Article Comparing PTECH with UAE Port Scandal

Port Deal Pales In Comparison To Ptech

While Congress and the media focus on the potential dangers of a UAE-owned company running American port operations, any possible threat is dwarfed by the current insecurity of the US government's computer infrastructure, which has been compromised by a company with multiple connections to terrorist financing.

The company, once known as Ptech (now GoAgile), has been contracted to provide sophisticated computer software to several government agencies, including the Army, the Air Force, Naval Air Command, Congress, the Department of Energy, the Department of Justice, Customs, the FAA, the IRS, NATO, the FBI, the Secret Service, and the White House.

Shortly after 9/11, the company's primary investor, Yassin al-Qadi (al-Kadi), was identified by the US government as a specially designated global terrorist. Officials describe al-Qadi as one of Osama bin Laden's "chief money launderers," and say he transferred as much as $3 billion to al-Qaeda during the 1990s.

Al-Qadi is a wealthy Saudi with connections to banking, diamonds, chemicals, construction, transportation, and real estate. He once headed Muwafaq, an Islamic charity the US Treasury Department described as an "al Qaeda front that receives funding from wealthy Saudi businessmen."

Quite a lengthy article, and worth the read. If you are unfamiliar with PTECH you can get up to speed by watching Indira Singh's presentation on PTECH here.

Thanks FrankV for the heads up!

As has been said before, the

As has been said before, the Port deal is nothing more than business as usual... the Bush Family doing business with 9/11 Co-Conspirators...

Seeing as how the closest

Seeing as how the closest ties to 9/11 are the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Isreal it isn't hard to tell is it? All 4 have closer ties to prior knowledge and involvement than Iraq or Iran.