw the first plane hit. Sorry if the misunderstanding is on me.

DZ(and by implication, SS):
You´re right. That IS indeed a possibility. I´ll crawl back into my cave ;-)
(but isn´t there another Bush quote saying the same thing.. seem to remember something from David Ray Griffins book?)

> I know of NOT A SINGLE

> I know of NOT A SINGLE PERSON who
> thinks they saw the first plane
> hit. DO YOU?

Yes, I do.

Its an older gentleman with
a very good education and good
realisation of reality.

But he watches A LOT of USA TV.

he is adamant, and when I told him,
he refused to believe that the footage
of the FIRST impact only appeared a
day later.

He also thinks that there are MANY
snippets that show the FIRST impact.

I asked him:

Do you really believe there were more
than one camera trained on the WTC
and filmed the first impact?

he said "yes, for sure".

No doubt in his mind.

There you go.

"> I know of NOT A SINGLE

"> I know of NOT A SINGLE PERSON who
> thinks they saw the first plane
> hit. DO YOU?
Yes, I do...."

Why would these people be watching TV before the 1st plane hit, before ANYTHING had yet happened, & assume they were being switched to a live feed (or even a few minutes delay) of the 1st plane hitting??? Doesn't make sense.

(Maybe they did watch both towers collapse live, and mistakenly thought they saw both planes hit too. I don't know.)

Griffin was factually in

Griffin was factually in error when he wrote that "Bush publicly claimed that he was watching TV in his limousine when he saw the first plane (sic) hit".

He is also a crapola salesman when he writes about "We should not waste our time weaving a theory about closed-circuit TV", given how the 9-11 Commission Report itself refers to the Secure Video Teleconferencing System (SVTS) that was in use by top government officials.

Did anyone else notice that the MP3 offered at the end of that article came from Bush made that statement on December 4, 2001.

I wonder why the author didn't provide the audio of Bush's other incriminating 9/11 witness statement, made January 5, 2002.

I wonder why the author didn't provide DISA's non-denial denail to 911blimp's FOIA request?

Perhaps that additional information, also available from the same web page, would have made it more difficult for the author to blow it off?

And why didn't the article point out how the only thing more revealing than the content of the statement(s) is the total non-reaction to them by Dems, and their non-inclusion in Farenheit 911?

Seems to me that that article acts as part of the big cover-up. I consider it a now-well-recognized specific disinfo campaign to obscure, obfuscate, deny, devalue, dismiss, and otherwise misrepresent Bush's well-documented virtually-ignored incriminating 9/11 witness statements.

If only the author could substantiate his dismissal with facts, he might qualify to receive's now-long-standing unclaimed $500 reward offer:$500reward.shtml

I wonder why 911blogger

I wonder why 911blogger provides publicity to such horsecrap instead of to this more careful, complete, rewarding presentation?



I don't know if I really

I don't know if I really want to get involved here... big can of worms..

Listen, I hate Bush as much as the next guy (which is everyone around here)... really. But this statement.."Bush knew and let it happen" is ridiculous.

The man is a moron, granted... even a super moron, in the most high group of morons. But to say that he "knew" it would happen, and was fine with it, is just the dumbest thing I ever heard. It's not just that I think it is too horrible of a concept to be believed, but I truly think it is ridiculous. That statement paints our MOron president into a figure like Hitler... which is just silly.

That belief is so extreme. It is no different than the wide held extreme beliefs of millions of brainwashed religious muslims (or even all the brainwashed citizens of N. Korea) overseas who have been taught from a young age that westerners are godless heathons who have no business being on this planet.

And about what Bush actually said. The man can't have one sentence come out properly. I have seen birds that speak better than Bush. You are making something from nothing.

so you believe the fairy

so you believe the fairy tale that 19 muslims with box cutters brought us 9/11 all by themselves? is that what you are saying? seriously?

911blimp, we cover news


we cover news here, this was news sent in. no need to 'wonder why', or insenuate that we are somehow dishonest in our coverage. if you have a new article come out you are more than welcome to send it in, otherwise keep your insenuations to yourself and stop implying that the mods of this site agree with everything they post.

S. Mortenson,

you can call the idea 'rediculous' all you want, or say that it is just stupid to think, but that doesn't change people's opinions who have done their homework on the subject. i suggest you at least do a cursory read of bush's actions on 9/11 over at, or perhaps read a few books on the subject before you make up your mind based on your gut reactions.

Touchy!!! I never

Touchy!!! I never insinuated any such thing. Why would 911blogger feel/say that I did?

So, dz, if you're aware of another, more comprehensive, treatment of a particular aspect of 9/11, which 911blogger has never covered, you won't mention/cover it unless/until someone (anyone?) "sends it in"?

S. Mortenson,

You seek to make nothing from something!!!! I know of a lot of disinformationists who, through various strategies, attempt to do the same thing... (Example: Barrie Zwicker intentionally[? he is a professional...] mangles/misdescribes[/maldescribes!?] Bush's incriminating 9/11 witness statement[s])

An honest investigator can follow hunches, but not disregard/distort/dismiss evidence/statements/leads.

Just because Bush (repeatedly acknowledged) was "in the loop" on the very beginning of the supposedly-secret supposedly-terrorist attacks does not necessarily mean that he knew anything more about it any further in advance.

When did solving this case turn into such a conclusion-jumping contest? And how does hate -- "Listen, I hate Bush as much as the next guy (which is everyone around here)" -- not warp your thinking? I don't hate Bush: hate is a logical-thought-blocking disease, and I need to be logical, not blinded by hate, if I'm to help solve this case... You would do well to try (it's not easy...) to learn to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Can we follow (and present) the facts of this case, please? (Everyone's entitled to their own opinion[s], but not their own set of facts or logic-defying 'logic' -- as with that author, Edward Griffin. If that article is an example of how carefully Edward Griffin researches facts/events, then his book on the Federal Reserve probably isn't worth the paper it's printed on.)

I agree wih mortenson on the

I agree wih mortenson on the idea that bush is a moron and was most likely not in the know. I believe it is called plausible deniability. That doesn't make him any less guilty of the crime once it happened.
Where are all the good Americans?

In case you hadn't noticed,

In case you hadn't noticed, the non-truth-seekers would rather spare Bush from having to ever deny anything than ask Bush about his repeated incriminating witness statements.

That includes the obviously-not-real-opposition party, as well as many self-proclaimed 911 truthers whose actions belie their words.

Instead of forcing Bush to try to avail himself of the moron defense, they just let his revealing statements slide, as if he never made them. So once again, actions belie words: these anti-investigators supposedly hate Bush so much that they let him off the hook for 9/11! (Does that make sense to you?) And, of course, if there was anything to substantiate and justify such irrational behavior,'s $500 reward$500reward.shtml would have been claimed long ago...

That is the way of complicity, and willful ignorance, and turning a blind eye and avoiding investigating the worst crime in U.S. history -- which is not at all the way to hold on to our precious Constitution.

of all the discrepencies in

of all the discrepencies in the official story of 9/11, the fact that Bush misspoke seems to be pretty low on the list. the guy only misspeaks on a regular basis.