Lookin' for the 911 Truth

Lookin' for the 911 Truth - The Bush administration lied about everything except... - TPM Cafe

We all know about the Bush administrations strained relationship with the truth. Recently we learned that they lied to us about the warnings of Levy failures before Katrina. Before that we learned they lied to us about Bush ties to Abramoff. Before that it was lies about progress in Iraq ("the insurgency is in its last days"). Before that it was… NSA domestic wiretaps of Americans… No one at the WH released Plame's identity… The Medicare drug benefit cost… "We do not torture"… Pat Tillman's death… intelligence fixed… Jessica Lynch… armor for the troops… "There can be no doubt that Iraq has reconstituted its nuclear program"… Saddam has links to al Qaeda… Ground zero air is safe to breathe… and on, and on.


I'm convinced by comments to this blog that the administration must be telling the truth about 9/11.
Even though they haven't released any photos or video of a plane hitting the Pentagon.
Even though no steel building has ever fallen due to fire.
Even though they haven't explained why NORAD was MIA.
Even though there is no plane wreckage at the crash site in Shanksville.
Even though they haven't produced any physical evidence identifying the planes.

So you've convinced me. I'm sure they couldn't possibly be lying about what happened on 9/11.

Thanks, I feel so much better... (NOT!)