Bob McIlvaine Interview on 9/11 Coverup - Video Download

Can You Imagine?

Have you ever thought of the anger? The anger that we feel from everything that's going on in the world in our name? The anger that we feel towards what's happening in this country, and the direction we're headed? The anger that we feel when we see the smug expressions of the "Powers That Be" making decisions that no longer benefit us, but benefit the 1%? The anger that we feel when we KNOW we were lied to about 9/11, and that the Government was complicit? The anger that we feel when we think about the fact that there are elected officials in Government today who know the truth, and don't speak it? The anger that we feel when we think about how the media is WELL AWARE of the deception, and don't bother to cover it? Now think about that anger. Focus on it until it gnaws at you. REMEMBER that anger.

Last night, I had the honor of meeting Bob McIlvaine. Mr. McIlvaine lost his son Bobby on 9/11. On the morning of 9/11, Bobby was supposed to take part in a seminar on the 106th floor of the WTC for Merrill Lynch. Mr. McIlvaine says that he doesn't think he ever made it to that meeting. I'll never forget his role as Commissioner at the "9/11 Omission Hearings" in New York City, 9/9/2004.

Mr. McIlvaine didn't hold anything back, and I thank him for that. Although I understand his feelings regarding hope, I refuse to believe there is none.

Thank you Mr. McIlvaine for the honor, and the experience.

Now, do you remember that anger? It is NOTHING compared to what the family members feel. Anger we can not POSSIBLY imagine.

We need to be strong... because the families are tired.

A very special thanks to Bob McIlvaine for sharing his incredibly insightful thoughts with us, and to Jon Gold for making this interview available.

if anyone can take a

if anyone can take a transcript it would be much appreciated. i will get it tommorrow night otherwise.. this is definately worth watching a couple of times.

I'm having a hard time with

I'm having a hard time with my audio and am having trouble making out a lot of it... if someone wants to pick it up here's my pathetic attempt:

Jon Gold interviews Bob McIlvaine – Mar. 1 2006

Jon: I'm here with Bob McIlvaine, he lost his son Bobby on 9/11. He's been one of the most outspoken individuals from the family members.

I have a couple of questions:

First, what was your initial reaction after you found out the Bush administration did not want to create the [9/11] commission?

Bob: Well I sort of expected, uh, it's sort of mind boggling at the time because it was such an emotional time and, I guess I was naive to honestly believe that something was going to happen from this so the fact that [Bush] tried to stop it sort of reinforced my belief that geez[Bush et. Al] had something to do with this.

Jon: Right

Bob: They obviously want not a lot of info to come out, therefore the commission and I did a lot of work with the 911 families, they deserve all the credit for it I was there throughout the commission but, they really deserve so much credit to be able to go through that to convince the congressman to convene with it. I was so optimistic about the commission itself more or less...

***Off Topic*** A few weeks

***Off Topic***

A few weeks ago, someone commented in here about trying to get google to allow 9/11 ads on more sites. If that person is reading this, please note:

When type Steven E Jones into google, the first two links that show up are "religious" sites with the name Stephen E Jones. (Note the different spelling.)

Could you get google to remove those insults? It is causing problems

please DO NOT FORGET to make

please DO NOT FORGET to make mp3
of every broadcastable item.

extract the audio from films.

even music, anything.

there are a lot LPFM stations
out there.. and you should operate
one, too. have a cheap non-pll 1Watt

i wish more family members

i wish more family members would come forward with their doubts about the official story.

Off topic U.S. Intel: Qaeda

Off topic

U.S. Intel: Qaeda Plotting 'Big Bang':

This man is inspiring; of

This man is inspiring; of *course* he's lost faith in our government, but he is standing.
Watching this makes me even more determined to press for 911 truth.
This man deserves honor.

He is a nice, nice man.

He is a nice, nice man.

yeah, i heard that this

yeah, i heard that this morning DSM. some kind of "9/11 type" attack in Iraq.

The thing is about the

The thing is about the families... we, as researchers, activists, etc... most of us jumped on board during the Commission hearings. At least in the sense that we realized something was up. Yet, people like Mr. McIlvaine went to every commission hearing, and was able to speak to commissioners, ask questions, etc... they know the "inner workings" of the so-called "investigation". For as much as we think we "know" about 9/11, multiply that by 1000, and now you know as much as the families.

In other words, for someone

In other words, for someone like Mr. McIlvaine to come forward like he has, kind of clinches an already "clinched" subject.

This is how I focus my

This is how I focus my anger: I totally ignore the content in MSM, I only look for embedded number patterns. All of my attention is directed to 9/11 data. Some DOD Internet psyop operatives try their superior/inferior game by calling me a 9/11 shut-in. I've put up (and have learned their tactics) with their harassment now for over 4 years. The harassment has not been limited to the Internet. I own and operate a service business. They have also gone to my accounts and slandered my name by making all kinds of accusations about me. I lost some accounts, but it is worth knowing who your friends are and who are not.

My partner is a data security administrator for a multi-billion dollar privately held financial institution. At home we have a wireless network with a few computers connected to it. On February 23, 2004 I was dealing with an unprecedented computer attack. I was running from computer to computer to make counter measures until it became so insane that I had to unplug the cable modem and router. I went to our office on the second level and still noticed files being reassigned and moved. Knowing I had unplugged the modem and router I could not figure how this was going on until I looked out the window. Parked in the street near my house was a big white box truck with two guys dressed in black wearing black caps looking back at me. That's when I pulled the plug out of the wall and they left. When my partner came back from work he brought the mail in. In the mail was a letter from the US Department of Justice. The letter said: "Thank you for your letter to the United States Department of Justice regarding September 11th." It went on with a few sentences of dribble.

DZ- I did the Whois search for TODBEAMER.ORG before the site expiration date:20-Sep-2005 13:01:54 UTC and saved the data. The data is in the original state that I found it. See how important it is to stay on their tracks? It's a big shell game.

Thanks for this Jon. I

Thanks for this Jon. I remember Mr. McIlvaine from the (videos of) the Citizens' Hearing and the TruthEmergency.

Mr. McIlvaine, rest a bit. Your words have carried far, and your strength has multiplied in us. And We are now legion.

No problem. People needed

No problem. People needed to see this.

Sibel Is Ready To Talk?

Stuff like this video

Stuff like this video infuriates me. What I have trouble with is that there hasn't been an underground home grown terrorist group something like the IRA in Ireland formed by now. One that takes open season on the neocons. I don't condone violence but if it were one of my sons that was murdered on 9/11 I don't know how I would react.

You mean like the "Black

You mean like the "Black Panthers"?

Interesting to keep in mind

Interesting to keep in mind with the UAE port scandal

Storm the White

Storm the White House:

Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave.

Sounds like a very risky thing to do.

When I first saw Mr.

When I first saw Mr. McIlvaine, it was when he chaired the "9/11 Omission Hearings". As a matter of fact, I didn't see him, I heard him. The original release of the hearings was a 4 part audio session. The 1st part of the audio was Mr. McIlvaine explaining his role to the audience. He started to cry. When he started to cry, I burst out into tears. I couldn't imagine, and I still can't imagine what kind of pain that is, nor do I want to know. I'm angry enough knowing that 3000 people were sacrificed so the fascist bastards in power could make more money for themselves, and their friends because as we all know, THEY DON'T HAVE NEARLY ENOUGH. Imagine if one of those 3000 was your son, daughter, husband, wife, father, mother, etc... knowing full well that it was your own Government... I can't imagine what it's like.

I just wish that he hadn't

I just wish that he hadn't said that he saw no hope. Such statements are discouraging and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don't think they will, but they sure don't help any.

"I just wish that he hadn't

"I just wish that he hadn't said that he saw no hope. Such statements are discouraging and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don't think they will, but they sure don't help any."

Just remember... the despair that you feel is multiplied by 1000 for him. Nothing wrong with what he said.

My family has been on the

My family has been on the North American continent for close to 375 years. My maternal grandfather by direct descent was the Governor of the 13th Colony to ratify the US Constitution. In my possession I hold a copy of a thank you letter from George Washington to my grandfather thanking him for his efforts in forming this union that we hold so dear to our heart.

Both of my parents are deceased. They each came from a family of 7. All of them are deceased. Why do both of my parents and all of my aunts and uncles appear in the SSDI when only one Todd Beamer appears with a date of birth of SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH, 1968 and date of death 6/10/97?

Noted, AmandaReconwith! Jon,

Noted, AmandaReconwith!

Jon, this link is up;

Exclusive: FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is Ready To Talk!
3/3/2006 @ 11:04am PT

Thanks 'mon...

Thanks 'mon...

Dr.Steven Greer

Dr.Steven Greer ( has collected video testimonies from 400 witnesses in the military, government and intelligence community. They talk about something as controversial as UFO's, revealing classified information. They all risk ridicule and worse, but have been willing to come forward because there is power in numbers.

This is something that ought to be modeled by the 9/11 truth movement. Start getting video testimonies and set up a website dedicated to this. It might be difficult to get people to talk at first, but if someone sees a website with 50 testimonies from 9/11 families, police officers and firemen, they too might be willing to come forward (when they see it is done in an organized way).

Sites like that already

Sites like that already exist anonymous...

That's off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are more...

Link is broken...

Link is broken...

Gold--Black Panthers were

Gold--Black Panthers were severely framed & destroyed by COINTELPRO as being terrorists when they were just civil rights activists. Read book, "War At Home" by former FBI agent Brian Glick.

AReconwith--Feds are infamous for such harassment & worse. (See Glick book above)

The Black Panthers did take

The Black Panthers did take up arms as far as I know... which is an indication that they took on a more "Offensive" posture.

Gold--the crimes that

Gold--the crimes that Hoover/FBI perpetrated against activists & dissidents in the 1960s & 1970s (framings, beatings, murders, vicious false flag & other PsyOps, etc.) is 2nd only to the horrors of 9/11, IMHO. (Hoover was a very sick bastard similar to Rove & Cheney.) Painting the Panthers as violent revolutionaries, and instigating infighting & self-defense was done via extremely ruthless PsyOps. Today, most people know nothing about 1960s government terrorism, much like 9/11.

do a search for 'cointelpro'

do a search for 'cointelpro' and you will find out some details released about the project and how it was used against the black panthers.. other than that i don't know much about them.

Jon, thanks so much for

Jon, thanks so much for doing this interview and putting it up. I hope people spread this far and wide. I was very touched in the 8 minutes, just trying to imagine the unending deep loss he must have felt; later revelations not withstanding. I think he's right, the case is there for facilitate, I think orchestrate is too much of a loaded word still. But yeah, I can imagine most of the 9/11 families are just trying to move on, and I don't blame them. Even if faced with unending evidence, would ya want to believe your own government was involved in some way on this?

Cointelpro is interesting to study. The coloring book scam for instance, shows how the US government will do anything. I wont say Hoover was all bad. He did out President Bush grandfather for funding Hitler, and outed Bush Sr as being involved in the bay of pigs. But yeah, hsi stranglehold on the FBI for all those decades wasnt all good for sure.

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

I just remembered... Mr.

I just remembered... Mr. McIlvaine is also experiencing problems breathing. He was at Ground Zero looking for his son.

Breaks your heart doesn't

Breaks your heart doesn't it...

Mr. Gold, Thanks for this

Mr. Gold,

Thanks for this interview.

But I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this problem.

I can view it fine, clicking on the link automatically downloads the mov file and opens up Quicktime when it's ready to go.

However, I can't actually save the file to my hard drive by right-clicking on the link. I've never come across this problem before and I was wondering if this is a problem with the file or something that you yourself have done in order to save bandwidth or something.

Btw, I was directed here via Kurt Nimmo's new news blog.

You should be able to

You should be able to download it? dz?

ya.. just right click, save

ya.. just right click, save link as.. nothing special about the link we have.. here is the direct link:
direct link

if your right click / save as isnt working you could grab a download manager like getright..

I know a little something

I know a little something about anger, and hate. I can't listen to the interview right now, server problems or blockage or something. But reading what was written about it and some of the transcript someone was kind enough to offer, I get the gist. There is a paradox involved here. A paradox is when two seemingly contradictory things co-exist. My favorite example is light. Light is both particle and wave. Logically, it doesn't make sense. It can not possibly be both at the same time. Yet it is. That is a physical reality. Anger is a very appropriate and justifiable response to attrocities, especially when they effect you personally. Nothing at all wrong with that kind of anger. Similarly, it is understandable and just to hate that which is hateful. There's something wrong if someone doesn't experience some hate for the evil in this world, whether it effects them directly or not. Yet, anger and hate come from evil, They wouldn't exist if evil didn't. To personify, they are tools of the devil. It is not good or wise to allow your heart to be posioned with anger and hate. They shouldn't be nurtured. Ideally, they should be starved. Practically, they can be very useful in terms of motivation and energy. If you can turn a negative emotion into a positive action, that's a very good thing. IMHO, it's good to use negative emotions to gain positive ends. If they keep you going and help you get the job done, excellent. But, caution is required. Here's an old oriental story with some wisdom in it...
Two really righteous dudes, monks, shamans, saints, good guys, whatever, were captured by evil empiralists and treated very badly, tortured even, for years. Eventually, good forces overwhelmed evil forces and they were set free. Years later, walking down the street, they ran into each other. After some small talk about the weather and what not, the one asked the other, "So, have you forgiven them?" The other replied "Hell no I haven't forgiven them! I'll never forgive those inhuman monsters!!" The other one said, "Oh, so they still have you in prison, don't they."
When dealing with utterly awful things, forgiveness is a totally subjective issue. Every person has to decide for themself when, if ever, and how much, if at all, they can and will forgive the wretched. But the tough fact of the matter is, it's the only way out. As long as you carry hate and anger inside you, you are still being hurt and they still have control over you. You can only win and be free of the attrocity by forgiving. Of course, it's also very practical and common sense to eradicate, eliminate, contain the wrong doers completely to end the evil. It is right and just to stop it so no more harm can be done. That's the worldly level. On a personal level, once you have been touched by evil, the only way to get free of it is to rise above it through forgiveness.
As far as hope goes... I'll be brief. Despair is evil's ultimate weapon. It's exactly what the forces of evil want you to feel, hopelessness and fear. I said I'd be brief. Check out the story of Hugh Glass and the Bear. Hugh was a mountain man who was mauled by a Grizzly and left for dead. He didn't die. He crawled 200 miles with a broken leg and bad wounds, laying on rotten logs to let the maggots eat his flesh to keep from getting gangreen. It took months, but he made it. You wouldn't think such a thing was possible. But it happened. One of the things that kept him going was serious hatred for and a potent desire to kill the guys who left him. Paradox again.

Thanks guys (Mr. Gold &

Thanks guys (Mr. Gold & dz)

I downloaded and installed the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus and I just used it to successfully download this .mov file.

My name is Jon... ;)

My name is Jon... ;)


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