'Improbable Collapse' DVD Preview - Video Download

I got my DVD copy of Steven Jones's February 1st lecture the other night and noticed that it included a preview for an upcoming film entitled 'Improbable Collapse'.

While I haven't received any details on the movie yet, you can find it's teaser page at improbablecollapse.com. The sub-title of the movie is 'a film that explores the puzzling collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7'. This preview includes clips of Jim Hoffman, Dr. David Ray Griffin, and professor Steven Jones.

We will be sure to update as new information becomes available.

Is this Jones dvd now being

Is this Jones dvd now being sold the proper release that is promised on the download video available on this site? The video from 2/1/06 that I finally got to see today (just got my computer fixed after monthes of no media) promises an improved version of the event. Is this one now being sold for $10 anything different from the version I downloaded for free? I want to buy a stack of them but I want the best version thats possible. Any word on that Griffin video yet that adresses the WTC demolition at length with added illistrations? I finally got one person at work who thinks Im nuts about 911 converted. He came out to my place to fix my PC and since I had him trapped with some brews....45 minutes later he is a little upset. I showed him 30 minutes of the original Painfull Deceptions dealing with Building 7 and the Towers as well as the Bach demolition montage off this site and his illusions shattered. Now if only all the other people I gave vids to would actually watch them. Im going to get a few dvds and a portable dvd player unit and just start trapping people in the lunch room. At least my day to day reality would be a little less like "They Live". I was without media on my computer for 5 monthes so Im just starting to catch up on all the latest vids and audios. I found the Jones video worthy of distributeing and the final video montage after the lecture to be very "explosive". I think Scholars For 911 Truth is the best thing going to lend credibility to the movement. I would like to have seen Jones spend more time just dealing with the demolitions but I understand devoteing time to other issues for newcomers. Altho I am not suggesting anyone not talk about it I think both Jones and Griffin waste time talking about the Secret Service and Bushes actions at the school on the morning of 911. Griffin in particular always states this as one of the biggest issues. Everyone knows Bush is...well Bush. The average Joe probabley thinks he crapped his pants and didnt want to stand up. I dont think any skeptics of the official account are in a better position to judge what the Secrret Service should have done. For all we know they didnt know a thing about this being a scam and they felt it was safest to keep him there for whatever reason. We have no idea what was going on outside the view of that room and for all we know there was an army protecting him at that point rite? I just feel that issue is weak considering that time is often not used to discuss the anthrax attacks which is huge. Anthrax being sent to members of congress and the media? Hello? Why would it just stop once they were satisfied getting their Patriot Act, war, funding, etc if it wasnt an inside job? Protecting the oil based dollar would also make a better case. Just nitpicking. I finally just saw Loose Change 2 also. I thought everything relateing to the controlled demolition was the strongest argument useing all the live news reports, videos footage of the "collapses", etc. Even if you throw out anything in LC2 you find too speculitive that mentioned above should be enough to get any sheep thinking. I watched a little of Eye Witness but Ill get to the whole thing tomorrow. Those pre collapse explosions heard if not accussed of being faked are truely damning. I dont think either of those videos pointed out the crimp so obvious to see on WTC7 as shown in pictures and Martial Law (Alex Jones). This video teaser looks great. I also have to get my hands on that new Hoffman/Paul dvd. Ive been wishing for him to do a video for 2 years now. Cant wait till it gets here! I think getting into who benefits on a large scale is important so doubters understand this is not Bushs brain storm to begin with. I work with a retired Marine who told me he lost 25% of his investments due to 911. That is juse ONE person in this country! How much was lost Nation-wide? Who doesnt have to pay him that 25% he otherwise would have not lost? Peace out.

the jones dvd is a bit more

the jones dvd is a bit more professional as it uses multiple camera angles, has the slides shown full screen instead of just filmed in the background, and was professionally produced by the college it was filmed at.. and obviously a dvd is going to have better quality than a web download..

Thank you sir Im placeing an

Thank you sir Im placeing an order.

any chance of a rip of the

any chance of a rip of the new dvd?

Clip is powerful

Clip is powerful

loud, i contacted the


i contacted the college to see if i could spread the dvd for free.. they were willing to extend the same offer as others who are selling it, which carries a per disc fee to the college.. so as of right now i dont believe so.. however i will follow up with them again sometime this week..

its really not that much of a difference though, the version we have is pretty darn good quality.

Thanks for the reply.....I

Thanks for the reply.....I just had to ask cause I'm broke from ordering most of the other 911 vids out there...hehehe






Thanks. I was wondering

Thanks. I was wondering where all the hits were coming from. :-)

jane, you're probably

jane, you're probably getting a lot of hits from here: http://www.gnn.tv/threads/13549/MECHANICAL_ENGINEER_WTC_PANCAKE_COLLAPSE...

Thanks, YT. Do you know how

Thanks, YT.
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