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"Mystery Woman" Told Military of Atta Long Before Sept. 11
This article is quite lengthy, so be sure to check out the whole thing for the full scoop on the latest chapter in the Able Danger saga.

In the latest news, blog reporter Rory O'Connor (Mar 1, archived below) says a Pentagon inspector general's investigation has identified the person who provided Able Danger with Atta's name and photo. The photo was incorporated into Able Danger's organizational chart of alleged al Qaeda activities in the United States. The brass who later shut down surveillance of Atta and Co. ordered the Able Danger operatives to cover the photo with a yellow stickie, and finally had the chart and the data that went into it destroyed altogether.

The source of the photo, O'Connor now writes, is "a female contract employee of defense contractor Orion Scientific," nowadays a data-mining subsidiary of SRA with heavy Homeland Security involvements. This would appear to confirm an earlier assertion by Orion employee James D. Smith, who had also worked with Able Danger, "that Mr. Atta's name and photograph were obtained [in 2000] through a private researcher in California who was paid to gather the information from contacts in the Middle East." Since that story was already in the New York Times of Aug. 23, 2005, we wonder why it should take until now for a Pentagon inspector-general to "identify" someone who was working for the Pentagon in the first place.

O'Connor does not name his source for the story, but his blog makes clear that he is in contact with Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), the public champion of the Able Danger whistleblowers. Weldon is known for his aggressive approach to Iran and strong support for the unrestricted use of data-mining surveillance. Some observers have therefore voiced suspicions that claims of Able Danger's successes may be designed as a commercial for more Orwellian programs of the "Total Information Awareness" type.

Yet Able Danger's real success in rooting out the 9/11 suspects was apparently thanks to the as-yet unnamed woman and her contacts in the Middle East. Score another one for human intelligence. The question now is, who was this "mystery woman," and how did she find out about Atta and Co.? Who were her contacts? And what exactly did they know?

Quoting original blog post:

Quoting original blog post: "so be sure to check out the whole thing for the full scoop on the latest chapter in the Able Danger saga."

I'm not criticising, but I'd have written that, "so be sure to check out the whole thing for the full scoop on the latest chapter in the fake false distractive diversive divisive big-lie-supporting red-herring saga of Al-CIAda and mythical hijackers."

Way to go, don't allow any

Way to go, don't allow any discussion. Anyone who reads the article and then your comment will know there is no way you bothered to read the article before you once again misrepresented and defamed the work of others. But then again you are the most striking example here of one who leads with prejudice, ignorance and unjustified pride.

NL, its constant. the guy

NL, its constant. the guy cant go into a thread without complaining. its what he does.i dont know if its jealousy, or what it is, but the guy has attacked every single prominent member of the 9/11 truth movement at one time or another.and he will continue to do so in just about every post you see from him.ive learned to just breeze past his posts,bbecuase you know exactly what you are going to get every single time.

i still dont understand why

i still dont understand why Weldon refused to testify at Moussouis(sp?) trial. he had a golden oppurtunity,and he turned it down.

whether you think A.D. is

whether you think A.D. is complete crap or the best thing since sliced bread, it is related to 9/11, and it is worth being aware of even if you disagree with it.. kind of like the penn+teller bullshit episode on 9/11, i thought it was disgusting and wrong, but it was worth everyone concerned about the subject of 9/11 to be aware of so that they could at least be informed on what was going on.

thats kind of what we do here, but some people seem to think the mods here only post things they agree with.

we try to play even handed here as best as we can. if you want a site that only covers one topic, or bashes people that differ from their opinions then please head to another 9/11 site.

i agree dz, i have been

i agree dz, i have been following it, i just dont have much hope after what Weldon pulled.and he seems to take too much glee in bringing up how Clinton screwed up,while not really saying to much about the current administration.makes me wonder about his motives.

chris, a lot of 9/11


a lot of 9/11 activists question his motives, and that was adressed in this article a bit.. i think the idea is to put pressure on him, send him books, dvds, call him repeatedly, etc. etc. make sure he knows we are watching his actions.

i just wonder why hes the

i just wonder why hes the only one pursuing this.he just doenst seem like the Cynthia Mckinney type, that truly wants whats best for the country.i hope im wrong, i hope he really is gonna see this through all the way,no matter where it takes him.

Apologies to all! I hate it

Apologies to all!

I hate it when I fly off the handle like that, and I can't believe it because I've been working and succeeding in keeping precious calm and just ignoring the "automatic" kneebiters.

What got me long enough to produce a counter-trantrum to the Blimp's is that these very issues of Able Danger as a possible psy-op are acknowledged in the article. Weldon is hardly introduced in a flattering way, and I have no doubt of his opportunism and attempts at willful cherry-picking for partisan gain. Then again, the released details of AD don't actually fit in with his Clinton-bashing or Iran-attacking passions. For example, it was brass under Tommy Franks or Franks himself who ordered the destruction of the Atta-related information in 2000. And it was the Bushies who dismantled AD altogether.

But apparently the mere mentioning of AD or "alleged hijackers" (what the hell else is one supposed to call them, whether they are constructs or not?) sets off a Pavlovian reaction in certain quarters. And, within minutes of completing an article that actually involved work and care, being shat upon by lurkers who seem to breathe for no other purpose similarly gets my reflex juices going. Apparently no one is to be allowed to deconstruct the official story on its own terms and contradictions, even if this is the most effective way to get new people looking at 9/11. (And maybe I actually know something about that subject from years of experience, but never mind, I'm obviously one of THEM...)

Come on people, a Republican and the Pentagon are handing you the tools to destroy the bible of the Official Conspiracy Theory fetishists, The 9/11 Commission Report, for having ignored the fact that the men designated as the Leaders of Evil were in fact known to the government before the Evil happened. Obviously this is compatible with inside job: the government would have to know who its own patsy is.

Anyone caring for logical analysis would at least leave open the possibility that those members of Able Danger now coming forward stumbled on the patsy operation that other elements within the intel complex wanted to protect. Here are people providing information that opens the door to government complicity and demands a new 9/11 investigation.

There are a lot of ways to stage limited hangouts that don't do that!

I suppose you could instead construct a version of reality where Shaffer et al. and the people at the Pentagon who are persecuting him are in fact both playing pretend, as unlikely as that seems on its face. But to come forth a la Blimp, pretending that you already know this, just because it fits your preconceived notion that everything is scripted (nay, not merely scripted but necessarily CGI, down to the last pixel, you might as well be a brain strapped to electrodes in a vault) and to even feel arrogant in this notion... well that's simply otherworldly. Wow, what a powerful psychic Blimp must be.

Am I not allowed to hope Weldon, whatever his orientation, is in fact a loose cannon opening Pandora's box?

And this story even mentions

And this story even mentions the yellow stickie (or post-it note) placed over Atta's photo on the chart, and how they were told not to even consider him. This is the second time I have heard this. I thought it sounded so ridiculous the first time (maybe a Flocco story), that I was afraid to mention it to anyone. In any case, Mohammed Atta was identified thirteen times before 9/11!

Bravo, NL. What's the point

Bravo, NL.
What's the point of these people who criticize Weldon for his "motives"? Motives are often unknowable in the best of us. It is actions that count. And Rep. Weldon's actions are very beneficial to the cause of 9/11 truth.

Chander, that would be me. i

Chander, that would be me. i questioned his motives.he had a chance to blow the whole fucking thing open at "the 20th hijackers" hearing,and he declined.fuck Weldon and his fucking motives.whats the point? the point is he had his chance, and he is still trying to lynch Clinton. naive son of a bitch doesnt know what he stumbled on to.i hope he does do something with this,i really do,but based on what he has done so far with the info and power he has, im not holding out much hope for Weldon.

so fine, dont question his

so fine, dont question his motives Chander, but his actions have been weak at best,based on the info he has.

NL says "Apologies to all!",

NL says "Apologies to all!", but he didn't apologize to me for his crass baseless personal attack, including "you are the most striking example here of one who leads with prejudice, ignorance and unjustified pride". In fact, his so-called "apology" was yet a further name-calling (or worse) personal attack on me. As for his " Way to go, don't allow any discussion." statement, that speaks for itself. (Heal thyself, NL!)

Of course, NL's personal attacks pale, in terms of hitting below the belt, compared to Chris', who's tried to impersonate me in this forum. (Chris seems to agree with me that there's something wrong with Weldon's actions, but still can't resist taking a swipe at me anyway. If it's wrong to critically question "prominent" 'leading' people based upon their suspect actions, Chris, then how can you fault the sheeple who still don't get it at all about 9/11?)

Chandler wrote, "Weldon's actions are very beneficial to the cause of 9/11 truth." when in fact Weldon's promotion of "Able Danger" is beneficial to and supportive of the very core of The Big Lie of 9/11.

When "investigators" aim for less than full exposure/erasure of The Big Lie, that makes their impossible-to-know motives suspect, especially when they do it in a way which supports the very core of The Big Lie of 9/11.

Now that we know that we cannot blame the collapses on "planes", we honest 911 truthers can stop blaming 9/11 on mythical "hijackers" already, and point out the logical disconnect and intellectual dishonesty in approaches and so-called investigations which fail to recognize that truth, and thereby make it seem as if it's hunky dory to go on blaming 9/11 on Osama and Mohammed.

BTW, the mere phrase "the 20th hijacker" is powerful propaganda.

blimp, my problem with you

blimp, my problem with you is the fact that you have this elitist air about you. every single post you make HAS to have negative comments or complaints about someone in the movement who isnt doing EXACTLY what you can NEVER give credit where it is due, you can only complain and smear others.its tiring.its one thing to point out disagreements,its another to go into every post like your god and you have the absolute truth.stop with the constant complaining.its annoying as hell. i complain about how Weldon isnt doing nearly enough, and he seems to be playing politics with this issue, but at the same time, at least he is doing SOMETHING other than complaining like a jealous little i said, i agree Weldons motives are very suspect, hes missed a lot of oppurtunities already, but at least i can appreciate the efforts of some in the movement, while you can only attack EVERYONE in the movement for not having the exact views as are too leave my name out of your posts and i will do the same.

one more thing blimp, then

one more thing blimp, then im you enjoy WINGTV? they use the same tactics as you, smearing just about everyone in the 9/11 truth movement.i figured you would get along with them. or do they not fit your views 100% either?